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[. . . ] pre-amplifier and compressor / limiter freely programmable key-assignment easy labeling the keys via label-strips and MS WORD templates monitoring of the analog circuitry via integrated pilot-tone oscillator monitoring of the processor system via watchdog-circuit line-monitoring via pilot-tone and polling covered alarm key (except at the DPC 4106) prepared for retrofitting additional alarm keys or key-lock switches prepared for the connection of an external PTT-type microphone or audio signal source piezo-humming device for acoustic alerts prepared for the installation of an optionally available loudspeaker set-up mode allows altering parameter settings directly at the paging station two-line LC-display All paging stations are processor-controlled and provide several monitoring functions. The integrated watchdogcircuitry monitors the processor system while the audio section is guarded by the signal of a switchable pilot tone oscillator. Once it drops below a critical threshold, a warning signal is being transmitted. Line-monitoring for the audio-cabling as well as for all RS-485 control-lines allows the early recognition and signaling of line-interrupts and short-circuits. [. . . ] In this case the selection-LED's indicates in which areas / groups the program is being transmitted. Keeping this key pressed and simultaneously pressing the STOP-key selects the set-up mode and the PROGRAM-LED starts blinking. Now you can alter preferences or make other changes as described in chapter 6. 2. 7 Paging Station Configuration in set-up mode. When in set-up mode, this key is used to select the following parameter (parameter selection). 10 ALARM-key with indicator Pressing the ALARM-key starts an alarm signal that is transmitted into all areas. Pressing the STOP-key or subsequently pressing the ALARM-key terminates the alarm signal. What kind of alarm signal is being transmitted is pre-defined during the configuration procedure of the PROMATRIX system. 11 Optional key-slots These slots allow retrofitting an additional covered key and a key-lock switch. The front panel is already prepared for the installation of two 18 mm pushbuttons / switches. The newly installed switches' functions are assigned during the configuration procedure via PC, e. g. : second alarm-pushbutton for transmitting alarm signals into specific areas (selective alarm), or assigning the system ON / OFF function to the key-lock switch. If single lines or the terminal input are busy with lower priority transmissions, the BUSY-LED will blink slowly. Whilst announcements are possible, they will interrupt any other event that is momentarily transmitted. If single lines or the terminal input are busy with higher priority signals, the BUSY-LED will vastly blink and the calling attempt is being ignored (also refer to the description of indicators). First, the desired areas / groups have to be selected either using selection keys or with the ALL-key. Pressing the TEXT-key starts the reproduction of a prerecorded message that had been assigned during the configuration. While the text message is being transmitted, the TEXT-LED lights steadily or blinks (also refer to indications). Pressing the STOP-key cancels the transmission of a text message. General Alarm A general alarm signal is always transmitted to all lines of an installation. The priority of the alarm can be set between 7 and 9 and therefore it has priority over any announcement or other event, except for those that were ignited from the directing paging station (priority 10). Pressing the STOP-key or subsequently pressing the ALARM-key cancels the alarm. Selective Alarm When a paging station is equipped with a second ALARM-key, which provides the option for selective alarms, it is possible to transmit alarm signals only into particular lines. Equivalent to the procedure for making a selective call you first have to select the areas / groups to which the alarm signal will be transmitted. Afterwards, you have to press the covered ALARM-key to start a selective alarm. [. . . ] First, by pressing the PROGRAM-key, the paging station has to be set to the program-assign mode. Pressing a single or several selection keys assigns the outputted program (background music) to selected areas and groups. The level of the audio signal is determined during the PC-configuration procedure. The assignment stays memorized until the selection keys are pressed again. [. . . ]


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