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[. . . ] These polar Description The Electro-Voice EVI-28 full-range loudspeaker is a 250-watt, two-way, high-efficiency system featuring a new small-format Vari Intense® horn and dual 210 mm (8-inch) direct radiators in a compact vented enclosure. The EVI-28 combines patented-Vari Intense ® technology with amplitude-, frequency- and delay-shading techniques in a fully passive system to a package that is an industry first in performance, size and cost-effectiveness. The EVI-28 is intended to be used as a stand-alone full-range system, but may also be used as the midbass/high-frequency component in most multi-way loudspeaker systems. The primary applications for the EVI-28 are in smaller rooms, rooms with lower ceilings than applicable for the EVI-12 and EVI-15, and as a complementary system for upper balconies and under-balcony areas. [. . . ] The standard aiming of the system when it is mounted above a flat floor is with the top of the enclosure parallel to the floor. In this orientation, the system will provide even SPL over a floorplan that is approximately twice as wide as the mounting height, and five times as long. Tilting the enclosure down by approximately 10- to 15-degrees relative to the slope of the floor will produce a floorplan twice as wide as the mounting height and approximately three times the depth. At the standard aiming, the 45-degree nearfield operational angle defines an approximate offset to the first useable row of one-half the height of the speaker system above the listening plane. In a typical installation, the top surface of the loudspeaker will point slightly above the head height of the furthest targeted seating or standing area. In an under-balcony situation, the sharp cutoff above the zero degree axis prevents early ceiling reflections from causing interference patterns in the listening area. Since the EVI-28 has a very smooth and rapid drop-off towards directly below the cabinet, you can actually stand right in front of the speaker (see Figure 10) without ear strain or microphone feedback. The remarkable absence of lobes to the rear allows the system to be mounted directly overhead to target a particular area without disturbing the audience below or behind the cabinet. For example, Figure 9 shows a typical under-balcony application that has a floor with an upward slope of 5 degrees. The speaker is mounted 10 feet above the seated head height, so the horizontal width is fixed at approximately 20 feet. The enclosure is tilted back by 5 degrees to provide a 50-foot throw, with the outskirts of the pattern filling in the rear aisle area with tonally accurate but reduced overall SPL. To use the EVI-28 to full capacity, skilled experts in sound-system installation and operation will obtain the best results if the power amplifier is 2. 0 to 4. 0 times the long-term average noise power rating of the speaker system. vent low-frequency signal below bandpass from going to the loudspeaker. When using and active crossover, a high-pass filter with a cut-off frequency of 35- to 50-Hz will provide the necessary protection. Such subpass band filters are found in many crossovers and equalizers manufactured by Electro-Voice, as well as other commercially available equipment. Enclosure Construction and Refinishing The enclosure is constructed from highgrade void-free 12-mm (0. 5-inch) 9-ply and 18-mm (0. 71-inch) thick 13-ply birch plywood and lined with sound-absorbent cotton batting. This high-strength enclosure is coated with an attractive textured black or white finish for a truly professional appearance. Systems with unfinished enclosures suitable for staining come with a black grille and may be ordered for a small additional charge. The included 3/8-16 hanging points ensure easy installation in nearly every application. The grille is constructed from a sturdy 16-gauge medium-gloss black or white powder-coated steel and may be painted or covered with cloth to match the enclosure. If the grille is painted, the acoustic foam insert should be removed during painting and reattached with a contact or spray adhesive on the grille, such as 3M Super 77. Take extreme care to replace the foam insert in its original position and prevent paint or adhesive from covering the foam, as it will obstruct the pores and degrade the performance of the system. [. . . ] It attaches to the 3/8" t-nut locations on each side of the enclosure, allowing the system to be hung individually or in an array. A set of mounting holes for an OmniMount 100 are included on each EVI-28MB bracket. Electro-Voice recommends a minimum safety factor of 8:1, or greater if local codes or regulations exceed this amount. The EVI-28MB brackets exceed this safety factor when installed in compliance with Electro-Voice recommendations. [. . . ]


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