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[. . . ] Central processing ­ The N8000 and IRIS-Net gives you both! Now you don't have to make the choice as to where your processing power resides. IRIS-Net enables you to process all or part of the audio signal in a central component like the NetMax N8000 or to conduct the processing and supervision remotely at the amplifier. This gives the system designer incredible flexibility in designing the system. You can now design the system for the ultimate in reliability or design for efficiency and value. [. . . ] For example, several functions combined into a single scene preset and can be changed manually or automatically at any time. 6 7 Concert Hall Theaters and performance venues present unique signal processing challenges. The many types of loudspeakers and locations can require a very high number of DSP channels for signal processing. NetMax allows the flexibility to address the DSP needs for each loudspeaker type and position. IRISNet can be configured with multiple GUI layers that can be password protected to only allow access to specific areas of the DSP chain. This allows guest engineers to adjust the PA system to suit their needs without having access to critical DSP processing like crossovers or limiters. XL C 12 7 + X LC 1 27+ ` House of Worship In this example, audio signal from the main Front of House mixer is routed and processed separately by the NetMax N8000 for main loudspeakers, stage monitors, under balconies and distributed lobby speakers as well as assistive listening devices. The N8000 allows for storage and recall of different routing, level and EQ settings for a variety of events via the control PC. CPS 2. 11 QRx 112 Mains C PS 2 . 1 1 XSub XSub ` Q Rx 118 S ubs CPS Amplifiers CPS 2. 8 XW12 M on it o r s Mon L/ R Xi 1082 Under Balconies Sx 250 C PS 2. 8 Xi 1 0 8 2 Front Fills F O H Mix er Audio Ethernet S T - 300 Assistive Listening Audio Ethernet XW15 Mo n itor s 8 9 ` C asino Zone 1 Satellite Radio Satellite TV C asino Zone 2 C asino Zone 3 C asino Zone 4 P1200RT Amplifiers Digital Message Recorder Evid C4. 2 Fire Alarm Relay Theater C asino Zone 5 Xi2153A Loudspeakers C asino Zone 6 Mixer C asino Zone 7 C asino Zone 8 Xsubs P1200RT Amplifiers Evid C4. 2 ` UCC-1 Casino Zone 9 Casino Zone 10 Xw15 Monitors Casino Zone 11 Casino Zone12 P3000RL Amplifiers P1200RT Amplifiers Evid C4. 2 Ballroom 1 Ballroom 2 Hotel / Casino In casinos and similar venues, routing flexibility, supervision and reliability are key aspects of a sound system. NetMax allows a variety of signals to be routed to any combination of zones within the casino via CobraNet, each with individual DSP. Using managed switches allows the CobraNet and Ethernet to be configured in a ring topology for additional redundancy. A contact closure from the fire alarm panel allows muting of all sound system loudspeakers in the event of an emergency. Using NetMax in conjunction with the Precision Series Remote Control amplifiers allows real-time monitoring of all system components, including electronics, cable and loudspeakers remotely from a single control PC. In the theater, another PC is connected via a UCC-1 to allow control, monitoring and supervision of the theater's PA system in parallel with the main control PC. Ethernet P1200RL Amplifiers P1200RL Amplifiers Zx 1 Loudspeakers Zx 1 Loudspeakers CobraNet Audio CAN Bus GPI Twisted Pair USB 10 Managed Switch With Ring Capability 11 Hall 1 Evid C4. 2 Hall 2 Evid C4. 2 P1200RT P1200RT Evid C4. 2 Zone 1 Room 1 Laptop w. PowerPoint Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Room 2 Switch Panel ZX1 CDR1000 Wireless Mics CDR1000 Wireless Mics P1200RL P1200RL ` Room 3 Laptop w. PowerPoint Room 4 Switch Panel ZX1 Convention Center Convention centers have needs for highly reliable distributed sound systems as well as flexibility for redistributing audio for needs that may change on a daily basis. NetMax allows large scale distribution and monitoring of audio signals via CobraNet to any or all zones, as well as the ability to unite or separate audio paths for room combining scenarios at the touch of a button. Use of the Precision Series Remote Control Amplifiers allow monitoring and control of all audio components in the venue from a single remote location. CDR1000 Wireless Mics CAN Bus GPI Twisted Pair Ethernet Audio CobraNet CDR1000 Wireless Mics CPS 2. 4 Amplifier P1200RL 12 13 DPC Paging Console DPM 4000 BGM Source ` Control PC P1200RT P3000RL P3000RL Concourse 1 Stadium Zone 1 Evid 6. 2 MH6040 Stadium Zone 2 MH6040 Stadium / Arena Stadiums have the need for multi-zone sound reinforcement, individual announcements with different priorities and multiple music and advertising signals, all while maintaining high safety and redundancy standards. NetMax is able to integrate with Dynacord ProAnnounceTM systems to provide all messaging and paging needs for the PA system. Redundancy is achieved using managed switches with ring capabilities to distribute both primary and secondary CobraNet audio and control data. This results in multiple layers of redundancy in the event of a failure. Switch w. [. . . ] Load Impedance D/A Conversion Frequency Response Signal to Noise Ratio (A-weighted) THD+N Signal Delay Crosstalk 8 analog audio inputs per module, line level, electronically symmetric 8 x 3-pole Euro block connectors +6 dBu / 1. 55 V +21 dBu / 8. 7 V 20 k > 70 dB 24 Bit, Sigma-Delta, 128 times over sampling 8 analog audio outputs per module, line level, electronically symmetric 8 x 3-pole Euro block connectors +6 dBu / 1. 55 V +21 dBu / 8. 7 V 100 600 24 Bit, Sigma-Delta, 128 times over sampling 20 Hz. . . 20 kHz (-0. 5 dB) AI-1: 117 dB typical AO-1: 118 dB typical N8000 analog In to analog Out: 114 dB typical < 0. 005 % AI-1: 1. 3958 ms AO-1: 0. 646 ms N8000 analog In to analog Out: 2. 2917 ms < 110 dB @ 1 kHz SIGNAL PROCESSING Sample Rate Data Format Signal Processing 48 kHz internal, 32 kHz - 192 kHz external 24 Bit linear A/D and D/A conversion, 48 Bit processing 2 DSPs Standard (150 MHz, 300 MIPS) 1 DSP per Audio Module (100 MHz, 100 MIPS) DSP-1 Extension Module optional (+300 MIPS) INTERFACES Ethernet CAN RS-232 USB GPIO Control Port 10 / 100 MBit/s, RJ-45 (PC Control) 20. . . 500 kbaud, r x RJ-45 (Remote Amp Control) 2 Ports, 9pin DSUB male (Remote Control) USB Type B on Front Panel (PC Control) 2 x 6-pole Euro block 4 Control Inputs (analog 0 - 10 V / logic control) 3 Control Outputs (Relay contact to ground) 1 Fault Output (NC Relay contact) 3 Reference Outputs (+5 V / +10 V/ GND) N8000 GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Power Supply Power Consumption Cooling Operating Temperature Range Dimensions (W x H x D) 100 - 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz 90 W max. 2 x AI-1, 2 x AO-1, 1 x CM-1 modules) Left-to-right, 3-stage fan 32°F ­ 104°F (0 °C ­ 40 °C) 19" x 3. 5" x 15" (483 x 88. 1 x 381 mm) 2 RU MODULES / OPTIONS AI-1 Analog Input Module AO-1 Analog Output Module CM-1 CobraNetTM Module DSP-1 DSP Extension Module MI-1 Microphone Input Module 8 analog audio inputs, line level, electronically symmetric 8 analog audio outputs, line level, electronically symmetric 32 digital audio inputs and outputs, 2 CobraNetTM ports (Primary/Secondary) for network redundancy Internal DSP processing power and Delay-RAM extension, 300 MIPS, 256k x 24 SRAM 8 microphone inputs, programmable Gain and Phantom Power, PAD for line level switching Americas Telex Communications Inc. 12000 Portland Ave South, Burnsville, MN 55337, USA USA--Phone: 1-800-392-3497 Fax: 1-800-955-6831 Canada--Phone: 1-866-505-5551 Fax: 1-866-336-8467 Latin America--Phone: 1-952-887-5532 Fax: 1-952-736-4212 Europe, Africa & Middle-East Germany: EVI Audio GmbH. [. . . ]


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