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[. . . ] € WARNING: Always use the restraint system when the child is in the reclined cradle; adjust the length of the straps as necessary. € WARNING: Never use the toy bar as a handle to carry the reclined cradle. • WARNING: Age of permitted use: from birth to 9 kg / 19 , 8 Lbs (6 months). € WARNING: Do not use the reclined cradle if any parts are broken or missing. [. . . ] € WARNING: Always remove the batteries if the product will not be used for a long period of time • WARNING: Remove the batteries from the music box before disposing of the product. € WARNING: Do not burn or dispose of old batteries into the environment. € WARNING: If the batteries happen to leak liquid, replace them immediately, making sure you clean the compartment beforehand; wash your hands thoroughly if you come into contact with any such liquid. € WARNING: Always dispose of leaking batteries immediately: they can cause burns or other types of injuries. € WARNING: Do not attempt to recharge non-rechargeable batteries: they might explode. € WARNING: The use of rechargeable batteries is not recommended as the music box may not work properly. € WARNING: If using rechargeable batteries, remove them from the toy before recharging them. € WARNING: Do not leave the product out in the rain; water infiltrations will damage the electronic circuit. € WARNING: The cleaning and maintenance operations must only be carried out by an adult. € WARNING: Periodically inspect the bouncing cradle to check for broken, torn or missing parts. € Please refer to the care label for instructions on how to wash the fabric parts. 19 Hand wash in cold water Do not bleach Do not use a dryer Do not iron Do not dry clean • Check that the fabric and stitching are in good condition each time you wash it. € Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause the fabric to fade. MAINTENANCE Use a soft damp cloth to clean the toy bar , the hanging wooden toys and the music box. The crossed bin symbol on the appliance indicates that the product, at the end of its life, must be disposed of separately from domestic waste, either by taking it to a separate waste disposal site for electric and electronic appliances or by returning it to your dealer when you buy another similar appliance. The user is responsible for taking the appliance to a special waste disposal site at the end of its life. If the disused appliance is collected correctly as separate waste, it can be recycled, treated and disposed of ecologically; this avoids a negative impact on both the environment and health, and contributes towards the recycling of the product’s materials. For further information regarding the waste disposal services available, contact your local waste disposal agency or the shop where you bought the appliance.  ide feet (X) and (Y) with joints to adjust the tilt angle of the S bouncing cradle C. Hanging toys ASSEMBLY The bouncing cradle requires a quick assembly process before being used. Grasp the front legs (A) and connect them to the side leg X, as shown in diagram no. Insert the pin to connect the front legs to the side leg X tube, you will hear it click into place when positioned correctly (diag. [. . . ] Check that both straps are fastened in place to guarantee your child’s safety (diag. The harness straps (FFF) can be adjusted in length to ensure maximum comfort for your baby. MUSIC AND VIBRATION BOX The music and vibration box (CC) is fitted on the front seat support (C ). This butV ton can also be used to select the vibration mode – low or high. [. . . ]


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