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[. . . ] For easy installation, use, and service (should service ever be required), the power module is integrated within each microphone -- no need to install a separate unit. Yet, the lapel mic is smaller, the hanging mics more shapely, the podium mics more slender, and the boundary mics lower in profile, than others on the market. Perhaps you think the quality and design innovations of the Electro-Voice RE90 Series places them beyond your budget. Not only are they comWherever they're used -- house of worship, boardroom, school auditorium -- EV RE90 Architectural Microphones blend seamlessly into the architecture. [. . . ] Models of simplicity, they are easy to install, use and service (should that ever be necessary). petitively priced, they are unconditionally guaranteed for two full years and backed by a limited lifetime warranty on the element. They are, after all, made by Electro-Voice. Microphone elements not shown actual size. RE90P-12/RE90P-18 UNIDIRECTIONAL PODIUM MICROPHONE Acoustically designed for high-quality sound reinforcement and public address applications, this slim-profile podium microphone picks up and reproduces sound naturally for either distant or close-up delivery. The gooseneck, 12-inch (RE90P-12) or 18-inch (RE90P-18), can be precisely positioned without excessive twisting and turning. The electronics module is housed in the gooseneck base, which makes installation and service quick and easy. The RE90P mounts to a lectern, pulpit, or podium equipped with the proper receptacle. Unobtrusive, however it is used. · Small, streamlined appearance. · Permanent installation with optional FMK flange-mount kit and CPSM shock-mount kit. · Microphone can be exactly positioned without unsightly twisting and turning. · Steel construction reduces noise from magnetic field and RFI. 330° 300° 0° 30° 60° RE90H/RE90HW UNIDIRECTIONAL HANGING MICROPHONE Ideal for choir, instrumental and vocal groups, and live theatre, this hanging microphone is so sensitive it catches the smallest sigh, the softest note. · Miniature 6-foot cable, two-way cable routing, and tamperresistant terminal block connection. · Electrically isolated case. 330° 300° 0° 30° 60° 60° RE90L ULTRAMINIATURE, OMNIDIRECTIONAL LAPEL MICROPHONE Hearing is believing (you have to look closely to see it). Ultraminiature and ultralightweight, anyone wearing the RE90L can easily forget he or she is wired. Designed for sound reinforcement in applications such as houses of worship, schools and business presentations, this smallest, lightest of all microphones on the market, has the highest quality sound characteristics. Omnidirectional output is uniform and natural, no matter where the microphone is placed. The compact electronics housing is made of a highstrength polycarbonate that is very lightweight but very durable. A side clip attaches the unit to belt, waistband or pocket. · · · · · Ultraminiature and lightweight (the smallest available). Lightweight, clip-on electronics pack. 330° 300° 0° 30° 270° 90° 270° 90° 10 dB 240° 210° 500 Hz 330° 300° 150° 120° 180° 1000 Hz 0° 30° 10 dB 240° 210° 5000 Hz 330° 300° 150° 180° 10, 000 Hz 0° 30° 120° 60° AVERAGE RESPONSE 20 30 50 100 200 500 1000 2000 5000 10, 000 20, 000 60° AVERAGE RESPONSE 20 30 50 100 200 500 1000 2000 5000 10, 000 20, 000 270° 90° 270° 90° FREQUENCY IN HERTZ 240° 210° 5000 Hz 150° 180° 10, 000 Hz 120° FREQUENCY IN HERTZ 240° 210° 500 Hz 150° 180° 1000 Hz 120° Sound Reasons for the Superiority of the Electro-Voice RE90 Architectural Microphone Series WITH THE LOWEST PROFILE OF ANY BOUNDARY MICROPHONE, THE RE90B/RE90BW IS ONE OF THE SMALLEST AVAILABLE. The microphone features a unique "S-Curve" cording mechanism. [. . . ] The microphone features a unique "S-Curve" cording mechanism. This allows the miniature cord to be easily and quickly routed to the back of the microphone for portable use. Internal padding, a rubber, non-slip pad covering the entire base, and fiber washers for mounting screws, minimize surface vibrations. For permanent installation the cable can be totally hidden by routing it through the surface. · Most natural sound in the field. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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