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[. . . ] For the requirements of the operating system please refer to your Microsoft" Windows Manual. Additional requirements for iW Document Manager Enterprise Edition are available on request. Personal workspace solution Document Manager Web server & Client (Workgroup and Enterprise Editions Only) Web Clients Operating System: Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT4 Workstation/Server (SP5 or later), Windows 2000 Professional/Server (SP2 or later), Windows XP Home Edition/Professional Supported Web Browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5. 01 (Service Pack 2) to 6, Netscape Navigator/Communicator 4. 5 to 4. 80 Web Document Server: Operating System: Windows NT4 Server (SP6 or later), Windows 2000 Server (SP2 or later), Windows XP Professional Note: Web Document Server needs to be installed on the same PC as Document Manager Server A smart and simple solution to improve personal productivity The combination of Canon's iW Document Manager software, range of Multi-Function Devices, and some good advice gives you the power to work smarter ­ by bringing your important documents under control. Web Server Environment: Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 4. 0 to 5. 1 Supported Devices iW Document Manager uses various devices to import/scan documents into the cabinets. [. . . ] And then when it comes to retrieving the information, you can call up one document, or everything you've got on a particular subject. iW Document Manager will ensure you find it Now imagine if you had the digital equivalent of an old-fashioned secretary. The type that files everything away with the utmost efficiency, and who knows exactly where everything is kept. The type that has a perfect system that enables you, and your colleagues, to do your own jobs better. iW Document Manager and Multi-Function Devices can be used by both individuals and workgroups. It is of particular relevance to: Canon gives you the best digital equivalent of a secretary. Whether you want to keep one article, or an entire magazine, you can ­ quickly and hassle-free, from the comfort of your desk. ­ Admin and support staff ­ Sales and marketing professionals ­ Research departments ­ HR and training ­ Finance 03 04 All your information in one place Reap the benefit of having groups of documents ­ whether they are hard copy or digital originals organised in a simple, logical way, all in one place. First of all, you set up a personalised `cabinet and folder' hierarchy for all your digital files. You can create your own structures, or get a fast-start by selecting from the templates provided. Set up `Sales', for example, with pre-defined folder titles such as Customers, Products, Competitors. Hard copy or digital ­ no problem Using your Canon Multi-Functional Device, paper documents can be saved directly to your personal document management system as easily as copying. With the same ease you can also add all of your relevant digital files, using easy to execute drag & drop, or import. You now have a true personal productivity solution. Not just whenever, but wherever If you want to grant access to colleagues, so that they can download your customer surveys, that's easy to do. [. . . ] time-saving ­ now that your important digital and paper documents are within the iW Document Manager cabinet and folder system, with thumb nail icons, and a fast text search tool, you will quickly and easily retrieve exactly the information you need. efficient & secure ­ you can permit access, locally or remotely via the web, to specified folders so that colleagues can collect product or other information as and when they need it ­ which saves you the hassle of constantly distributing brochures or price lists, for example. easy-to-use Find the information you need quickly and easily If you are looking for everything you've got on a particular customer, for example, you can quickly pull the documents together. iW Document Manager includes powerful text search tools that help you in the quest for greater professionalism and efficiency. [. . . ]


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