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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] 19 Before use, please read and follow the safety rules and operating instructions in this manual. Firstly, we would like to thank you for purchasing a CLIMADIFF product and hope that this appliance fully lives up to your expectations. This appliance will enable you to store your bottles and bring them to service temperature, using its multi-temperature compartment(s). COMPRESSOR 2° TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Below is an example of the nameplate: The name plate attached to the inside or rear of the appliance (depending on the model) includes all the information specific to your wine cellar. [. . . ] Wherever possible the back of the product should not be too close to a wall to avoid touching or catching warm parts (compressor, condenser) to prevent the risk of a fire, follow the instructions relevant to installation. Make sure that the mains plug is accessible after the installation of the appliance. €¢ • • Using your wine cellar: Your wine cellar must be positioned in a room with an ambient temperature between 16 and 32°C. €¢ • • • • • • • • • • • If the ambient temperature is higher or lower, the performance of your appliance may be affected and it may not be possible to obtain temperatures you want. The appliances manufactures storage recommendations should be strictly adhered to. Keep burning candles jumps and other items with naked flames away from the appliance so that do not set the appliance on fire. The appliance is intended for keeping food stuff and/or beverages in normal household as explained in this instruction booklet. To avoid items falling and causing injury or damage to the appliance, do not overload the door racks or put too much food in the crisper drawers. 27 Installing your wine cellar: • • • This wine cellar is designed for free-standing installation. Position it in a place with sufficient strength to support its weight when loaded. To get the best from your appliance with the lowest energy consumption, do not place the appliance close to a heat source (heater, cooker, etc. ), do not expose it to direct sunlight, and do not place it in a room which is too cold. Connect the cellar to a single socket, leaving a 10 cm gap between the back of the cellar and the wall. Ensure that your wine cellar is perfectly horizontal, then slightly raise the two front feet. This will prevent any movement due to instability, causing noise and vibration, and will ensure that the door seals perfectly. The water will flow out of the chamber through the drainpipes to the drip pan. When the lamp in the chamber is needed to be replaced, please draw off the power plug in advance. Please contact the aftersales department of you shop to purchase spare parts. 5° EQUIPMENT The anti-vibration system: The refrigeration compressor is equipped with special dampers (silent-blocks) and the inner space is insulated from the body by a thick layer of polyurethane foam. These characteristics prevent the transmission of vibration to your wines. In our solid door cellars, your wines are naturally protected, on condition, of course, that the door is not opened too often. Models with a glass door are UV treated, thus filtering out damaging ultraviolet rays: your wines are therefore protected. [. . . ] The crossed-out waste bin symbol on this appliance means that, at the end of its life, it should be recycled separately from other domestic waste. It should therefore be disposed of at a selective collection centre for electrical and or electronic appliances or, if you are buying an equivalent product, by the retailer of the new product. The user is responsible for taking the appliance to the appropriate collection centre at the end of its useful life. Selective and appropriate collection for the recycling of no longer used appliances and their disposal and destruction in an environmentally friendly manner, helps to prevent potential negative effects on the environment and health, and encourages the recycling of materials used to make the product. [. . . ]


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