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[. . . ] EV1501 woofer uses a 2. 5-inch diameter, low-mass, edge-wound aluminum voice coil. · New PTPTM Power Tracking Protection circuit continuously monitors input signals and instantly prevents dangerously high current from damaging the HF driver. · Built-in metal stand mount and high-impact corner guards. ® ® ® Your music deserves awesome sound F i from Electro-Voice delivers. [. . . ] · Two projection angles - 50° and 65° -- depending on orientation of enclosure gives you extra placement flexibility. · Lightweight -- only 28 pounds (12. 7 kg) -- and easy to carry. Metal stand mounts built into all Force i speakers help you assemble an awesome-sounding system in a small footprint. You don't need an equipment dolly to move the Force i sub--the wheels and removable collapsing handle are built-in. l performances start right here. CD Horns: Electro-Voice invented Constant-Directivity (CD) horns and ours provide better sound quality and coverage than any other type. Our CD horns don't collapse their coverage at high frequencies like others do. You get full range response everywhere in the coverage pattern, even at the back of the room. Enclosure Construction: Patented Electro-Voice RoadWoodTM enclosures are twice as strong as particleboard and 50% stronger than medium-density fiberboard (MDF)--the materials used in other speakers in the Force i price range. And all Force i enclosures are wrapped with abuse-resistant black industrial grade covering. Enclosure Hardware: Force i handles are kind to your hands and fingers, and make the speakers easy to lift. Rugged corner protectors on every enclosure protect against dings and drops. All speaker components are protected from damage by 18-gauge steel grilles. Eliminator ® i Amplifier: Force i two-way and subwoofer systems powered together by the Eliminator i amplifier with LPN produce 5 dB more bass output than if the system was biamped. So instead of buying two amps and an electronic crossover, you'll save money and sound better using a single Eliminator i amp. The LPN processor also provides subsonic protection to prevent over-driving the woofer. Powerful performances start right here 2. Barrier PortTM helps Force i deliver better bass by eliminating out-ofForce i Loudspeakers Force i Loudspeakers Force i Loudspeakers Force i Loudspeakers Force i phase reflections Loudspeakers Force from inside the enclosure. Stereo Power Amplifier No other amp on the market -- regardless of power rating or price -- will make your Force i system sound as good as the Eliminator i amp does. Here's why: EV's built-in LPN processor is specially tuned to enhance the bass response and dynamics of the Force i speakers. The Eliminator i amp can put out more than 1, 000-watt peaks per channel of pure headroom power to really make your music come alive. [. . . ] right SUB ® ® FORCE® i MONITOR 85 Hz­17 kHz 150 watts 300 watts 450 watts 125 dB 55° x 80° 97 dB 8 ohms 21. 5 x 14. 2 x 9. 7 546 x 361 x 246 28 lbs (12. 7 kg) music deserves awesome sound F i from Electro-Voice® delivers. orce ELIMINATOR i Put them together, STEREO POWER AMPLIFIER downbeat, hit the and hear your audience erupt. ® FREQUENCY RESPONSE POWER HANDLING CONTINUOUS PROGRAM SHORT-TERM MAX. OUTPUT CAPABILITY DISPERSION SENSITIVITY IMPEDANCE ® DIMENSIONS INCHES MILLIMETERS NET WEIGHT 50 Hz­20 kHz 250 watts 500 watts 1, 000 watts 130 dB 80° x 55° 100 dB 8 ohms 36­210 Hz 350 watts 700 watts 1, 400 watts 131 dB Omnidirectional 100 dB 8 ohms 25. 5 x 20. 4 x 23. 75 648 x 518 x 597 69 lbs (31. 3 kg) 25. 5 x 18. 25 x 15. 2 648 x 465 x 386 46 lbs (20. 9 kg) MAXIMUM BRIDGED OUTPUT 8 OHMS 4 OHMS CONTINUOUS RATED POWER DUAL 4 OHM DUAL 2 OHM HEADROOM DISTORTION @ RATED POWER WEIGHT 1, 200 watts 1, 700 watts 600 watts per channel 850 watts per channel >30 % in any mode <0. 03% 35. 2 lb (16 kg) Give your music the powerFeatures: Built-in dynamic enhancement with infrasonic it deserves. [. . . ]


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