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[. . . ] The humidifier should always be unplugged and emptied when not in operation or while being serviced or cleaned. Never tilt or attempt to move the humidifier while it is operating or filled with water. Never clean the humidifier in any manner other than as instructed in this manual. Turn the humidifier OFF if the relative humidity exceeds 60%, or if you notice moisture on the inside of your windows. [. . . ] NOTE: When the DESIRED HUMIDITY light illuminates, the power light will shut off. · If condensation forms on walls or windows, lower the Humidistat. · When you are finished using the humidifier, turn the power switch to OFF. · ALWAYS be sure to discard any unused water in the base each time you refill the water tank or finish using the humidifier. MODELS DH-911/DH-912 · Turn the Humidity Level knob to the HIGH position (the darkest raindrop). NOTE: IF THE HUMIDIFIER WILL NOT RUN, THE HUMIDISTAT MAY BE SET TOO LOW. MOVING THE HUMIDITY LEVEL KNOB TO A HIGHER SETTING (CLOCKWISE) SHOULD RESTART THE UNIT. · Allow 2 to 5 minutes for the base to fill with water and for the humidifier to begin producing moisture. MODELS DH-909/DH-910 · Set the Moisture Output control to the desired position: HIGH for fast humidifying or LOW for quieter operation. This will start the humidifier and the power light will illuminate. REFILLING THE HUMIDIFIER · The humidifier will automatically shut off when it is empty. Refill when the tank is empty or when the REFILL light glows (DH-911/DH-912). · ALWAYS be sure to discard any unused water in the water tank or base before refilling. IMPORTANT: AFTER FILLING THE TANK AND REPOSITIONING IT INTO THE HUMIDIFIER, THE "RESET" SWITCH MUST BE PRESSED ONCE THE HUMIDIFIER HAS BEEN TURNED TO AN "ON" POSITION. IF THE "RESET" SWITCH IS NOT PUSHED, THE UNIT WILL NOT RESTART. THIS IS A SAFETY FEATURE. To add liquid medication to the medicine cup: · Switch humidifier to OFF and allow the removable grill to cool down. · Models DH-909/ DH-910: Lift the removable grill with the built-in medicine cup off the unit. · Models DH-911/ DH-912: Lift the removable grill off (Figure 4) to access the medicine cup. 4 · Carefully place the medicine cup/removable grill back into the top of the Mist Chamber. · After use, remove the medicine cup from the unit and clean any residue from the cup with warm water or in the dishwasher. WARNING: DO NOT USE any liquid medicine other than those specifically recommended for use with a steam vaporizer. DO NOT pour medicine directly into the grill openings or add it to the water in the tank. DURACRAFT ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR CONSEQUENCES RESULTING FROM THE USE OF MEDICATIONS IN THIS HUMIDIFIER. LOW DESIRED HUMIDITY USING THE MEDICINE CUP A medicated vapor can be distributed by using the medicine cup at the top of the humidifier. OFF HUMIDITY LEVEL HIGH POWER REFILL & RESTART DH-911/ DH-912 · Carefully add liquid medication; do not fill cup more than half full. CLEAN ING We recommend that you clean the humidifier once a week, or more often if you: · have hard water, · notice a build-up of impurities, or · detect unpleasant odors. It is normal for deposits from tap water to collect in the Remove and RinseTM tray. Be sure to perform these in the proper order to avoid harmful chemical interactions. [. . . ] Any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose on this product is limited in duration to the duration of this warranty. Some regions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, or limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you also may have other rights which vary from region to region. At its option Duracraft will repair or replace this product if it is found defective in material or workmanship. [. . . ]


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