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Manual abstract: user guide ELECTRO-VOICE DC-ONE

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Edit < > > HPF PEQ GEQ Delay Electro-Voice DC-One M Program:V01 (FullEdit (2in. 6out)) Setup Store Recall X-Over PEQ Delay Level Mute Mute Mute Mute Mute Mute www. electrovoice. com > Owner's Manual www. electrovoice. com equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated , , dangerous voltage" within the product's enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons. The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the appliance. Do not install near heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus (including amplif ers) that produce heat. [. . . ] The yellow segment indicates that limiting is being applied to the output channel. It is important to understand how the meters work and what they are displaying. The Output Meters are displayed as "dB to Limiter Threshold". In other words, these meters will display the headroom between the output level and the limiter threshold. When viewed in conjunction with the Gain Reduction meters, this provides a complete display of level and headroom before and after limiting has been engaged to allow system levels to be optimized. This also means that the output metering will be displayed differently depending on the limiter threshold setting. The red segments indicates clipping of the D/A converters and should be avoided by adjusting the Output Level setting of the output channel. 20 Output Gain Reduction Meters Each output channel has a four-segment gain reduction meter that shows the effect of the output channel Limiter on output level; from 0dBu to -12dBu. Output limiting can be bypassed by entering Edit mode, selecting Output Channel Limiter and selecting a limiter threshold of +21 dBu (8. 205V) or turning the Bypass parameter to "On". Output Channel Mute Buttons Each output channel has a lighted Mute button. Press the Mute button again to restore the output channel's signal. Mute Mute Mute Mute Mute Mute Output Channel Function Indicators Each output channel has a four-segment function display for informational purposes only. For any given configuration possible with the DC-One, an output channel may be identified as a sub, low, low/mid, mid, mid/hi, hi or full range output. One or two adjacent LED's are displayed to indicate all possible output bandpasses. (Full range is indicated by no lit LED's. ) Preset Recall The DC-One preset memory Recall provides 60 factory program presets and can store up to 20 user presets. (F01-F60, U01 ­ U20) Factory presets have been designed to represent common system configurations utilizing Electro-Voice loudspeaker systems. User presets allow you to accommodate other system configurations and / or loudspeaker systems. The display switches to the Recall Preset screen and displays the next in a list of available presets in memory. Using the Value Up and Down buttons, select the preset to be recalled. If the preset you are recalling is based on a configuration different from that of the current preset, the display will prompt, "Changing config can damage speakers", to remind you that the new preset may not be appropriate for your system as it is currently connected. Owners Manual 21 Make sure that the new preset is appropriate for your system, and that connections to your system are correct for the current configuration. Failure to do so could cause unexpected results or damage to the system or its components. To exit the Recall process without loading a new preset, press the Edit, Setup or any of the DSP block buttons. DSP block buttons will display the corresponding DSP block edit screen. ) Preset Store Edited presets can be stored in one Store of 20 User Preset locations. Use the Value Up and Down buttons to select the user preset location you wish to designate as the destination. [. . . ] Note: In this Configuration, no channels or parameters are linked. Right B IN OUT Hi Mid Low Sub B A-B A B A-B A B A-B 6 OUT FR 6 Hi Mid 5 OUT Low Sub FR 5 FR 4 FR 3 FR 2 Hi Mid IN 4 OUT Low Sub A B Hi Mid Low Sub A+B A-B A B A-B A B 3 OUT Hi Mid 2 OUT Low Sub Left IN Hi Mid Low Sub A A-B A 1 FR 1 FR 5 CP2200 PRECISION SERIES FR 6 FR 3 CP2200 PRECISION SERIES FR 4 FR 1 CP2200 PRECISION SERIES FR 2 1 A B 2 DC - On e 3 Edit 4 < > HPF PEQ GEQ Delay Store Recall X-Over PEQ Delay Level 5 Mute Mute Mute 6 Mute Mute Mute El ec t r o- Voi c e P r o g r a m: U 0 1 R e v : Al pha 1 . 1 Setup L R 42 3 Way Stereo-Mono Sub+FR This 3-way configuration provides stereo crossover for Low-frequency and Highfrequency devices and a summed mono feed for subs as well as a Full-range output. OUT 1 is a mono Sub-frequency channel, OUT 2 & 5 are L/R Low-frequency channels, OUT 3 & 6 are L/R High-frequency channels and OUT 4 is the Full-range channel. Note: On Input channels, all Parametric EQ and Graphic EQ parameters are linked. [. . . ]


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