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[. . . ] For maximum protection and best comfort for your child, it is essential to read and follow the entire instruction manual carefully. 9 Monate bis 4 Jahre Gewicht: 9-18 kg Für Fahrzeugsitze mit Dreipunkt Automatik Gurt Zulassung: ECE R-44/04, CYBEX PALLAS-fix - Gruppe 1, 9 bis 18 kg CYBEX SOLUTION X-fix - Gruppe 2/3, 15 bis 36 kg CYBEX PALLAS-FIX CHILD RESTRAINT SYSTEM – Seat Cushion with backrest and headrest on adjustable main frame with an adjustable impact shield. Recommended for: Age: Approximately 9 months to 4 years Weight: 9 to 18 kg For vehicle seats with three-point automatic retractor belt Homologation: ECE R-44/04, CYBEX PALLAS-fix - Group 1, 9 to 18 kg CYBEX SOLUTION X-fix - Group 2/3, 15 to 36 kg SISTEMA DE RETENCIÓN INFANTIL CYBEX PALLAS-FIX Alzador con respaldo y reposacabezas sobre una base ajustable y con cojín de seguridad regulable. For your child’s maximum protection it is essential to use and install the CYBEX PALLAS-fix according to the instructions in this user guide. [. . . ] The height of the shoulder and headrest can be adjusted in 11 positions. The shoulder part is attached to the headrest and does not have to be adjusted separately. Lift the booster cover until the height adjusting inlay (i) can be easily removed from the front. Remove the height adjustment inlay (i) according to the above age recommendation. Put the seat cover back in its original position and fasten the press buttons. IMPACT SHIELD ADJUSTMENT – ECE GROUP 1 (9-18 KG) By pushing the two buttons (z) the impact shield (p) will slide into the widest position. By releasing the buttons (z) the impact shield (p) will be locked in position. The side parts of the impact shield (p) fit exactly into the armrest of the booster cushion. The impact shield (p) should be well adjusted to touch the child’s chest without exerting any pressure on the child’s body. Impact shield (p) may only be used in conjunction with the main frame (w) and only up to a maximum weight of 18 kg!R t 16 SITTING AND RECLINING POSITION – ECE GROUP 1 (9-18 KG) It is not necessary to open the seat belt, to move the CYBEX PALLAS-fix into a reclining position. €– When the child is about to fall asleep, pull the handle (v) and the CYBEX PALLAS-fix slides down automatically. As long the car is in motion, the driver is not allowed to adjust the reclining position. €– When the child is no longer in the seat you can move the seat into an upright position by pulling the handle (v) again and slightly pressing against the booster (d). Make sure that the handle (v) of the reclining mechanism is always audibly locked. The reclining position is only approved for ECE Group 1 (9-18 kg), in conjunction with the main frame (w) and the impact shield (p). Make sure that both lap belt (n) and diagonal belt (f) are always tightly fastened. RECLINING HEADREST The CYBEX PALLAS-fix has a reclining headrest (r) preventing your child’s head from falling forward when asleep. Furthermore, this adjustable headrest contributes to the comfort of your child during the car ride. Please ensure that the child’s head always remains in contact with the reclining headrest since otherwise the headrest cannot fulfill its optimal sidecrash protection function. By slightly lifting the headrest, the inclination of the headrest (r) can be adjusted in three different positions. In case of an accident, the free movement of the reclining mechanism must be guaranteed since otherwise your child may suffer injuries. [. . . ] Please do not use chemical detergents or bleaching agents under any circumstances!26 WHAT TO DO AFTER AN ACCIDENT In an accident the seat can sustain damages which are invisible to the eye. PRODUCT LIFESPAN This car seat has been designed to be able to fulfill its intended functions by ordinary use for a product life span of approx. Gradual wear of the plastic, for example caused by exposure to sunlight (UV), can cause slight deterioration of the product’s properties. [. . . ]


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