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[. . . ] Washer Locking knob Lock nut The angle adjusting gear Button Oil cap/dipstick Max: upper limit Min: lower limit Screw WARNING: For your own safety please read this manual before attempting to operate your new unit. Spend a few moments to familiarize yourself with your mower before each use. When repairing, please pick up the spark plug, and then repair it according to the operational manual. GENERAL SAFETY RULES WARNING: When using petrol tools, basic safety precautions, including the following, should always be followed to reduce the risk of serious personal injury and/ or damage to the unit. [. . . ] OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 7-1 BEFORE STARTING Service the engine with gasoline and oil as instructed in the separate engine manual packed in your mower. 14 7-4 TO STOP ENGINE CAUTION: The blade continues to rotate for a few seconds after the engine is shut off. Disconnect and ground the spark plug wire as instructed in the separate engine manual to prevent accidental starting while equipment is unattended. 7-5 CONNECTION FOR AUTO MOVE For PM-4602 S Grip the self-drive control handle, the lawn mower will move forward automatically with about 3. For PM-4602 S3, PM-5102 S3 The mower is equipped with a speed adjusting system which can adjust 3 speeds from 3. Position “ ”: the slowest position; Position “ ”: the fastest position. Release the self-drive control handle until the lawn mower does not go forward. 30) CAUTION: Your mower is designed to cut normal residential grass of a height no more than 250 mm. Debris may build up on the mower deck or contact the engine exhaust presenting a potential fire hazard. Remove wire from spark plug, thoroughly inspect the mower for any damage and repair the damage before restarting and operating the mower. Extensive vibration of the mower during operation is an indication of damage. 7-7 GRASS CATCHER There is a level indicator on the top of the grass catcher that shows whether the catcher is empty or full (Fig. 33): - The level indicator inflates if the catcher is not full during the moving. 33) - If the catcher is full, the indicator collapses; once this happens, stop moving immediately and empty the catcher, make sure it is clean and ensure its meshwork is ventilated. When mowing leaves make sure they are dry and are not laying too thick on the lawn. 7-9 HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT INSTRUCTIONS CAUTION: Do not at any time make any adjustment to lawn mower without first stopping the engine and disconnecting the spark plug wire. cAUTION: Before changing mowing height , stop mower and disconnect spark plug cable. Your mower is equipped with a central height adjustment lever offering 8 height positions. The height (the blade to the ground) can be adjusted from 20 mm to 75 mm (8 height positions). The central height adjustment lever offers you 8 different height positions. 34) To change the height of cut, squeeze adjustment lever toward the wheel, moving up or down to selected height. WHEELS-Lubricate the ball bearings in each wheel at least once a season with a light oil. [. . . ] For at reducere risikoen for alvorlige eller fatale skader anbefaler vi, at personer med medicinske implantater konsulterer deres læge og producenten af de medicinske implantater inden anvendelse af denne maskine. Inden du vipper plæneklipperen for at vedligeholde kniven eller tømme olien af, skal du tømme tanken for brændstof. For at klippe med græsopsamleren skal du fjerne mulching-kilen og udkastningskanalen for sideudkastet og montere græsopsamleren. Plæneklipperen bør altid anvendes ved fuld gas for at få det reneste snit og give maskinen mulighed for at udføre den bedst mulige klipning. [. . . ]


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