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[. . . ] Owner's Manual DTI 2000 DIGITAL TELEPHONE INTERFACE DTI 2000 Manual e EDITED. doc 1 Contents *** Inhaltsverzeichnis Introduction This owner's manual covers the installation, programming, and operation of DYNACORD's DTI 2000 Digital Telephone Interface. Since operating and programming the DTI 2000 is similar to the operation and programming of a paging console, the DPM 4000 System handbook, the DPC 4000 paging console owner's manual, and the Help Files of the PC Designer software may also be useful information sources. Characteristics The DTI 2000 is a micro processor-controlled, completely configurable telephone interface for DYNACORD PA-systems and sound reinforcement systems. The DTI 2000 is used for connecting the DPM 4000 System Manager to a telephone line or network to launch announcements from each telephone set over the loudspeaker network and to trigger signals, pre-recorded text messages and control functions (macros) of the DPM 4000 System Manager using a telephone set. The DTI 2000 needs to be connected to an analogue phone line and is controlled via tone-dial (multifrequency dialling). [. . . ] Turn the plug's safety lock clockwise to establish a securely locked connection. 0 (00) = Zone 100 No meaning in the DTI 2000 Talk in actual selection with priority 2 No meaning in the DTI 2000 The DTI 2000 decodes all DTMF dial tones as well as signal tones for the recognition of incoming phone calls, pressed keys and determination whether a connection has been dropped or if the calling party hung up. Each one or two-digit number between 0 (00) and 99 represents an individual function, which is assigned in a calling numbers table (either in the Default Configuration or via user configuration). as separator, for clearing faulty entries (Clear), as talk button, or to drop a connection. Telephone call to the DTI 2000 Simply dial the number of the telephone line to which the DTI 2000 is connected. You are presented either with a ring signal when the line is not busy, or otherwise with a busy signal when the line is already busy. After the specified ring count (refer to DIP-switch S202) the DTI 2000 DTI 2000 Manual e EDITED. doc 9 accepts the call and establishes a connection. First, you will hear a short noise (DTI 2000 line test) followed by different tone signals, which indicate that the DTI 2000 expects further entries. Password Entry The DTI 2000 answers an incoming phone call with different tone signals, depending on its actual status. When not password-protected, a single tone signal indicates that the DTI 2000 is ready to accept a function command (via entering a one or two-digit function number). If protected b a password, the appliance answers incoming calls with a two-tone signal. To enter access level 1 you have to enter a three-digit password, for entering access level 2 a four-digit password is needed. While level 1 only provides access to zone and group selection plus launching announcements via the * key, level 2 allows accessing all functions (announcements, text message playback, macros, stop, etc. ). After entering the correct password, the DTI 2000 acknowledges a request with a single tone signal. The DTI 2000 sends a two-tone signal when entering the wrong password. After entering the incorrect password three times in a row the DTI 2000 drops the connection. Zone / Group Selection and Announcements Once the DTI 2000 is ready to accept a command (indicated by a single tone signal) and access level 1 (or 2) has been activated, selecting a single or several zones, groups or the ALL-group and then making an announcement in the selected areas is possible. Selecting a single zone, group or ALL is possible through entering the one or two-digit code that represents the according selection function in the call number table. Selecting further zones / groups is possible by using the hash mark key (#) as a separator before entering the next number, and so on. The DTI 2000 indicates with a single tone signal that a selection has been made and that you can start making your announcement. A "Low Busy" signal (two-tone sequence ­ tones with different key) indicates that one or several low priority zones are busy. It is your decision whether you want to wait (enter #), or to interrupt the current announcement (enter * once again). [. . . ] Text: This function starts text message playback in permanently pre-selected zones or groups or in the actual zone selection. Talk: This function starts an announcement in selected zones or groups. It also provides the possibility to initiate a collective call in all zones. A permanently assigned zone or group as well as the actual zone selection can be defined as a target. [. . . ]


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