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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] These cards are collectively called memory cards in this guide. * SD stands for Secure Digital, a copyright protection system. Use of genuine Canon accessories is recommended. This product is designed to achieve excellent performance when used with genuine Canon accessories. Canon shall not be liable for any damage to this product and/or accidents such as fire, etc. , caused by the malfunction of non-genuine Canon accessories (e. g. , a leakage and/or explosion of a battery pack). Please note that this warranty does not apply to repairs arising out of the malfunction of non-genuine Canon accessories, although you may request such repairs on a chargeable basis. 1 Table of Contents Items marked with a are lists or charts that summarize camera functions or procedures. Conventions Used in this Guide . [. . . ] 25). *Default setting. *(Portrait) * (Standard) Stills Movies 2 . The Color Swap mode will take effect. 64 3 . The camera will switch to color input mode and the display will alternate between the original image and the color swap image (using the previously set color). 4 Aim the camera so that the original color appears at the center of the LCD monitor and press the button. Only one color can be specified. You can use the or button to specify the range of colors that are swapped. · -5: Only takes the color that you want to swap · +5: Also takes colors close to the one that you want to swap Shooting 5 6 Aim the camera so that the desired color appears at the center of the LCD monitor and press the button. · Only one color can be specified. Press shoot. to complete the setting, then The default setting for color swap mode changes green into white. The colors specified in the color swap mode are retained even if the camera's power is turned off. 65 Changing the Save Method for the Original Image When shooting still images in the Color Accent or Color Swap mode, you can set whether or not to save the original image (pre-transformation) as well as the transformed one. 1 (Rec. ) Menu [On]/[Off]. [Save Original] See Menus and Settings (p. 26). If [On] is selected, the two images will be numbered consecutively with the altered image following the original. When [Save Original] is Set to [On] - Only the transformed image displays in the LCD monitor while shooting in the Color Accent or Color Swap mode. - The transformed image is reviewed in the LCD monitor after shooting in the Color Accent or Color Swap mode. If you erase the image at this point, the original image is erased along with the transformed image. - Since two images are recorded with each shot, the number of shots remaining is approximately half the number displayed when this function is set to [Off]. 66 Adjusting the ISO Speed Shooting Mode Raise the ISO speed to use a fast shutter speed when you wish to reduce the effects of camera shake or avoid blurry subjects, or to turn the flash off when shooting in a dark area. 1 Press the button and switch settings. Cycle through the / / / / / / speeds with each press of the button. Selecting (Auto) sets the optimal ISO speed according to the light level when shooting. Since the ISO speed setting will automatically be raised in dark places, the camera will select a faster shutter speed and reduce the chances of camera shake. If a memory card with recorded data is used, the 7-digit number for the last recorded folder and image is compared with the last one on the card, and the larger of the two is utilized as the basis for new images. File and Folder Numbers Recorded images are assigned consecutive file numbers starting with 0001 and ranging up to 9999, while folders are assigned numbers starting with 100 and ranging up to 999. Up to 2, 000 images can be saved into a single folder. New Folder Created Memory Card 1 Continuous Memory Card Exchanged for Another Memory Card 1 Memory Card 2 Shooting Memory Card 1 Auto Reset Memory Card 1 Memory Card 2 71 Images may be saved to a new folder when there is insufficient free space even if the total number of images in a folder is less than 2, 000 because the following types of image are always saved together into the same folder. - Images from continuous shooting - Self-timer images (custom) - Stitch Assist mode images - Still images shot in Color Accent/Color Swap mode with the [Save Original] category set to [On] Images cannot be played back when the folder numbers are duplicated or image numbers are duplicated within folders. Please refer to the Software Starter Guide for information regarding folder structures or image types. 72 Playback/Erasing Please also see the Basic Camera User Guide (p. 11). Magnifying Images 1 Press the zoom lever toward will display and a magnified portion of the image will display. Images can be magnified up to a factor of approximately 10x. . Approximate Location of the Displayed Area 2 Use the , , or around the image. button to move Playback/Erasing If you press the FUNC. /SET button while in magnified display, the camera switches to image advance mode and will display. You can use the or button to advance to the next or previous image at the same level of magnification. The image advance mode is canceled when you press the FUNC. /SET button again. (You can also cancel it immediately by pressing the MENU button. ) Movie frames and index playback images cannot be magnified. 73 Viewing Images in Sets of Nine (Index Playback) 1 Press the zoom lever toward Up to nine images can be viewed at once. Use the , , or button to change the image selection. . Selected Image Movie Switching between Sets of Nine Images The jump bar will display if you press the zoom lever toward while in index playback and you can switch the display between sets of nine images. Hold the FUNC. /SET button down and press the or button to jump to the first or last set. [. . . ] 39) (*Only available when card has been formatted with a low level format). · This reflects standard shooting criteria established by Canon. Actual results may vary according to the subject and shooting conditions. Movie Recording Frame Pixels Rate Standard Color Accent 320 x 240 pixels Color Swap 640 x 480 pixels 16MB 6 sec. 53 sec. 123 Appendix Fast Frame 320 x 240 pixels Rate Compact 160x 120 pixels 10 sec. 1 min. [. . . ]


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