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[. . . ] Die fein abgestimmten Entzerrungsfunktionen sind voll analog realisiert und gewährleisten dadurch maximale Verzerrungsfreiheit und einen erstklassigen Dynamikbereich. Das M-112 Modul wird einfach am Front-Modulslot eines P-Amps eingesteckt und übernimmt dann ohne große Justiermaßnahmen die Kontrolle der angeschlossenen Systemkomponenten. Ein Abgleich der Lautstärke ist über den Präzisions-Levelregler mit 31 Raststellungen möglich. [. . . ] The M-112 module is simply inserted into the frontal module slot of a P-Amp, taking over the control of the connected system components without any further adjustment. Adjusting the volume is possible via a precision 31-step level rotary control. The integrated, patented LPN (LOW PASS NOTCH) filter, which optimally matches the transmission function of the Rx112/75 cabinet, allows linearizing frequency and phase responses of the connected loudspeaker systems. In Mid-Hi mode, the 24dB LR-High-Pass filter's crossover frequency is set to 100Hz, while in full-range mode, the module's frequency response is linear. A 2nd-order Lo-Cut filter with a cutoff-frequency of 60Hz is activated, which suppresses extremely low-frequency audio signals. Together with the LPN-filter, the module's resulting cutoff-frequency of -3dB at 30Hz. The MID-EQ switch with green LED-indicator allows the integration of a 3kHz notch-filter into the signal path. The signal-present LED lights when an audio signal with a level of at least -35dBu is present on the module or power amplifier input. P-Amps are capable of producing peak output that exceeds the stated nominal output capacity by far. VCP simulates the thermal behavior of the connected loudspeaker systems, limiting the energy that is fed to the speakers during continuous overload situations. Turning off the VCP-function is possible using the VCP-OFF switch on the module's printed board assembly. Setting the "MODE SELECTOR" switch on the M-112 module's printed board assembly to its "1in2"-position allows parallel operation of the power amplifier blocks A&B of a Dual Channel power amp, e. g. the P1202, bearing the advantage that the two channels use only one filter module. The second module slot stays empty. Description Le M-112 est un module de traitement du signal destiné aux systèmes P-Amp, spécialement conçu pour être utilisé avec des enceintes medium-aiguës. [. . . ] Le commutateur VCP-OFF, situé sur le circuit imprimé du module, permet de désactiver si désiré la fonction VCP. Lorsque le commutateur "MODE SELECTOR" situé sur le circuit imprimé du module M-112 est réglé sur "1in2", les blocs de puissance A&B d'un amplificateur de puissance à deux canaux - par exemple, le P1202, sont configurés pour un fonctionnement en parallèle. Dans ce cas, un seul module de filtre est nécessaire pour les deux canaux, et le second slot pour module reste libre. BLOCK DIAGRAM M-112 Frequenzgang / Frequency response Technical Specifications M-112 Module measured in Amplifier P1202, no load, level control in center position, fullrange mode, unless otherwise specified. [. . . ]


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