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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] After you finish reading this guide, store it in a safe place for future reference. ENGLISH iR2020/iR2016 User's Guide Manuals for the Machine The manuals for this machine are divided as follows. The manuals supplied with optional equipment are included in the list below. Depending on the system configuration and product purchased, some manuals may not be needed. Guides with this symbol are printed manuals. CD-ROM Guides with this symbol are PDF manuals included on the accompanying CD-ROM. · Quick Reference for Basic Operation For Copying Operations Basic Features For Additional Functions To Suit Your Needs Easy Operation Guide User's Guide (This Document) Reference Guide Copying Guide Facsimile Guide Network Quick Start Guide Remote UI Guide Network Guide PCL/UFR II Printer Guide UFR II Printer Guide CD-ROM · Basic Information · Basic Operations · Troubleshooting · Copying Instructions · Fax Instructions · Setting Up the Network Connection and CD-ROM CD-ROM CD-ROM Installing the CD-ROM Software · Remote User Interface Instructions · Network Connectivity and Setup CD-ROM Instructions · PCL/UFR II Printer Instructions CD-ROM CD-ROM · UFR II Printer Instructions CD-ROM To view the manual in PDF format, Adobe Reader/Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. If Adobe Reader/Adobe Acrobat Reader is not installed on your system, please download it from the Adobe Systems Incorporated website. · PCL Printer Driver Installation and Instructions · UFR II Printer Driver Installation and PCL Driver Guide UFR II Driver Guide Fax Driver Guide CD-ROM Instructions · Fax Driver installation and instructions CD-ROM CD-ROM To view the manual in PDF format, Adobe Reader/Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. [. . . ] This kit incorporates UFR II (Ultra Fast Rendering II) Technology, which utilizes Canon's original printing algorithm to minimize file processing and achieve maximum performance. In addition to the capabilities of the UFR II LT Printer Kit-J2, the optional PCL Printer Kit-J1 supports PCL5e and PCL6 emulation printing solutions. (See the PCL/UFR II Printer Guide. ) 1 Sending data from computers Printing Using the Remote User Interface (optional) You can control functions, such as confirming the status of the machine, job operations, all from your computer's web browser. See the Remote UI Guide Web Browser What This Machine Can Do 1-13 Before You Start Using This Machine System Configuration and Parts 1 Before You Start Using This Machine This section provides you with the names and functions of all parts on the outside and inside of the main unit, optional equipment, and Control Panel. External View The optional Platen Cover Type J is attached b a c a Platen Cover b Control Panel (See "Control Panel Parts, " on p. 1-17. ) d e c Stack Bypass Feeds transparencies and non-standard size paper stock. (See "Making Prints Using the Stack Bypass, " in the Reference Guide. ) d Paper Drawer Holds up to 250 sheets of paper (80 g/m2). e Main Power Switch 1-14 System Configuration and Parts Internal View The optional Fax Panel-A1 (with Super G3 FAX Board-T1), Feeder (DADF-P1), Finisher-U1, Additional Finisher Tray-C1, and Cassette Feeding Module-J1 are attached 1 Before You Start Using This Machine 1-15 f g e d c h b a Front Cover b Paper Drawer's Left Cover c Left Cover d Fixing Unit a e Scanning Area f Underside of the Feeder/Platen Cover g Platen Glass h Toner Cartridge System Configuration and Parts Optional Equipment f ga 1 Before You Start Using This Machine h b c i j k d d e a Feeder (DADF-P1) b Additional Finisher Tray-C1 c Finisher-U1 d Cassette Feeding Module-J1 (For iR2016 only) e Cassette Feeding Module-K1 f Duplex Unit-A1 g Fax Panel-A1 h Platen Cover Type J i Card Reader-E1 j Document Tray k Inner 2 Way Tray-E1 1-16 System Configuration and Parts Control Panel Parts Main Control Panel 1 Before You Start Using This Machine a [Paper Select] key Press to select paper (Paper drawer 1-4, Stack bypass). f LCD display Displays messages and prompts during operation. Displays selection, text, and numbers when adjusting the settings. b Paper Select indicator Indicates the selected paper source. g h [Image Quality] key Press to select image quality for copy and fax. c Jam Location indicator Indicates the location of paper jams. [Reset] key Press to return the machine to the Standby mode. d e / [Density] key Press to adjust copy and fax density. [Collate/Staple] key i [System Monitor] key Press to check fax transmission, print, copy, or report output status. Press to collate or staple copies. System Configuration and Parts 1-17 j [ON/OFF] key (control panel power switch) Press to turn the Control Panel ON/OFF. Also press to enter the Sleep mode or to resume the normal mode from the Sleep mode manually. t [View Settings] key Press to confirm settings. u Processing/Data indicator Flashes when the machine is working. Lights when the machine has waiting jobs. k [Counter Check] key Press to display counter status. (Press again to close counter status. ) v w [Different Size Originals] key Press to set different size originals for copying. 1 Before You Start Using This Machine l Numeric keys Use to enter alphanumeric characters. [Additional Functions] key Press to select or cancel modes in Additional Functions. m n [Stop] key Press to stop copying or scanning. x y[ [2 on 1] key Press to set 2 on 1 copying. [Start] key Press to start copying, scanning and sending fax. ] key o [Clear] key Press to clear entered alphanumeric characters. Press to increase the value for various settings. Also press to see the next item in the menu. z [Frame Erase] key Press to set frame erase for copying. p Main Power indicator Lights when the main power switch is turned ON. A [OK] key Press to accept a set function or mode. q [Log In/Out] key Press to enter password for the machine (Enter password Press [Log In/Out] to enable Copy and Fax functions. Press [Log In/Out] again after operations to return to the screen for entering password). ID. B C[ [Two-Page Separation] key Press to set two-page separation. ] key Press to decrease the value for various settings. Also press to see the previous item in the menu. D E [Two-Sided] key Press to set Two-Sided mode. r Error indicator Flashes or lights when an error has occurred. [Copy Ratio] key Press to enlarge or reduce copy ratio. s [Tone] key Connects to information services, which accept tone dialing only, even if you are using a rotary pulse line. (The optional Super G3 FAX Board-T1 and Fax Panel-A1 are required. ) 1-18 System Configuration and Parts Facsimile Control Panel 1 Before You Start Using This Machine 1-19 a One-Touch Speed Dialing Panels Open the first panel to display one-touch speed dialing keys 21-40. Open the second panel to display keys 41-60. g [Coded Dial] key Press to perform coded speed dialing. h [Address Book] key Press to search by name or fax/phone numbers pre-registered with one-touch speed dialing keys or coded speed dialing codes. b One-Touch Speed Dial keys Press to use one-touch speed dialing (Pre-registered frequently used numbers). i j [Fax] key Press to switch to Fax mode. c [Direct TX] key Press to set Direct TX. [Copy] key Press to switch to Copy mode. d [Delayed TX] key Press to set Delayed TX. k [Hook] key Press to monitor the line while dialing. e [R] key Press to dial an outside line access number or an extension number when the unit is connected through a switchboard (PBX). l [Stamp] key Press to apply a stamp on the front side of the originals after they have been scanned so that you can determine whether a document was scanned and send. f [Redial/Pause] key Press to redial the last dialed number when fax is standing by. Press to enter a pause between or after the telephone/fax number when dialing or registering numbers. System Configuration and Parts Main Power and Control Panel Power 1 Before You Start Using This Machine The machine is provided with two power switches, a main power switch, and a control panel power switch to enter the Sleep mode. How to Turn ON the Main Power This section describes about how to turn ON the main power. 1 Make sure that the power plug is firmly inserted into the power outlet. WARNING Never remove or insert the power plug with wet hands. This can cause an electrical shock. 2 Press the main power switch to ON ("I" side). The main power switch is located on the right side of the machine. When turning OFF the main power, press the main power switch to the "O" side. 1-20 Main Power and Control Panel Power The power indicator on the Control Panel lights. If the power indicator does not light, check if the power plug is firmly inserted into the power outlet. The message below is displayed until you can operate the machine. INITIALIZING. . . 1 100% AUTO A TEXT O1 It takes about 13 seconds (at a room temperature of 20 °C) for the machine to warm up. IMPORTANT If you turn OFF the main power, wait at least 10 seconds before turning the main power back ON. · The standard copy settings are as follows: - Copy Ratio: Direct (100 %) - Paper Selection: Auto Paper Selection - Copy Density: Auto Density Control - Copy Quantity: 1 - Image Quality: TEXT - Copy Function: One-sided Copy · You can change the standard copy settings. [. . . ] Replace the toner cartridge. 3-8 List of Error Messages OUTPUT TRAY FULL Cause Remedy The output tray is full of paper. Remove the prints from the output trays. OVER PAGE LIMIT/PRESS OK KEY Cause Remedy The machine is set to restrict the printing. Enter the Department ID Management menu in the System Settings menu, open the <PAGE LIMIT SET. > menu and change the maximum number of pages that can be printed. PAPER JAM/OPEN LEFT COVER Cause Remedy An original jam or paper jam has occurred, preventing you from making prints. In such a case, open the cover again and check if there is any jammed paper. [. . . ]


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