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[. . . ] But the human ear/brain combination is extremely sensitive to such signals. RMDTM gives a quality of sound and degree of clarity that audiences find breathtaking. DH6 large-format driver: Exceptional HF detail at all SPL's All three-way and virtually every two-way system in the series use a new largeformat compression driver with RMDTM. The titanium diaphragm of the DH6 has increased internal strength and damping for unprecedented HF clarity and resistance to mechanical fatigue at very high sound levels. The reduced diaphragm-to-phase-plug spacing applies acoustic damping and maintains output in the 10­ to 20-kHz range. Rigging: L-tracks with 8:1 safety factor Xi-SeriesTM systems (with the exception of the ultracompact Xi-1082 underbalcony) have dual L-tracks top and bottom for two-point suspension and aiming. [. . . ] (See page 7 for more Merlin® details. ) The tripole effect is quite dramatic in reverberant spaces. A-B comparisons have been made between high-quality systems with similar frequency response but directivity control to only 2, 500 Hz. When switching to the tripole, the listeners' ears were drawn much more strongly to the loudspeaker as the source. The room seemed to partly "disappear, " and both vocal clarity and musical impact were substantially increased. below an array is nonexistent or minimal, dipole and tripole configurations are less necessary, and the additional low-frequency output of the EVX-180B 18-inch woofer may be utilized. Typical application examples include well damped rooms and club environments. The EVX-180B extends lowfrequency response to 45 Hz, and its additional cone area and higher excursion ability more than quadruples the lowfrequency acoustic output (+6. 3 dB). The Xi-1183/64F features one EVX-180B; the Xi-2183/64F exployes two. Xi-1153/64F: three-way, 15-inch 60° x 40° full-range system, dipole configurable When extended-frequency vertical directivity control is desired but vertical clearance is limited, the Xi-1153/64F could be the answer. At 36 inches rather than 48 inches high, the Xi-1153/64F has one EVX-155 15-inch woofer adjacent to the MB horn. With the Merlin® ISP-100 providing MB/LF overlap in the 125- to 540-Hz range, vertical directivity is controlled to 300 Hz. The Xi-1153/64F may also be conventionally crossed over at 125 Hz and 1, 760 Hz, with decreased directivity control below 800 Hz. Xi-2153/64F: three-way, dual-15-inch 60° x 40° full-range system, tripole configurable Much of the mid and lower vocal frequency range is often unwittingly aimed primarily at highly reflective room surfaces rather than the absorptive audience. For example, at the low end of the compression driver operating range, where diaphragm excursions are inherently larger, Merlin® limits sooner than at higher frequencies. The end result is near-absolute protection against over-excursion with the very minimum audible side effects. Only Merlin® provides excursion-smart protection. Xi-1152/64F and Xi-1152/94F: Very high output for small spaces, two-way, 15-inch 60° x 40° and 90° x 40° mid- and short-throw full-range systems Only slightly larger and heavier than the ultracompact Xi-1122, the Xi-1152 utilizes an EVX-155 four-inch-coil woofer for prodigious output to 50 Hz. Integral carrying handles and stand-mount adapter, in addition to the L-track top and bottom rigging, facilitate a wide range of portable and fixed applications. Xi-1122/85F: Ultracompact two-way, 12-inch 80° x 55° short-throw full-range system In an ultracompact package, the Xi-1122/85F features a DL12type woofer with RMDTM and the same large-format DH6 compression driver used in the most advanced Xi-SeriesTM systems. The Xi-1122/85F brings the spectacular quality of X-ArrayTM to applications where space is at a premium and/or light weight is required, with full-range performance to 60 Hz. The single eight-inch woofer (with RMDTM) avoids the midband lobing characteristic of the dual, spaced woofers used in conventional underbalcony systems. Four inserts on the back of the enclosure fit OmniMount® Series 100 mounting ware. * *OmniMount is a registered trademark of OmniMount Systems, Inc. Xi-2122/42F: Two-way, 40° x 20° dual-12-inch horn-loaded MB/HF system The Xi-2122/42F's 40° x 20° coverage pattern adds long-throw "punch" to the capabilities of the medium-throw 60° x 40° Xi-SeriesTM systems. Its physical shell is identical to that of the Xi-1153/64 and Xi-1183/64, with its footprint matching that of the taller Xi-2153/64 and Xi-2183/64. The Xi-2122/42 operates above 125 Hz and would typically be used with the low-frequency augmentation provided by nearby full-range or low-frequency systems. Multiple Xi-2122/42's can be "fanned out" to form a horizontal array for wide horizontal and restricted vertical coverage. Alternatively, Xi-2122/42's may be used in vertical lines in medium-to-large concert arrays. [. . . ] The two-way/leftcenter-right QuickMAP's above -- designed by Brian Elwell of Acoustic Dimensions, Dallas, Texas -- are examples. Merlin® ISP-100 is supplied with a special applications manual (Special Applications Merlin® ISP-100 and Electro-Voice Xi-SeriesTM -- part #535297) and two special Merlin®/Xi-SeriesTM QuickMAP's, one for three-way systems plus subs, capable of dipole and tripole configurations, and the other for two-way systems plus subs, featuring the excursion-smart loudspeaker component protection. For a copy of this manual, contact Electro-Voice Customer Service at 616/695-6831 or 800/685-6306. PAGE 7 Electro-Voice X-ArrayTM Xi-Series Specifications Full-Range Three-Way Systems System: Frequency Response: Crossover Frequencies: Power Handling, Long Term: Sensitivity (1 W/1 m), Triamp: Biamp/FR: Xi-1123/106 60-20, 000 Hz 250/550 Hz, 1, 760 Hz 300/300/75 W, 300/300W 98. 0/109. 0/111. 7 dB 101. 4/106. 7 dB Xi-2123/106 60-20, 000 Hz 250/550 Hz, 1, 760 Hz 600/300/75 W, 600/300W 101. 4/109. 0/111. 7 dB 101. 4/106. 7 dB Xi-1153/64 48-20, 000 Hz 125/540 Hz, 1, 760 Hz 600/300/75 W 91. 5/107. 0/112. 0 dB N/A Xi-1183/64 45-20, 000 Hz 125 Hz, 1, 760 Hz 600/300/75 W 93. 5/107. 0/112. 0 dB N/A Xi-2153/64 48-20, 000 Hz 125/540 Hz, 1, 760 Hz 1, 200/300/75 W 96. 0/107. 0/112. 0 dB N/A Xi-2183/64 45-20, 000 Hz 125 Hz, 1, 760 Hz 1, 200/300/75 W 98. 0/107. 0/112. 0 dB N/A Nominal Coverage Angle (H x V): 100°x 60° Dipole/Tripole Configurable (with Merlin® ISP-100): Excursion-Smart Protection (with Merlin® ISP-100): Transducers, LF: MB: inch mid-bass12-inch mid-bass mid-bass horn on mid-bass horn HF: 100°x 60° Yes Yes 6 0°x 40° 6 0°x 40° Yes 6 0°x 40° No 6 0°x 40° Yes No Two EVX-155 15-inch 12-inch mid-bass on mid-bass horn No No Two EVX-180B 18-inch 12-inch mid-bass 12on mid-bass horn on Yes (biamp mode only) Yes (biamp mode only) DL-type 12-inch Two DL-type 12-inch DL-type 10-inch mid-bass on 100°x 60°rotatable horn No No EVX-155 15-inch EVX-180B 18-inch DL-type 10-inch mid-bass on 100°x 60°rotatable horn DH6-16 (1. 4-in. exit) on 100°x 60°rotatable rotatable hornon 60°x 40°rotatable horn Impedance, LF-FR/MB/HF: 12/16/16 ohms Connectors: Two Neutrik NL8MPR Recommended Power Amp (watts @ 8 ohms), LF/MB/HF: 600/600/600 W Passive MB/HF or FR: 600 Enclosure Construction: 18 mm, 13-ply birch Enclosure Finish: Black textured paint Dimensions, Height: 801 mm (31. 54 in. ) Width, Front: 455 mm (17. 92 in. ) Width, Back: 317 mm (12. 48 in. ) Depth: 463 mm (18. 24 in. ) Net Weight: 56. 8 kg (125 lb) DH6-16 (1. 4-in. exit) horn on 100°x 60°rotatable horn on 60°x 40°rotatable horn 6/16/16 ohms 8/16/16 ohms 8/16/16 ohms Two Neutrik NL8MPR Two Neutrik NL8MPR Two Neutrik NL8MPR 600/600/600 W 600 18 mm, 13-ply birch Black textured paint 1, , 007 mm (39. 65 in. ) 455 mm (17. 92 in. ) 317 mm (12. 48 in. ) 463 mm (18. 24 in. ) 70. 3 kg (155 lb) 800/800/600 W N/A 18 mm, 13-ply birch Black textured paint 914 mm (36. 00 in. ) 586 mm (23. 07 in. ) 354 mm (13. 93 in. ) 759 mm (29. 88 in. ) 93. 0 kg (205 lb) 800/800/600 W N/A 18 mm, 13-ply birch Black textured paint 914 mm (36. 00 in. ) 586 mm (23. 07 in. ) 354 mm (13. 93 in. ) 759 mm (29. 88 in. ) 93. 0 kg (205 lb) DH6-16 (1. 4-in. [. . . ]


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