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Manual abstract: user guide ELECTRO-VOICE C-12

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Use the up and down arrows to change the Group number to match the channel number displayed on the receiver. Use the up and down arrow buttons to change the Channel to match the receiver. If you are using a bodypack transmitter, plug the microphone into the transmitter connector. If using a guitar, place the Instrument/Mic switch under the battery door in the Instrument position and plug the cord into the transmitter and guitar. [. . . ] Go back to Section 3 - Receiver Setup and Operation step 9 to complete system set up and test. 3-7 Transmitter Display Squence: Displaying and Setting Transmitter Frequency: To see the current operating frequency, press MENU at the Group/Channel Screen. Setting Custom Frequencies: Select a Group between 11u and 20u and a Channel between 1 and 16 (see Group and Channel Setting above). If this Group/Channel is blank you will see '---. ---' on the frequency display. (Blank channels also display a '-' after the channel number on the Group/Channel screen). Press SET to save the new frequency, or MENU to quit without saving changes since SET was last pressed. Power Switch Disable: When the Power Switch is disabled, you must move the power switch to the OFF position and then press a control key (MENU, SET, UP or DOWN) to power the unit off. After the display shows Group & Channel, quickly turn the power off and on three times. To always lock the power switch ON, press and hold SET, then press UP. "On-Loc" will show on the display. Battery Gauge: Display 3 seconds Group Channel Press MENU Frequency Display Press MENU Battery Gauge Press MENU To disable Power Lock, press and hold SET, then press DOWN. Firmware Revision Level: Battery Indicator: Battery condition is displayed on power up. The low battery LED should flash once to indicate an acceptable battery. Frequency Band Designation · · · · · · A or B 2. Group Number· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 10 factory + 10 user defined 3. Channel Number · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 01 - 16 4. TV Channel · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · US TV channel the frequency is in 5. Transmit / Receive Frequency · · · · · 680. 100 - 703. 900 MHz A Band (US) 722. 100 - 745. 900 MHz B Band (US) 798. 100 - 821. 900 MHz D Band 841. 100 - 864. 900 MHz E Band Controls: 1. [UP] + [DOWN] for 3 seconds Sets / Resets Edit Lockout If Edit Mode is not locked out: 3. B. Starts Edit mode; Group Number begins flashing Steps between Group Number and Channel Number. Effects change after [UP] or [DOWN] have been pressed, then returns you to Display Mode C. 4. [MENU] stops Edit mode without effecting changes since [SET] was last pressed 5. Increments or decrements Group Number when flashing Increments or decrements Channel Number when flashing [UP] and [DOWN] auto-repeat when the button is held. Group and Channel have a slow auto-repeat. 4-2 Frequency Edit (User Groups Only) E di t MH z tv 722. [. . . ] A letter should be included outlining all symptoms and claimed defects. Information on how the equipment was installed and used is very helpful. Please include your phone number and return address in case our service technicians need to contact you. Then pack the unit as follows: Check the unit to see that all parts and screws are in place. [. . . ]


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