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[. . . ] The SL6. 2M's performance, reliability, and shape make it ideal for digital age theaters. Technical Specifications: Frequency Response 1(-10 dB) Power Handling Sensitivity 3 2 48 Hz - 20 kHz 250 watts 90 dB, 1W/1m 8 ohms 116 dB 100° 100° 1. 8 kHz 6" (100 mm) 1" (25 mm) Full System Multi-Axis 100° x 90° Spring, accepts 12 GA ABS (paintable) 16. 5" x 9" x 11. 75" (419 mm x 228 mm x 298 mm) 9. 9 lbs (4. 5 kg) 23 lbs (10. 4 kg) SAMTM, hex key Impedance Max Calculated SPL Horizontal Coverage Ver tical Coverage 4 4 Crossover Frequency LF Transducer HF Transducer Protection Suspension Swing x Rotation Terminals Enclosure Material Dim (H x W x D) Net Weight (each) Shipping Weight Included Accessories 1 2 Half Space (wall mounting) Long Term Program Rating: 3 dB greater than continuous pink noise rating 3 Avg: Half Space (wall mounting) 4 When mounted with long axis in ver tical plan EVID SL6. 2M Packing List Listed and illustrated below are the parts included in each boxed pair of EVIDTM speakers. Figure A B C C D E (E) Product Feature Identification Illustrated below are the major components of the EVIDTM Series full-range speakers. A. Titanium dome tweeter with neodymium magnet structure Installation and Wiring Step 1: Mount the SAMTM Bracket The SAMTM bracket can be mounted on either side of the speaker, enabling optimal configuration for any installation. [. . . ] It is best to mount the bracket on the side away from the direction in which the speaker will be aimed. This ensures that the full sweep angle is available for aiming on that side and provides easier access to the sweep tightening bolt on the wall bracket (see step 2). For safety, make sure the mounting surface can support more than the speaker's weight!Use only industry-accepted fasteners and mounting methods when mounting the bracket. For standard vertical installation mount the SAMTM bracket as shown in Figure 4. For horizontal mounting configurations, mounting the bracket on the bottom side (as in Figure 5) is easiest and safest, and allows the speaker to be mounted closer to the ceiling. Step 2: Mount the Speaker to the SAMTM Bracket Quantity 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 G F B A D A I C H Part Speaker system SAMTM assembly Large logo cap Small logo cap Data sheet/Instructions Warranty card SAMTM mounting tool Attach the speaker to the SAMTM bracket with the socket head bolt, as shown in Figure 6. F Figure 6: Attach SAMTM B Figure 2: EVIDTM features (front) C Input wire connectors Secure the speaker with the provided security tool by tightening the two socket head bolts as shown. After selecting the proper horizontal angle, secure the swing axis as shown by tightening bolt A. Next, select the proper vertical angle with the aid of the angle markers as shown in Figure 7. Improperly wired subwoofer panel Figure 9: Secure seismic security cable Step 5: Test System Operation After all connections are made, test the complete system operation. The Troubleshooting Table on the next page will assist in locating many speaker-related problems. Using a test speaker as described above, verify that all amplifier and speaker wires are connected to their proper terminals with the correct polarity. Reversing just one set of amplifier wires can cut out all bass output from the subwoofer. 3. Intermittent output Faulty connection such as crackling or distortion Check all connections at amplifier and speakers to ensure they are clean and tight. Constant noise Defective amplifier such as buzzing, or other electronic hissing, humming device Poor system grounding or ground loop If the noise is present but no program material is playing, the likely cause is the signal chain in the electronics. Check and correct the system grounding, as required. If these suggestions do not solve your problem, contact your nearest Electro-Voice dealer or Electro-Voice distributor. Architecture & Engineering Specs: The loudspeaker shall be a two-way system consisting of one 6" (152mm) low-frequency transducer, a 1" (25mm) high-frequency transducer with a Coherent Coverage Waveguide, and a frequencydividing network installed in a vented, line-array enclosure. The network shall include a passive limiter for both the low-frequency and high-frequency transducers. The loudspeaker system shall meet the following performance criteria: Power handling, 250-Watts long term program using IEC268-5 shaped pink noise; Frequency response, 46 Hz - 20 kHz (-10 dB from rated sensitivity); Pressure sensitivity, 90 dB at one watt, 200 Hz -10 kHz at one meter; Impedance, 8 ohms nominal, 6 ohms minimum. [. . . ] The high-frequency transducer shall drive a waveguide to cover evenly 100° horizontally by 100° vertically. The enclosure shall be 16. 5" (419mm) high, 9" (228mm) wide, 11. 75" (298mm) deep. The grille shall be zinc plated, powder coated for corrosion resistance, and restrained with a safety leash. [. . . ]


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