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[. . . ] Security regulations as stated in the EN 60065 (VDE 0860 / IEC 65) and the CSA E65 - 94 have to be obeyed when servicing the appliance. Use of a mains separator transformer is mandatory during maintenance while the appliance is opened, needs to be operated and is connected to the mains. Switch off the power before retrofitting any extensions, changing the mains voltage or the output voltage. The minimum distance between parts carrying mains voltage and any accessible metal piece (metal enclosure), respectively between the mains poles has to be 3 mm and needs to be minded at all times. [. . . ] CAUTION: Do not ship the power amp in any other but its original packaging. When shipping the power amp, make sure to always use its original box and packaging materials. Packing the power amplifier like it was packed by the manufacturer guarantees optimum protection from transport damage. 1 Warranty Certificate Keep the original invoice that states the purchase/delivery date together with the warranty certificate at a safe place. They are the premium choice as system drive for a variety of mobile and club sound systems like e. Their comprehensive protection system includes circuitry against overheating, overload, short circuit, HF and DC as well as back-EMF and inrush current. The build-in patented LPN (Low-Pass-Notch) filter compensates for transient distortion in dynamic signals (such as kickdrums) to achieve a higher acoustic output and more punch. Q power amps provide extremely high power output that might be dangerous for human beings as well as for the connected speaker systems. High output voltages can damage or even destroy the connected speaker systems, especially, when the Q amplifier is operated in bridged mode. Prior to connecting any loudspeakers, make sure to check the speaker system's specifications for continuous and peak power handling capacities. Even if amplification has been reduced through lowering the input level controls on the amplifier's front panel, it is still possible to achieve full power output with a sufficiently high input signal. When installing the power amp in a case or rack system, attention should be paid to these details to provide sufficient ventilation. Allow for an air duct of at least 60 mm x 330 mm between the rear panel of the power amplifier and the inner wall of the cabinet/rack case. make sure that the duct reaches up to the cabinet's or the rack case's top ventilation louvers. Leave room of at least 100 mm above the cabinet/rack case for ventilation. Since temperatures inside of the cabinet/rack case can easily rise up to 40 °C during operation of the power amp, it is mandatory to bear in mind the maximum allowable ambient temperature for all other appliances installed in the same cabinet/rack case. CAUTION: Blocking/closing the power amp's ventilation louvers is not permissible. Without sufficient cooling/ventilation, the power amplifier may automatically enter protect mode. Do not use the power amplifier near heat sources, like heater blowers, stoves or any other heat radiating devices. To ensure trouble-free operation, make certain that the maximum allowable ambient temperature of +40°C is not exceeded. When operating the power amplifier together with other equipment in a rack case, setting the switch to the GROUNDED position is recommended. Set the switch to UNGROUNDED, when the power amplifier is operated together with appliances with differing ground potentials. [. . . ] CAUTION: In BRIDGED mode operation, it is not allowable for the load connected to fall below a value of 4 ohms. Make sure to completely read and fully observe power rating specifications of the speaker systems to be used and to check them against the output power capacity of the power amp. 1: Balanced connection of input Whenever possible, using balanced audio signal feeds at the input of the power amplifier is always preferred. Unbalanced connections should only be used if the cables are very short and no interfering signals are to be expected in the vicinity of the power amplifier. [. . . ]


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