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[. . . ] The DH2T compression driver provides smooth extended response to 20 kHz and features a titanium diaphragm and a unique convex-drive Time PathTM phasing plug structure (U. S Patent #4, 525, 604). The optimally vented bass section of the FRX-122 is designed using Theile-Small parameters for efficient performance to below 75 Hz and utilizes a 300-watt DL12SX 12-inch woofer to provide high excursion with low coloration. The FRX-122 is provided with a passive crossover which features 12 dB / octave slopes centered at 1. 8 kHz and EV's self-resetting PROTM circuit to guard the compression driver against damage. [. . . ] The system shall be configurable in a Bi-Amp mode through internal switches in the crossover network. The loudspeaker shall meet the following performance criteria; Power handling, 300 watts, based upon ANSI/EIA RS-426-A 1980 standard for full-range loudspeaker systems; Frequency response smooth and usable at high SPL levels from 75 Hz to 20 kHz; Pressure sensitivity, 99 dB SPL for 1W at 1M; Impedance, 8 ohms nominal, 6 ohms minimum. The system shall have a distribution pattern with 110° nominal horizontally from 3 kHz to 20 kHz and 60° nominal vertically from 3 kHz to 20 kHz with asymmetrical coverage in the vertical plane. The enclosure shall be constructed from baltic birch plywood and braced appropriately, and the grille will be constructed from MDF and cloth covered. The dimensions shall be 58. 4 cm (23. 0-in) high by 45. 1 cm (17. 8-in) wide by 22. 9 cm (9. 0-in) deep. The system shall be the Electro-Voice FRX-122-BL (Black texturlac paint with black cloth grille), FRX-122-WH (White texturlac paint with natural cloth grille) or the FRX-122-UN (Unfinished ready for staining with natural cloth grille). Power-Handling Test Electro-Voice components and systems are manufactured to exacting standards, ensuring they will hold up, not only through the most rigorous of power tests, but also through continued use in arduous, real-life conditions. The EIA Loudspeaker Power Rating Full Range (EIA RS-426-A 1980) uses a noise spectrum which mimics typical music and tests the thermal and mechanical capabilities of the components. Electro-Voice will support relevant additional standards as they become available. Extreme, in-house power tests, which push the performance boundaries of the system, are also performed and passed to ensure years of trouble-free service. Specifically, the FRX-122 passes EIA RS-426-A 1980 with the following values: RSR = 6. 0 (1. 15 x RE) ohms P E(MAX) = 300 watts Test voltage = 42. 4 volts rms, 84. 8 volts peak The "peak" power-handling capacity of a woofer is determined by the peak test voltage amount. For the FRX-122 an 84. 8-volt peak test voltage translates into a 1, 200-watt shortterm-peak power-handling capacity. This is the equivalent of four times the "average" powerhandling capacity, and is a peak that can be sustained for only a few milliseconds. However, this sort of short duration peak is very typical in speech and music. Provided the amplifier can reproduce the signal accurately, without clipping, the system will also perform accurately and reliably, even at these levels. [. . . ] For technical assistance, contact Technical Support at 800/234-6831 or 616/695-6831, M-F, 8:00 a. m. Specifications subject to change without notice. due to defects in materials or workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of original purchase. The Limited Warranty does not apply to burned voice coils or malfunctions such as cone and/or coil damage resulting from improperly designed enclosures. [. . . ]


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