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[. . . ] 5mW or 50mW transmit power on every transmitter REV-Link PC software monitoring and control of the receivers Advanced ClearScanTM scans for the clearest channel and group of channels. The RE-V Wireless Microphone system combines frequency agility and ease of use like no other. [. . . ] The high quality audio circuitry and advanced Radio Frequency (RF) signal processing offer broadcast quality signal-tonoise and audio clarity. By combining four different frequency bands up to 44 simultaneous systems can work together on one stage. Advanced ClearscanTM scans all available channels and displays a sorted list of the best coordinated groups of channels. The scanning continues and sorts for the clearest channels in the coordinated group giving the user the best possible channel for their location. The REV-D features antenna pass through that allows 6 channels of receive to be connected to two antennas with just the cables that come with the units. Both units have parallel RJ45 jacks that allow the connection of CAN bus monitoring and control with a PC through the UCC-1 USB to CAN converter. REV-Dual and REV-Single Receiver Specifications Controls Front Panel: Indicators: LCD Backlit Display On/Off, Menu, Set, Up, Down Buttons 1/4 in. Headset Jack with Selector and Volume Group, Channel, Diversity, Label, Set-up Transmitter Battery Level, Audio Signal Amplitude and RF Signal Strength, Squelch, Audio output levels, and instrument mode 1/4 in. unbalanced adjustable line level output XLR balanced adjustable line level output CAN Bus in and out port TNC Detachable 1/2 wave C1 Band 614 ­ 638 MHz (TV Channels 37-41) C2 Band 650 ­ 674 MHz (TV Channels 44-47) C3 Band 674 ­ 698 MHz (TV Channels 48-51) C5 Band 722 ­ 746 MHz (TV Channels 56-59) 950 possible (programmable in 25kHz steps) DSP PosiPhase True Diversity Tone Code plus Adjustable Amplitude <0. 8uV for 12 dB SINAD Approved under Part 15 100 ­ 15 kHz +/- 2 dB Microphone 30 ­ 15 kHz +/- 2 dB Instrument 10mV ­ 1V RMS Adjustable 8 mV to 0. 755V RMS (100k ohm load) Less that 0. 5% (@ 1kHz, 40 kHz deviation) > 110 dB (A) >100 dB TNC TNC 12Vdc, 15mA Universal Cord, 90­240 VAC, 50­60 Hz RJ45 Jacks, REV-Link Software 1. 72 in. [. . . ] D 43. 7 mm H x 406. 4 mm W x 304. 8 mm D Connectors Back Panel: Antennas: RF Specifications Frequency Range: Number of Channels: Diversity: Squelch: RF Sensitivity: FCC Type Acceptance: Audio Specifications Frequency Response: Audio Output Level: Balanced Output Adjustable Unbalanced Output Adjustable Distortion: Signal to Noise Ratio: Dynamic Range: Other REV-D Antenna Output: Powered Antenna Inputs: Internal Switching Power Supply: CAN Bus Monitoring & Control: Size: REV-PH Presentation Handheld Transmitter Controls: Displays: Battery Life: Antenna: Microphone Elements: REV-BP Transmitter Controls: Indicators: Power On/Off, Set, Up, Down Red LED Low Battery Indicator, Back lit LCD display showing: Battery Level, Channel/Group, or Frequency 8 hours with 9V alkaline typical External 1/4 wave detachable TA4F input for microphone Pin 1 ground, Pin 2 Mic input Pin 3 +5V Bias, Pin 4 +5V through 3k ohm 5 mW or 50mW typical Cast Magnesium 3. 75 in. [. . . ]


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