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[. . . ] The 1-inch waveguide-coupled tweeter give smooth controlled coverage out to 20 kHz. Perfect for installations where a flush-mount design is desired but demand for high-quality audio exists. Features a 4-point mounting system to make installations fast and easy. EVIDTM C8. 2LP The C8. 2LP is the same as the C8. 2 but in a low-profile installation package. Ideal for tight ceiling spaces. H G (x2) A (x2) E C (x2) D (x2) EVIDTM C8. 2HC The EVID C8. 2HC is ideal for high ceilings and reverberant "problem"rooms. [. . . ] Simply remove the existing fitting by unscrewing the two hold-down screws, exposing a 7/8-inch (22 mm) knockout hole. Then install the alternate fitting. Make sure to always use a listed fitting in accordance with your area's building codes and regulations. Figure 17: Tighten mounting tabs 7 EVIDTM Ceiling Series Installation and Operation Manual Installation and Wiring INSTALLATION NOTE: MOUNTING TABS For each attachment screw, first turn one halfturn counterclockwise to release the mounting tab from its guide. EVIDTM C4. 2, C8. 2 and C8. 2LP In addition to the 8-ohm setting, the power taps are 30 W, 15 W, 7. 5 W, and 3. 7 W at both 70. 7V and 100V with a 1. 8 W tap for 70. 7V only. , EVIDTM C8. 2HC and C10. 1 In addition to the 8-ohm setting, the power taps are 60 W, 30 W, and 15 W at both 70. 7V and 100V, with a 7. 5 W tap for 70. 7V only. Step 6: Connect an Auxiliary Support Line (Figure 18) Note the support ring on the back of the speaker. The ring allows for connection to a independent and secure anchor point. Construction codes often require the use of this secondary support point. Step 8: Attach the Grille (Figure 20) INSTALLATION NOTE: GRILLE SAFETY FEATURE EVID grilles features a unique safety tether to prevent the grille from falling if the grille is removed or comes loose after installation. First, install the grille's safety tether by pushing the grille fastener into the hole in the front of the baffle (see Figure 20). Second, press the grille into place until the front of the grille is flush with the rim of the baffle. Make sure the grille is securely seated to prevent it from vibrating loose. If you need to remove the grille, the easiest way is to insert two bent paper clips or other pointed objects into holes in the grille, then apply slow even pressure to pull down on the grille until that section of the grille comes out slightly. Continue the same procedure around the perimeter of the grille, loosening a portion at a time until the grille is removed. Figure 18: Attach auxiliary support line Step 7: Adjust Tap Selector (Figure 19) The tap selector switch is located on the front baffle. Adjust the speaker to the appropriate tap setting before installing the grille. In some 70V/100V constant voltage installations it is advisable to leave the grilles off if final speaker audio level balance adjustments are to be made later. After the levels are adjusted the grilles can then be installed. 1 2 Figure 19: Adjust tap selector (left: C4. 2/C8. 2/C8. 2LP; right: C10. 1/C8. 2HC) 8 Figure 20: Attach the grille EVIDTM Ceiling Series Installation and Operation Manual Appendix A -- Painting the Speaker If the speaker is installed in an area where the interior design requires a color match, these speakers are simple to paint. The speakers can accommodate almost any type of latex or oilbased paint. The bezel/rim can be painted before installation or after mounting into the ceiling. Painting Process Clean the rim and grille with mineral spirits or other light solvent. Do not use harsh solvents such as gasoline, kerosene, acetone, or other chemicals. If you use these cleaners you may permanently damage the enclosure. Also, don't use abrasives products such as sandpaper or steel wool. If you are spraying, hold the spray can at the angles shown in Figure 21. 180° 45° Baffle 180° 45° Can (do not paint) Figure 21: Spray-painting angles If you are painting the grille also, you must first remove the internal grille cloth. If the grille is rolled or brush painted, the grille may become clogged with paint and the sound quality will suffer. After the paint has dried, replace the internal grille cloth. If you wish to paint the speaker along with the ceiling after installation, insert a plastic or cardboard paint shield into the front of the speaker to mask the drivers and internal baffle, paint the speaker, then remove the shield. EVIDTM Ceiling Series Installation and Operation Manual 9 Appendix B -- System Design Guide Selecting and Positioning Ceiling Loudspeakers Several key criteria determine the type and quantity of ceiling speakers to employ in a job. Specific EVIDTM Ceiling Series models accommodate each job, depending on how these criteria are specified. · Room size · Coverage density desired · Coverage angle specification of the speaker · Ceiling height · Audio program material being played The information below, and the free design program downloadable from www. electrovoice. com (under downloads/speakers), will help you optimize your EVID design. In the traditional approach to overheaddistributed systems, loudspeakers are placed in a grid whose dimensions are dictated by the room height and the directivity of the speaker elements. Two basic placement patterns prevail: square spacing and hexagonal (or crisscross) spacing. See Figure 22. Grid Edge-to-edge Minimum Center-tocenter overlap systems, at least in part because they represented the traditional choice. In many cases, you can achieve excellent results -- at a significant savings -- by using 4inch transducers. This is especially true in jobs that do not require extended low-end response or high SPL levels. 4-inch transducers, such as those used in the C4. 2, offer wider dispersion to allow for fewer speakers to be employed in the job. [. . . ] 12000 Portland Ave South, Burnsville, MN 55337, USA, Phone: 952-887-5532, Fax: 952-736-4212 Europe, Africa & Middle-East Germany: Telex EVI Audio GmbH. Hirschberger Ring 45, D 94315, Straubing, Germany, Phone: +49 9421-706 0, Fax: +49 9421-706 265 France: EVI Audio France S. A. Parc de Courcerin, Allée Lech Walesa, F 77185 Lognes, France, Phone: +33 1-6480-0090, Fax: +33 1-6006-5103 UK: Telex Communications Ltd. 4, The Willows Centre, Willow Lane, Mitcham, Surrey CR4 4NX, UK, Phone: +44 208 646 7114, Fax: +44 208 640 7583 Africa & Middle-East: Telex EVI Audio GmbH. [. . . ]


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