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[. . . ] Com 18 Before use, please read and follow the safety rules and operating instructions in this manual. Firstly, we would like to thank you for choosing CLIMADIFF and hope that this appliance will fully live up to your expectations. This appliance enables you to store your bottles or bring them to service temperature (depending on the bottles) thanks to its wide adjustment range. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Below is an example of the nameplate: The name plate attached to the inside or rear of the appliance (depending on the model) includes all the information specific to your wine cellar. [. . . ] Trouble shooting • Any electrical work should be carried out by a qualified and skilled technician. The appliance should be repaired by an accredited repair centre, using only manufacturer’s original spare parts. The manufacturer declines any liability whatsoever in the case of other utilisation. 25 R600a Safety instructions Caution: Do not obstruct the ventilation grills on the appliance. Caution: Do not store explosive substances, such as aerosol cans containing an inflammable propellant, in the appliance. Caution: The refrigerating units use isobutane (R600a), and should not be placed close to ignition sources (for example, electrical contacts that are exposed or open contacts that could be closed by the refrigerating fluid in the event of a leak). The refrigerating fluid type is specified on the power cabinet identification plate. Caution: Do not use electrical equipment in the compartments of the appliance, unless they are of the type recommended by the manufacturer. This appliance meets the requirements of all applicable European directives and their amendments, and notably complies with the following standards: 1907/2006 (REACH) 2011/65/EU (ROHS) 2006/95/EC relating to electrical safety 2004/108/EC relating to electro-magnetic compatibility 2008/48 relating to electro-magnetic fields 2010/30 and 1060/2010 relating to energy labels 26 4. iNSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Before using your wine cellar • • • Remove inner and outer packaging. Before connecting the cellar to the electrical socket, leave it in position for 24 hours. This will reduce the possibility of malfunction of the refrigeration circuit due to transport. Using your wine cellar: Your wine cellar must be positioned in a room with an ambient temperature between 0 and +32°C. If the ambient temperature is higher or lower, the performance of your appliance may be affected and it may not be possible to obtain temperatures between 5 and 18 degrees. Installing your wine cellar • • • This wine cellar is designed for free-standing installation. Position it in a place with sufficient strength to support its weight when loaded. To get the best from your appliance with the lowest energy consumption, do not place the appliance close to a heat source (heater, cooker, etc. ), do not expose it to direct sunlight, and do not place it in a room which is too cold. Connect the cellar to a single socket, leaving a 10 mm gap between the back of the cellar and the wall. Be careful to support it, so that your wine cellar is perfectly level. This will prevent any movement due to instability, generating noise and vibration, and will ensure that the door seals perfectly. • Control panel 4 1 2 3 6- On/Off switch 7- Lighting control button 8- Control panel lock/unlock button 9- LCD display 10- Celsius/Fahrenheit selection button 6 and 7 – Temperature control buttons. [. . . ] Unplug the appliance before carrying out any maintenance or repair work. PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS You can solve many simple problems with your wine cellar yourself, thus avoiding having to contact your aftersales department. The external temperature is beyond the cellar’s operating temperature. A noise resembling circulating water is produced by the coolant gas and this is normal. [. . . ]


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