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[. . . ] All PA-Series power amps feature different hi-pass filters with switch selectable cut-off frequency to attenuate unwanted low-frequency signals. Infinitely variable low-noise high performance fans guarantee absolute thermal stability while keeping fan noise to a minimum. Direct ow-thru chassis design allows for a smooth ow of air from front-to-rear, which allows trouble-free operation even in smaller amp-racks. Compact high density power supply units with low-leakage toroidal transformers provide extensive headroom far above the listed power rating. [. . . ] 5 x 1 least (up to the cabinet s top ventilation louvers) for air circulation between the rear of the power amplifier and the cabinet s rack s rear wall. Make sure to leave at least space above the cabinet or rack 4 of shelf system. Since temperatures inside of a cabinet or rack shelf system can easily rise updegrees 105 to during operation, carefully considering the environmental temperature maximum values of all other appliances installed in the same rack shelf system is mandatory (also refer to Mains Operation & Resulting Temperature ). When installing the power amp in a cabinet or rack shelf system, make sure to make use of the rear mounting facilities to fix the appliance in place and keep the front panel from bending. The power amplifier has to be protected against: moisture (dripping or splashing water), direct sunlight, high temperatures or the direct in uence of heat sources, high humidity, extensive dust and vibrations. Condensation on internal parts may occur after transporting the power amplifier from a cold into a warmer environment. In that case operation is only permissible after the appliance has gained the new temperature (after approximately one hour). If ob ects or liquids have intruded the power amp s enclosure, disconnectthe appliance from the mains immediately and contact an authorised service center for inspection before continuing to operate the unit. Do not use any sprays or solvents for cleaning the appliance, because they might severely damage the surface of the enclosure or lead to dangerous fire ha ard. A soft-start function prevents inrush current peaks on the mains, additionally preventing the mains line protection switch from activating during the amp s power-on operation. Loudspeaker outputs are activated via relay switching with a delay of approx. You can choose from three cut-off frequency settings: Power Amps with low impedance outputs Power Amps with output transformer 00H 50H , 12dB , 12dB Oct. As a basic principle, all models with output transformer have a 50H Hi-Pass filter in the audio signal path to protect the transformer from being driven into saturation by high level low-frequency signals. Loudspeaker Outputs The speaker output acks are suitable for connecting speaker cables with a maximum diameter of 2. The provided screwlock connectors can be screwed to the power amp to prevent inadvertent disconnection. Power amps offer low impedance outputs and or oating outputs (ISOLATED OUTPUTS) with nominal voltages of 50V, 0V and 100V, depending on the amp model. Caution: The symbol of a FLASH at the loudspeaker connectors indicates that these outputs may carry high voltages which, when getting in contact with, can cause serious harm. Establishing connections at these outputs is only permissible for persons who have been instructed on how to do so. For bridged operation, the load has to be connected according to the BRIDGEDlabel and the Mode switch needs to be set to Bridged . Please, make sure to keep in mind that in Bridged Mode the minimal impedance is ohms and that the input audio signal has to be fed to channel A (or C). pA1250T , 623 & PA2400T Integrated audio output transformers convert the power amp s nominal output voltage to 50V , 0V and 100V. The amplifier models 623 and PA2400T present all voltages simultaneously at the oating outputs so that the power amp channels can be used in any combination of possible output voltages. [. . . ] Please refer to the label on the rear of the enclosure indicating the correct values for different mains voltages. Although connecting unbalanced cables to the power amplifier inputs is possible as well, using balanced cables is always preferable. A great number of today s audio appliances provide balanced outputs carried out via XLR-type connectors. With balanced cabling, the shield interconnects all metal enclosure parts and therefore efficiently eliminates the introduction of external interference mostly noise and hum. [. . . ]


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