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[. . . ] POWER AMPLIFIER DPA 4120 / DPA 4140 OWNER'S MANUAL DPA 4140 40 0 WATT S POWER AMPL IF IER CLIP 0dB - 13dB READY GR OUND FAULT T EST STANDBY PR ECT OT Performance Features Power amplifier with 200 W or 400 W output power according to the IEC 283-3 standard within a 19" - cabinet (3 HU) providing the following functions: · · · · supported are 115/230V AC mains as well as 24V DC emergency power source power amplifiers DPA 4120 providing 200 W or DPA 4140 providing 400 W output power, idling and short-circuit protection output transformer for balanced, floating 100 V speaker networks of optionally 70 V, 50 V or 4 ohms for low-impedance operation optional input modules: standard operation INPUT MODULE with level control, electronically balanced input and MONITOR output with optional transformer or REMOTE MODULE for controlling and monitoring the PROMATRIX system, electronic level controls, electronically balanced input and MONITOR output with optional transformer integrated stand-by power supply mains POWER ON/OFF switch ground lift switch remotely controllable mains and battery operation with initial current inrush limiter power-on switching noise suppression status-LED indicators for operation (READY), STANDBY, thermal overload (PROTECT) and occurrence of GROUND FAULT conditions at the power output fault message according to the IEC 849 standard TEST button to switch between system and average operation, respectively a RESET button to restart after the occurrence of ground fault conditions LED level meter instrument with a display range of -13 dB to 0 dB and CLIP integrated relays for single call and obligatory reception active, temperature controlled ventilation pilot tone and ground fault surveillance module according to the DIN/VDE 0800 standard (optional) 23 · · · · · · · · · · · · 24 Indicators, controls and connections 12 DPA 4140 4 0 0 WATT S PO WE R AM P L IFI ER CL IP 0dB -1 3 d B R EAD Y G RO UN D FAUL T TES T 3 4 5 STAN DBY PR OTE CT 8 76 A 9 A 10 11 T4A FOR 230V T8A FOR 115V 12 A NOUSER SER EABLE PARTS IN E. REFERSERVIC VIC SID ING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL. 13 B P OWER VOLT AGE SELECTOR 115V 230V DPA 4140 121629 INPUT 14 15 AC MAI NS I NPUT 115V / 230V AC 50-60 Hz MADE IN GER MAN Y CAU TION FOR CONTINUED PROTECTION AGAINST RISK OF FIRE : REPLACE WITH SAME TYPE AN VALU FUSE INDIC ED. D E AT ATTENTION: REMPLACER PAR UN FUSIBLE DE MEME TYPE COMME INDIQ UE. B A 3 2 1 456 7 8 9 THRU C AUTION RISK OF ELECTRICSH OCK DO NO OPEN T ADDRESS OUT PUT VO LTAG E 0 10 WARNING: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE ORELECTRIC SHOCK, DO N EXPOSE THIS APPLIANCE TO RAINOR MOISTUR OT E. LEVEL REMOTE CONTROL POWER OUTPUT AVIS: RISQUE DE CHOCELECTRIQUE. [. . . ] Caution It is possible that during operation shock-hazard output voltages can be present at the POWER OUTPUT connector (>34V peak value). Thus, the connected loudspeaker groups have to be installed in accordance to applicable security standards and regulations (see also paragraph 8. 5. 2). 5. 3 SINGLE CALL and obligatory reception relays OVERRIDE BYPASS Combined with the PROMATRIX manager DPM 4000 or other external controls it is also possible to transmit single or collective calls with obligatory reception; i. bridging of possibly existing volume controls of the loudspeaker systems. For details on how to connect the outputs, please refer to figure 3; for the connection of relays, please refer to paragraph 5. 6 respectively the PROMATRIX handbook. 5. 4 POWER OUTPUT for low impedance loudspeaker systems Switching the output to 4 ohms allows the connection of low impedance loudspeaker systems (4-16 ohms) (see also paragraph 7 and figure 3). Because of the occurring line attenuation, the distance between amplifier and loudspeaker system should not exceed 50m. Please make sure that the overall loudspeaker impedance does not decline a value of 4 ohms and that the stated power handling capacity of a single speaker system is not exceeded. 5. 5 MONITOR output The MONITOR output (16) on the NRS 90225 allows the connection of an additional power amplifier for monitoring purposes. The low impedance output is electronically balanced, which offers the possibility to achieve cable lengths of up to 200 m. Connection is performed via the REMOTE CONTROL pin-connector strip (see also figure 4). For the remote control module NRS 90222, the MONITOR output is located on the REMOTE CONTROL connector (22). The PROMATRIX manager DPM 4000 switches the signal to the according the monitor channel. In case a floating output is required, the monitor output is prepared for retrofitting an output transformer; provided through the optional extension NRS 90227 (please also refer to paragraph 8. 4). Note: Functioning changes in the models DPA 4120 (starting with serial numbers: 100 11) and DPA 4140 (starting with serial numbers: 100 11) in association with the input module NRS 90225: To achieve reliable attenuation of switching noise (knacks), the monitor output stays muted as long as the READY-relay is not pulled. Because of circuit design reasons this causes that the monitor output is also muted even when a ground-fault appears at the main output. 5. 6 REMOTE CONTROL connector (only NRS 90225) The 15-pole sub-D REMOTE CONTROL pin-connector strip (16) provides several different control in-/outputs: - Ground of the stand-by power supply - POWER REMOTE - BATTERY REMOTE - MONITOR output - READY-message - Obligatory reception relay D-RELAY - Single call E-RELAY STANDBY GROUND POWER REMOTE BATTERY REMOTE D - RELAY E - RELAY READY + MONITOR - MONITOR figure 4 connections on the REMOTE CONTROL pin-connector strip 6. Indicators 30 - negative pole grounded - via contact to ground potential - via contact to ground potential - electronically balanced - with floating contact - via contact to ground potential - via contact to ground potential 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 15 9 10 REMOTE CONTROL 6. 1 STANDBY indicator When the appliance is correctly connected and mains and/or battery power is present, the green STANDBY indicator (4) will light. 6. 2 READY indicator Both amplifiers, the DPA 4120 and the DPA 4140, employ power-on switching delays of approximately 3 sec. After this time, the green READY indicator (7) lights and the READY fault message relay picks up when no error is being detected. When the power amplifier's mains transformer exceeds a certain value or, when ­ with installed NRS 90224 extension ­ the pilot tone falls below the threshold (see also paragraph 8. 5. 1), the green READY indicator (7) is not lit and the READY fault message relay drops. 6. 3 PROTECT indicator When thermal overload of the mains transformer or the power amplification stage is encountered, the red PROTECT indicator (5) will light and the READY fault message relay drops. After the amplifier regained normal temperature, the red PROTECT indicator (5) is automatically dimmed and the appliance returns to normal operation. High temperature can be caused by overload, extreme ambient temperatures or faulty functioning of the system's ventilation. 6. 4 GROUND FAULT indicator If, with the NRS 90224 extension installed, a ground fault is being detected at the power output, the red GROUND FAULT indicator (6) will light and the READY fault message relay will drop. [. . . ] The space between the rear panel of the amplifier and the inner wall of the rack-case has to be at least 60 mm x 330 mm. A free space of at least 100 mm above the rack-shelf system is needed to provide sufficient air circulation. Since it is possible that during operation the temperature inside the rack system increases by 10° C, the maximum allowable ambient temperatures of the rest of the incorporated modules and appliances within a specific rack-shelf or rack-case have to be taken into careful consideration. Note To ensure trouble-free operation of the appliance, the maximum permissible ambient temperature of +40°C is not to be exceeded. 10. [. . . ]


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