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[. . . ] EVF-1151S Single 15" Front Loaded Bass Element Key Features: · · · · EVS15SB 15" (381mm) LF Transducer 103 dB Sensitivity, 135 dB Maximum SPL System Rating: 400W Continuous, (1600W Peak) (22) M10 Threaded Suspension Points General Description: The Electro-Voice® EVF-1151S is a high power, front-loaded bass element that can be used in a variety of applications where high quality sound reinforcement is required in a lightweight package. [. . . ] The innovative input panel provides choice of phoenix style connector (included in all standard models) or the ability to add; a dual NL4 type connector cover plate or gland nut cover plate (for weatherizing applications). An available 70. 7/100 Volt transformer kit simply mounts to the input panel for use in distributed systems. All these features give you the flexibility to do a large range of venues with fewer items in inventory and quickly support your customer's requirements. Technical Specifications: Freq. Calculated SPL1: Horizontal Coverage: Vertical Coverage: Power Handling: LF Transducer: Nominal Impedance: Connectors: 67 Hz - 95 Hz 46 Hz - 124 Hz 35 Hz 103 dB (1W/1m) 135 dB Omnidirectional Omnidirectional 400W Continuous, 1600W Peak EVS15SB, 15 in (381mm) Driver 4 Ohms (Passive), 8 Ohms (Biamp) (2) 4 Contact 10 PI Version AWG Phoenix/ Gland Nut with EuroBlock Style Included Input Screw Terminal Panel Cover 13 Ply Weather Resistant Birch 16 GA GalvaPI Version nneal, PowderStainless Steel coat, with Rotatwith Hydrophobic able Logo Cloth (22) M10 Threaded Points 30. 26" x 18. 50" x 18. 37" (768. 6mm x 469. 8mm x 466. 6mm) 62. 6 lb (28. 4 kg) 72. 9 lb (33. 1 kg) Enclosure Material: Grille: This EVF Loudspeaker should be suspended overhead only in accordance with the procedures and limitations specified in the EVF User Manual and possible manual update notices. This system should be suspended with certified rigging hardware by an authorized rigging professional and in compliance with local, state, and federal overhead suspension ordinances. CAUTION Suspension: Dimensions (H x W x D): Net Weight: Shipping Weight: 1 Half Space Measurement. Dimension Drawings: End View Front View Side View Rear View Frequency Response: 110 Impedance: 110 Passive Mode, Half Space Biamp Mode, Half Space Impedance, Passive Impedance, Biamp 100 100 100 90 90 10 80 80 3. 25 70 20 50 100 800 70 20 50 100 1 800 Frequency (Hz) Frequency (Hz) Performance Match · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · PRD000199 PRD000200 PRD000201 PRD000202 PRD000203 PRD000204 PRD000205 PRD000206 PRD000207 PRD000208 PRD000209 PRD000210 PRD000211 PRD000213 PRD000214 PRD000215 PRD000216 PRD000217 PRD000218 F. 01U. 076. 843 F. 01U. 076. 844 D170469 D170466 EVF-1122S/64, 60° x 40° Coverage EVF-1122S/66, 60° x 60° Coverage EVF-1122S/94, 90° x 40° Coverage EVF-1122S/96, 90° x 60° Coverage EVF-1122S/99, 90° x 90° Coverage EVF-1122S/126, 120° x 60° Coverage EVF-1152S/43, 40° x 30° Coverage EVF-1152S/64, 60° x 40° Coverage EVF-1152S/66, 60° x 60° Coverage EVF-1152S/94, 90° x 40° Coverage EVF-1152S/96, 90° x 60° Coverage EVF-1152S/99, 90° x 90° Coverage EVF-1121S, 12" Bass Element EVF-1181S, 18" Bass Element EVH-1152S/64, Coaxial 60° x 40° Coverage EVH-1152S/66, Coaxial 60° x 60° Coverage EVH-1152S/94, Coaxial 90° x 40° Coverage EVH-1152S/96, Coaxial 90° x 60° Coverage EVH-1152S/99, Coaxial 90° x 90° Coverage CPS2. 9, 120V Power Amplifier, 2 x 900W CPS2. 12, 120V Power Amplifier, 2 x 1200W CPS4. 5, 120V Power Amplifier, 4 x 500W CPS4. 10, 120V Power Amplifier, 4 x 1000W EVF-1151S Part Numbers · · · · · PRD000212-001 PRD000212-002 PRD000212-003 PRD000212-004 PRD000212-005 · PRD000212-006 EVF-1151S-BLK, Black Finish EVF-1151S-WHT, White Finish EVF-1151S-PIB, Black, Weather Resistant EVF-1151S-PIW, White, Weather Resistant EVF-1151S-FGB, Black, Weather Resistant Fiberglass EVF-1151S-FGW, White, Weather Resistant Fiberglass Accessories · · · · · · · · · · · · ACC000084-000 ACC000085-000 ACC000086-000 ACC000087-000 ACC000089-001 ACC000089-002 ACC000090-001 ACC000090-002 ACC000092-001 ACC000092-002 ACC000093-001 ACC000093-002 CDNL4, Cover Plate, Dual NL4 CSG, Cover Plate, Single Gland Nut CDG, Cover Plate, Dual Gland Nut TK-150, 70V Transformer, 150W HRK-1B, Horiz. Rigging Kit, EVF-SUB, White Electro-Voice® 12000 Portland Avenue South, Burnsville, MN 55337 Phone: 952/884-4051, Fax: 952/884-0043 www. electrovoice. com © Bosch Communications Systems Part Number LIT000344000 Rev 2 03/2009 U. S. A. [. . . ] For customer orders, Contact Customer Service at: + 1 952 884-4051 Fax: + 1 952 887-9212 For warranty repair or service information, contact the Service Repair department at: 800/685-2606 For technical assistance, contact Technical Support at: 866/78AUDIO Specifications subject to change without notice. Impedance (Ohms) Sensitivity (dB) Sensitivity (dB) [. . . ]


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