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[. . . ] This increases and smooths the high-frequency response and reduces the amount of internal equalization required for flat frequency response, which extends to 20, 000 Hz. A self-resetting high-frequency protection circuit, EV's PROTM circuit, is included with the Sx80 to prevent against accidental overdrive and improve system reliability. If the input power to the high-frequency driver exceeds the nominal rating, the protection circuit is activated and reduces the power delivered to the driver by 6 dB. The system will remain in this mode of operation until the input power is reduced to a safe level. [. . . ] This enclosure allows for molded in attachment points for the optional Sx80MB mounting bracket or for use with an OmniMount® Series 75 mounting system. It is recommended, however, that a small area should be tested with the desired paint in order to ensure that there are no adverse effects and that the paint has sufficient adhesion. Care should be taken not to get paint onto the woofer cone or into the horn throat. Frequency Response The combination of a 203-mm (8-inch) woofer, a wide-bandwidth high-frequency driver and an equalized crossover results in the wide and smooth overall response shown in Figure 1. This response was measured at 1 meter (3. 281 feet), using a 2. 83-volt swept sine-wave input in a full-space anechoic chamber using the internal passive crossover. Figure 1 also shows the half-space measurement of the Sx80 loudspeaker. This curve gives an indication of how the system will respond when mounted on a wall, which is a likely application. This response was also measured at 1 meter (3. 281 feet), using a 2. 83-volt swept sine-wave input using the internal passive crossover. Care should be taken to ensure that the correct polarity is observed when connecting the Sx80. When Sx80s are connected in parallel, care should be used to be sure that the impedance does not become too low for the power amplifier being used. Constant-Directivity Speaker System The crossover frequency and speaker component geometries have been selected so that the directional characteristics of the woofer and constant-directivity high-frequency horn match at the crossover frequency to create a special system type, the constant-directivity system. The caution cannot be made strongly enough, however, that this arrangement is only for experts or those who can discipline themselves against "pushing" the system for ever-higher sound levels and who can avoid "accidents" such 2 Sx80 175-Watt Two-Way Speaker System Sx80 175-Watt T wo-Way Speaker System as catastrophic feedback or dropped microphones. A more conservative, "normal" amplifier size, which will produce audible results nearly equal to those of the "expert" recommendation, is 1. 0 to 1. 4 times the longterm average noise power rating of the speaker. To be very conservative, one can use an amplifier rated at 0. 5 to 0. 7 times the longterm average noise power rating of the loudspeaker. Two ("Power Handling Capacity") for more background on these recommendations. Service In the unlikely event the Sx80 requires service, the woofer can be removed from the front. The high-frequency driver can be removed by separating the front and the rear halves of the enclosure and removing the bolt that attaches the driver to the rear. The Sx80 enclosure contains seven M6 inserts and (see Figure 7) which are built into the enclosure for the purpose of suspension. These inserts can be used with either the Sx80MB mounting bracket from ElectroVoice, or with an OmniMount® Series 75 mounting system. . Sx80MB The Sx80MB is a universal U-bracket designed to allow the suspension of the Sx80 at any angle and orientation from the wall or ceiling (See Figure 8). There is an extra M6 insert on the top of the enclosure for a safety chain. OmniMount® Series 75 Four M6 threaded inserts and screws are located on the rear of the Sx80 for use with the OmniMount® Series 75 support system. [. . . ] If any sign of weakness or damage is detected, remedial action should be taken immediately. 3 down horizontal coverage angle of 90° + 34°/ -27° in the 2, 000- to 20, 000-Hz range; 6-dBdown vertical coverage angle of 65° + 31°/ - 4° in the 2, 000- to 20, 000-Hz range; crossover frequency of 2, 200 Hz; nominal impedance of 8 ohms and minimum impedance of 7. 2 ohms. The enclosure shall be constructed of high-impact polystyrene and fitted with a powder-coated steel grille, and M6 and M5 threaded inserts for optional accessories. Dimensions shall be 400 mm (15. 75 in. ) high x 292 mm (11. 5 in. ) wide x 222 mm (8. 75 in. ) deep. The system shall be capable of producing average sound levels in excess of 114 dB in the long term, and short-term peaks of 120 dB. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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