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[. . . ] 01 * as set out in <A> and judged positively by <B> according to the 06 * delineato nel <A> e giudicato positivamente da <B> secondo 10 * som anført i <A> og positivt vurderet af <B> i henhold tilPressure Certificate <C>. ** as set out in the Technical Construction File <D> and judged ** delineato nel File Tecnico di Costruzione <D> e giudicato ** som anført i den Tekniske Konstruktionsfil <D> og positivt vurderet af <E> positively by <E> (Applied module <F>) according to the positivamente da <E> (Modulo <F> applicato) secondo il (Anvendt modul <F>) i henhold til Certifikat <G>. аявление: 10 Typespecifikationer for de modeller, som denne erklæring vedrører: 11 Designspecifikationer för de modeller som denna deklaration gäller: 12 Konstruksjonsspesifikasjoner for de modeller som berøres av denne deklarasjonen: Downloaded from www. Com manuals search engine 13 Tätä ilmoitusta koskevien mallien rakennemäärittely: 14 Specifikace designu modelů, ke kterým se vztahuje toto prohlášení: 15 Specifikacije dizajna za modele na koje se ova izjava odnosi: 16 A jelen nyilatkozat tárgyát képező modellek tervezési jellemzői: 17 Specyfikacje konstrukcyjne modeli, których dotyczy deklaracja: 18 Specificaţiile de proiectare ale modelelor la care se referă această declaraţie: 19 Specifikacije tehničnega načrta za modele, na katere se nanaša ta deklaracija: 20 Deklaratsiooni alla kuuluvate mudelite disainispetsifikatsioonid: 21 Проектни спецификации на моделите, з Urządzeń Ciśnieniowych: <Q> 18 Denumirea şi adresa organismului notificat care a apreciat pozitiv conformarea cu Directiva privind echipamentele sub presiune: <Q> 10 Navn og adresse på bemyndiget organ, der har foretaget en positiv bedømmelse af, at udstyret lever op til kravene i PED (Direktiv for Trykbærende Udstyr): <Q> 11 Namn och adress för det anmälda organ som godkänt uppfyllandet av tryckutrustningsdirektivet: <Q> 12 Navn på og adresse til det autoriserte organet som positivt bedømte samsvar med direktivet for trykkutstyr (Pressure Equipment Directive): <Q> 13 Sen ilmoitetun elimen nimi ja osoite, joka teki myönteisen päätöksen painelaitedirektiivin noudattamisesta: <Q> 19 Ime in naslov organa za ugotavljanje skladnosti, ki je pozitivno 24 Názov a adresa certifikačného úradu, ktorý kladne posúdil zhodu ocenil združljivost z Direktivo o tlačni opremi: <Q> so smernicou pre tlakové zariadenia: <Q> 20 Teavitatud organi, mis hindas Surveseadmete Direktiiviga 25 Basınçlı Teçhizat Direktifine uygunluk hususunda olumlu olarak ühilduvust positiivselt, nimi ja aadress: <Q> değerlendirilen Onaylanmış kuruluşun adı ve adresi: <Q> 21 Наименование и адрес на упълномощения орган, който се е произ готовления: смотрите паспортную табличку модели 01 Name and address of the Notified body that judged positively on compliance with the Pressure Equipment Directive: <Q> 02 Name und Adresse der benannten Stelle, die positiv unter Einhaltung der Druckanlagen-Richtlinie urteilte: <Q> 03 Nom et adresse de l’organisme notifié qui a évalué positivement la conformité à la directive sur l’équipement de pression: <Q> 04 Naam en adres van de aangemelde instantie die positief geoordeeld heeft over de conformiteit met de Richtlijn Drukapparatuur: <Q> 05 Nombre y dirección del Organismo Notificado que juzgó positivamente el cumplimiento con la Directiva en materia de Equipos de Presión: <Q> 06 Nome e indirizzo dell’Ente riconosciuto che ha riscontrato la conformità alla Direttiva sulle apparecchiature a pressione: <Q> 07 Όνομα και διεύθυνση 2015 Safety Precautions Read the precautions in this manual carefully before operating the unit. [. . . ] Use tools for R32 or R410A (such as the gauge manifold, charging hose, or vacuum pump adapter). During tests never pressurize the appliances with a pressure higher than the maximum allowable pressure (as indicated on the nameplate of the unit). Toxic gas may be produced if refrigerant gas comes into contact with fire. € When piping work is completed, it is necessary to purge the air and check for gas leakage. € If using additional refrigerant, perform air purging from the refrigerant pipes and indoor unit using a vacuum pump, then charge additional refrigerant. € All refrigerant pipe joints should be tightened with a torque wrench to the specified tightening torque. 1) Connect projection side of charging hose (which comes from gauge manifold) to gas stop valve’s service port. 2) Fully open gauge manifold’s low-pressure valve (Lo) and completely close its high-pressure valve (Hi). ) 3) Perform vacuum pumping and make sure that the compound pressure gauge reads –0. 4) Close gauge manifold’s low-pressure valve (Lo) and stop vacuum pump. (Keep this state for 4-5 minutes to make sure that the compound pressure gauge pointer does not swing back. If it does go back, this may indicate the presence of moisture or leaking from connecting parts. After inspecting all the connection and loosening then retightening the nuts, repeat steps 2-4. 6) Turn the liquid stop valve’s rod 90 degrees counterclockwise with a hexagonal wrench to open valve. Using soapy water, check for gas leakage from indoor unit’s flare and outdoor unit’s flare and valve rods. 7) Disconnect charging hose from gas stop valve’s service port, then fully open liquid and gas stop valves. ) 8) Tighten valve caps and service port caps for the liquid and gas stop valves with a torque wrench at the specified torques. Charging with refrigerant 1) If the total length of piping for all rooms exceeds the figure listed below, additionally charge with 20g of refrigerant (R32) for each additional meter of piping. Outdoor capacity class Total length of piping for all rooms 3MXM40M, 3MXM52M, 3AMXM52M, 3MXM68M, 4MXM68M, 4MXM80M, 5MXM90M 30m Important information regarding the refrigerant used This product contains fluorinated greenhouse gases covered by the Kyoto Protocol. Refrigerant type: R32 GWP(1) value: 675 (1) GWP = global warming potential Please fill in with indelible ink, 1 the factory refrigerant charge of the product, 2 the additional refrigerant amount charged in the field and 1 + 2 the total refrigerant charge on the refrigerant charge label supplied with the product. The filled out label must be adhered in the proximity of the product charging port (e. 4 1 factory refrigerant charge of the product: see unit name plate 2 additional refrigerant amount charged in the field (Refer to the above information for the quantity of refrigerant replenishment. [. . . ] Order of LED flashing: 2 ➝ 1 ➝ 3 ➝ 4 NOTE: 1) For two rooms, LED 3, 4 and 5 are not displayed, and for three rooms, LED 4 and 5 is not displayed, and for four rooms, LED 5 is not displayed. 2) If the outside air temperature is 5°C or less , the wiring error check function will not operate. (Details of product error diagnosis are listed on the back of the right side plate. Trial operation and testing 1) To test cooling, set for the lowest temperature. [. . . ]


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