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[. . . ] When selecting new batteries, the user should make sure that their capacity is sufficient to compensate the capacity loss due to natural ageing of the batteries during the prescribed service life. 2. Commissioning the battery module 2. 1 Battery module 664A/DEM 317 The following points must be observed: -- The battery may only be connected to the charging apparatus without load (i. e. all types of consumers must be disconnected) and when the mains is switched OFF. It becomes impossible to maintain a charge if the battery is left uncharged for any length of time. [. . . ] After the cables have been connected they should be replaced immediately. -- The cables between the battery modules DEM 317A and DEM 317B connect the pole B+ with B+, M with M and B- with B-. When connecting the cables, the lock washer is to be mounted between the cable lug and the nut to secure the screw. 2. 3 Fusing the inputs and outputs The batteries have individually fused outputs for the load connections. Thus all plus and minus lines are protected against excess currect and short. Different line cross-sections for consumers with low and high current can be connected to a battery at the same time, providing that the fuse values of their individual outputs are chosen accordingly. The total amount of the currents of all the output fuses in a fuse block must not exceed 50 A. If the fuse values are changed, the current values printed on the units above the fuse switch are to be covered with the enclosed sticky labels. The fuse values for the appropriate plus and minus outputs must always be the same. If any outputs are not used, the fuses are to be removed and and fuse values above the fuse switches are to be covered over with the enclosed blank sticky labels. The output secured with 3 A is intended for connection of the control module DEM 207. The cross-sections of the lines connected must be correctly dimensioned for the fuse value selected. If the average monthly temperature is between 20°C and 30°C, one additional charging procedure is necessary every 8 months. If the average monthly temperature is less than 20°C, one additional charging procedure is necessary every 12 months. If a stored battery is used, one charging procedure should always be carried out before use. 3. 4 Transport If the battery is transported, it should never be exposed to excessive jolting or knocks. If a battery is connected to a device during transport, it must be secured well and the current circuit must be interuppted. 3. 5 Battery service life Generally speaking, the battery service life in standy parallel operation amounts to 3 - 5 years and approximately 260 cycles at 100% discharge depth or more in cyclic operation. The actual service life is reduced if the appropriate operating conditions are not maintained, (i. e. We recommend charging the battery at an ambient temperature of between 5°C and 35°C to minimize detrimental effects on its service life. 3. 6 Battery recycling The batteries are marked with a recycling symbol as illustrated below. At the end of their service life, the batteries should be returned to the manufacturer or supplier or taken to a special collection centre so that they can be recycled. 4. Registrations and Standards -- VdS registration The batteries have been tested and recognized by the VdS (Verband der Sachversicherer) and comply with the following standards: DIN 57 510 / VDE 0510 Akkumulatoren und Batterien, ortsfeste Batterien DIN 43 534 "Wartungsfreie" verschlossene Akkumulatoren mit festgelegtem Elektrolyt DIN 43 539 part 5 Prfungen "wartungsfreie" verschlossene Akkumulatoren mit festgelegtem Elektrolyt -- UL approval The batteries have received recognition from the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. -- IATA classification The batteries have been cleared by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for transport in aircrafts and have received the classification "leak-proof". 5. Testing and inspecting alarm devices In order to gurantee that the alarm device is in working condition, qualified personnel must carry out inspections and servicing regularly. Inspections must be carried out at least once every 3 months at approximately equal intervals to comply with DIN VDE 0833 part 1. [. . . ] For the battery of an alarm device this means: quarterly tests and annual malfunction simulations of the operating duration with the consumers. We recommend carrying out the battery capacity test in accordance with DIN 43 539 part 1, whereby the battery manufacturer's instructions are to be observed. Please see section 3. 2 for instructions on how to treat maintenance-free lead accus. 7. Explanation of terms: -- Continuous battery power supply In this mode, the battery is constantly kept in full charge. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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