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[. . . ] Switch off the device whenever you are not using it, even if this is only for a moment. € Under no circumstances must the device be placed in water or other liquid, or come into contact with such*). € Should the device become moist or wet, remove the mains plug from the socket immediately*). During boiling, in particular when liquids (water) are re-heated, it is possible that the boiling temperature has been reached but some of the typical bubbles of steam have not yet started to rise. [. . . ] Low power Comb 2 High power Information concerning grill and combined operation • • • As irradiated heat is used during grill and combined operation please use only heat-resistant tableware. When operating the grill alone only metallic or aluminium tableware may be used - but not during combined or microwave operation. Initial Operation • • • • • Remove all the accessories from the oven compartment, unpack them and place the sliding ring in the middle. Position the glass plate on the drive axle such that the plate fits into the hollow sections of the drive shaft and is lying level. Inspect the machine for visible damage, in particular in the area of the door. If any type of damage whatsoever is found, the machine must not be used. In order that there is no interference from other electrical equipment during the operation of the microwave oven, do not place your machine in the direct vicinity of other electronic equipment. Insert the plug into a correctly installed safety socket of 230 V, 50 Hz. Using the Oven What you should know about microwave operation: • • • • • • • • Your oven works with microwave radiation which heats up water particles in food in a very short time. Do not heat too large quantities at the same time, otherwise the machine will be less efficient. In order to interrupt the cooking process, turned the timer to "0". Do not heat any enclosed food such as eggs, sausages, preservatives in jars, etc, as there is a danger of explosion!It mainly serves for: - defrosting frozen or deep frozen food - rapidly warming up or heat food or drinks - some types of cooking food 38 44022-05-MWG 729 A5 04. 2002 9:22 Uhr Seite 39 • Only suitable tableware should be used, such as: - glass, porcelain, ceramics, heat-resistant plastic or special microwave crockery. (For safety reasons the oven only operates when the door is tightly closed. ) Microwave: Selected power displayed in % 100 80 60 40 20 0 Express cooking Power in Watts (approx) 800 560 420 280 140 0 only timer function 800 Usage area Rapid heating Cooking Warming Thawing of frozen products Melting of cheeses, etc. By pressing the POWER button once or several times, select the microwave power. Set the desired cooking time from 10 seconds to 60 minutes with the AUTO-TIMER (Easy-Tronic) and press the EXPRESS/START button to start. The cooking time depends on the quantity and constituency of the contents of the oven. With a little practice you will soon learn to estimate the cooking time. Please note: preparation of food in a microwave oven is very much faster than in a conventional cooker. Set the cooking time to a low level if you are not sure and continue cooking again if necessary. [. . . ] € The door frame and seal and neighbouring parts must be cleaned carefully when dirty with a damp cloth. This appliance conforms with the CE directives for radio interference suppression and low-voltage safety and has been built to meet current safety requirements. Warranty We undertake to guarantee the appliance sold by our company for 24 months as of the date of purchase (cash receipt). Within the guarantee period we rectify faults to the machine free of charge which result from material or manufacturing faults, either by repairing the machine or, or our discretion, by replacement. [. . . ]


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