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[. . . ] Darüber hinaus ist die netzseitige Stromaufnahme wesentlich geringer als im Class AB Betrieb, bei gleicher Ausgangsleistung. Die Electro-Voice - Endstufen der CP- SERIE erfüllen auch die extremen Anforderungen des harten Tour-Betriebs. Sie sind gegen Überhitzung, Überlast, Kurzschluß sowie Hochfrequenz und Gleichspannung am Ausgang geschützt. [. . . ] The new switching power supply technology, completely designed from scratch and the consistent use of Class-H technology provide extensive headroom far above the stated nominal output and conspicuous reduction in leakage power at the same time. The employed switching power supply combines the headroomadvantage of a transformer power amplifier with low weight of a pulsed power supply unit resulting in an improved performance-to-weight ratio. Special attention had been given to high efficiency and interference immunity already in the designing stage with the result that trouble-free operation of CP-Series power amps is possible even in EMV-critical environments. The power amplification stages of the CP3000S follow Class-H technology design, i. e. the power amp provides extremely fast, signaldependent operating voltage switching, which, at the time needed, results in doubling the regular supply voltage. Compared to Class-AB power amps, Class-H power amps generate by far less leakage power at identical output. Consequently, reduced leakage power or dissipation is synonymous to less waste heat. As a result, installing Class-H power amps within rack shelf systems or cabinets is possible with less space between appliances. In addition to that and despite offering identical output, power consumption is a lot less than in Class-AB operation. Being protected against thermal and electrical overload, short circuit and the occurrence of HF/DC at the outputs, Electro-Voice CP-SERIES power amps fulfill even the most demanding requirements of Pro-Audio touring applications. Back-EMF-Protection eliminates the risk of the output transistors being damaged by electrical energy back-feed. The power outputs are switched via relay with a time delay during soft-start and an inrush current limiter additionally prevents mains fuses from blowing. Mechanical construction and workmanship also comply with the highest precision manufacturing standards. The robust chassis is extremely rigid which makes it especially suitable for wearing touring applications. [. . . ] 1kHz Input Sensitivity at rated output power THD at rated output power, MBW = 80kHz, 1kHz IMD-SMPTE 60Hz, 7kHz DIM30 3. 15kHz, 15kHz Maximum Input Level Crosstalk ref. 1kHz Input Impedance active balanced Damping Factor 1kHz Slew Rate Signal to Noise Ratio, Amplifier A-weighted Output Stage Topology Power Requirements Power Consumption 1/8 maximum output power @ 4 Protection Cooling Ambient Temperature Limits Safety Class Dimensions (W x H x D), mm Weight Remote power On (CPS2. 11only) Optional: Rear-rackmount 15, 5" Rear-rackmount 18" 2-way Crossover, internal filtercard, 24dB, LR 2 1600W -2600W 2100W -4 1100W 900W 1400W 1300W 3200W 78V 10Hz . . . 60kHz 32, 0 dB +5. 8 dBu (1. 51 V rms) < 0. 05% < 0. 02% < 0. 05% +22dBu (9. 76 Vrms) < - 80dB 15Hz . . . [. . . ]


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