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[. . . ] The IRIS-Net solution gives you all the hardware and software pieces to accomplish both objectives. Open Architecture ­ Extensively Tested The IRIS-Net software platform has been extensively tested in a variety of venues. Even prior to its introduction the system hardware and software underwent extensive testing and scrutiny. The software interface and hardware component design were made with the user and designer in mind. The open architecture of the hardware and IRIS-Net user protocol allow for the seamless functioning of external devices within IRIS-Net and its hardware components. 2 3 The N8000 ­ A Comprehensive DSP Hardware Platform The EV NetMax N8000 is an extremely flexible audio control processor for a wide range of applications. [. . . ] Several examples of the power of a multi-processor NetMax system are shown in the following pages. Easy Interface To The Outside World The N8000 can be configured from the web, an Ethernet connection using IRIS-Net, an RS-232 interface or a common USB link. In addition, the N8000 can talk through its integrated CAN bus with any compatible IRIS-Net hardware such as the Electro-Voice RL/RT amplifier series. For even more flexibility the N8000 comes equipped with a GPIO network so it can control and be controlled through simple logic signals and contact closures. Beyond Audio Processing In addition to the sophisticated audio functions of the NetMax N8000, it is also equipped with diverse control functions. The clock /calendar scheduling system makes it possible to program one-time or recurring events. The schedule options are varied and can be set to occur annually, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly or even within smaller time intervals. With the event control, reactions to certain events or system states can be configured including changing entire system parameters at the touch of a button or schedule. Full System Monitoring Faults in the device or in the complete NetMax system are detected automatically and can be displayed on the PC screen or transmitted to external sites if necessary. Faults and other events are recorded in an internal log file with date and time. In addition, you can define which types of errors or events should be recorded. When used in conjunction with Electro-Voice RL series amplifiers, the NetMax system has the ability to monitor the amplifier, speaker line and speaker through a sophisticated impedance monitoring protocol. 4 5 Comprehensive Control IRIS-Net provides the system designer with a comprehensive and easy-to-use interface to control any aspect of the NetMax N8000 digital matrix or RL amplifier. From assigning macros, setting schedules, running system checks or setting up channel equalization it can all be done from this one interface. Visually Based Signal Routing The main design module gives a comprehensive view of the overall system design as it is being built. You can "drill down" in each element to control all functions in the unit. Comprehensive DSP control IRIS-Net provides a broad array of DSP tools that enable the designer to control nearly any aspect of the audio signal, filters, delays and EQ parameters, along with many other functions that are easily available and can be quickly configured. The N8000 Built In Browser Interface The N8000 comes equipped with a built in graphical control interface accessible though any web browser. Integration of these different types of sources can be a challenge for an installer, but NetMax offers a unique solution to these challenges. In addition to signal processing and distribution, the N8000 offers Ethernet, RS-232, contact closure inputs, contact closure outputs and VCA inputs to allow a high level of integration possibilities with new or existing AV equipment ranging from a relay-driven projector or lighting sources to existing multimedia control systems. Controller. A-to-D conversion is handled by high performance linear 24-bit converters. The MI-1 is a Microphone Input Module for the NetMax System Controller. The module provides a variety of microphone input functions and extended mixing features to greatly enhance the power of the N8000 in numerous applications. Multimedia Control Control PC Screen Lighting ` Evid 4. 2 AO-1 The AO-1 is an eight-channel analog output module for the NetMax System Controller. As with the other modules, the AO-1 offers eight high quality audio Laptop w. PowerPoint Front Speaker Evid 12. 1 signals via screw-lockable Euro block connectors. D-to-A conversion is handled by high performance linear 24-bit converters. Internally the signals are processed in 48-bit word length. Rear Speaker Presenter mics DI-1 / DO-1 8 channel AES/EBU digital input (DI-1) and output (DO-1) cards. CD/DVD Player CM-1 Center Speaker 5. 1 DTS Fri+ 122 For Speech Wireless Microphones The CM-1 is a CobraNet Extension Module for the NetMax System Controller. The module provides 32 input and 32 output FULLY LICENSED channels of CobraNet compatible audio signals for extending the system capability. DSP-1 The DSP-1 is a DSP Extension Module for the NetMax System Controller. Its 600 watts of compact power is perfect for mid level full range installs. P900 RL / RT Featuring 2 x 450 watts into 4 ohms and 2 x 650 watts into 2 ohms, the P900RL is ideal for HF drive in multi-way systems. [. . . ] 1 kHz Damping Factor 1 kHz Slew Rate Signal to Noise Ratio (A-weighted) Power Requirement 2 600W 4 400W 300W 8 240W 150W 8 4 CPS 2. 6 2 900W 4 600W 500W 8 350W 250W CPS 2. 8 2 1100W 4 800W 700W 8 500W 350W CPS 2. 11 2 1600W 4 1100 W 900W 8 600W 450W 280 W 450 W 650 W 230 W 350 W 450 W < 0. 05% <0. 08% > 105 dB 20 Hz - 20 kHz 600 W 850 W 850 W 1300 W 500 W 650 W 750 W 1200 W <0. 01% <0. 1% >100 dB +1. 15 dBu (0. 88 Vrms) < 0. 05 % < 0. 02 % +22 dBu (9. 76 Vrms) < -80 dB 15 Hz . . . 40 kHz (±1dB) > 300 35 V/µs 103. 5 dB +3. 2 dBu (1. 12 Vrms) +4. 7 dBu (1. 33 Vrms) +5. 8 dBu (1. 51 Vrms) 45 Hz - 20 kHz THD <= 1% (Input signal <= + 20 dBu) Hi-Temperature, DC, HF, Back EMF, Peak Current Limiter, Inrush Current Limiter, Power On Delay 3(4)-stage fan, front-to-rear cooling 1. 55 V (+6dBu), 20 kOhm, XLR Input 8. 7 V (+21 dBu) Network: CAN, 2 RJ45 (CAT-5 Cabling), RS-232 for media control systems 2 x 0V 5V free configurable, Easy-Remote Barrier Strip 5. 2" x 19" x 15. 4" (132. 5 x 483 x 390 mm) (3 RU) 35. 3 lbs (16 kg) 37. 5 lbs (17 kg) 66. 2 lbs (30 kg) 53 lbs (24 kg) 55. 1 lbs (25 kg) Neutrik® Speakon® NL4 Barrier Strip 105. 5 dB 107 dB 107 dB 240 V, 230 V, 220 V, 120 V or 100 V ; 50 . . . 60 Hz (factory configured) 30. 8 lbs (13. 5 kg) 33 lbs (15 kg) 35. 2 lbs(16 kg) 17. 96 lbs (8. 15 kg) Net Weight Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) 19" x 3. 5" x 15. 22" (483 mm x 88. 1 mm x 386. 8 mm) 19 Netmax N8000 Specifications GENERAL DESCRIPTION AND FEATURES N8000 System Controller Audio Networking Safety / Redundancy PC Configuration and Control Software Modular NetMax system manager including signal processing, routing, system control and supervision 32 Audio Channels 4 Audio Slots, modular 8-Channel Input and Output cards, analog or digital Module Slot for optional CobraNetTM Interface 32 I/O Audio and Control Internal Supervision, System Monitoring, Watchdog, Fault Output, Redundant Audio Network possible IRIS - Intelligent Remote & Integrated Supervision Integration of N8000, Remote Amplifiers, peripheral control Configuration, Control and Supervision for complete Audio System Freely programmable User Control Panels and Access Levels AUDIO SPECIFICATIONS Audio Inputs Input Connectors Input Level (nominal) Input Level (max. before clip) Input Impedance Common Mode Rejection A/D Conversion Audio Outputs Connectors Output Level (nominal) Output Level (max. [. . . ]


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