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[. . . ] To reduce the risk of dropping voltage to a minimum and to eliminate the danger of damaging the battery cables by thermal overload, these cables have to be at least 2. 5mm in diameter, each Switching the amplifier on or off is performed through the power switch (6). CONNECTING THE OUTPUT TERMINALS CAUTION TERMINALS marked with the symbol are HAZARDOUS LIVE and the external wiring connected to these TERMINALS requires installation by an INSTRUCTED PERSON or the use of ready-made lead or cords to avoid the risk of electrical shock, never touch the bare conductors leading to the output terminals of the amplifier when it is in operation. Under figures, show the possible connections of the " OUTPUT" speaker terminals accessible by removing the protective cover. Bear in mind the following rules: Constant impedance lines The total impedance of the speakers connected must correspond to that selected on the amplifier's output terminals. The sum of the power capacities of the speakers must be no lower than the amplifier's power capacity. [. . . ] For equipment life, you have to adjust the volume at a lower setting. Speakers and Electronics 6. "POWER" switch Using the POWER switch lets you turn the main power on or off. The setting of this control determines the output that is present at the loudspeaker OUTPUT. We recommend to generally adjust the MASTER and the input level controls at mediocre positions. extreme setting, where the MASTER is set to maximum output and the input controls nearly set to their minimum or vice versa are not recommendable. Clockwise this control enhances the high frequency reproduction, while turning it counter clockwise attenuates the treble frequencies. If the control is set to its center position, the overall frequency response is not being altered. Electro-Voice Speakers and Speaker Systems are guaranteed against malfunction due to defects in Materials or workmanship for a period of five (5) years from the date of original purchase. The Limited Warranty does not apply to burned voice coils or malfunctions such as cone and/or coil damage resulting from improperly designed enclosures. Electro-Voice active electronics associated with the speaker systems are guaranteed for three (3) years from the date of original purchase. Additional details are Included in the Uniform Warranty statement. 7. MASTER volume control 8. Common TREBLE-control Electro Voice 12000 Portland Avenue South, Burnsville , MN 55337 Phone: 952/884-4051, Fax:952/884-0043 www. electrovoice. com C Telex Communications, Inc. 10/2001 3 12 9. Common BASS-control Example of possible connections Clockwise this control enhances the low frequency reproduction, while turning it counter clockwise attenuates the bass frequencies. GND 1: for CD Player 2: for AM/FM Radio 3: for Cassette Player 4: for AUX IN + - COM 4 25V 70V 100V PRE OUT MAIN IN 11. AC fuse L L R R T 5A MADE IN CHINA AUX2 AUX1 INPUT4 INPUT3 INPUT2 INPUT1 12. "GND" screw In case the used mains outlet does not provide a ground conductor, this screw offers the possibility to amplifier metal parts. Nevertheless , you should leave this procedure to the experienced, qualified electrician. Equalizer Battery 13. Terminals for the DC battery supply Power amplifier These two terminals allow the connection of an external 24V DC power supply (e. g. a 24V battery). In this way continuous of the amplifier is maintained even during a power outage, since it is automatically switch to the DC power source. DC24V 10A + - COM 4W 25V 70V 100V Horn speaker Sound column + 24Vdc - 11 4 14. Output terminals These 5 terminals allow connecting speakers. Technical data Amplifier section Type 60W-Mono-tabletop (MA-1206 series) 120W-Mono-tabletop (MA-1212 series) Nominal: 60W- maximum:90W (MA-1206 series) Nominal: 120W- maximum:180W(MA-1212 series) 45W(MA-1206 series) 90W(MA-1212 series) 50-15, 000Hz ( 3dB) 1%(1KHz-nominal power capacity) INPUT 1-10, AUX1, 2: >45dB MAIN IN: >55dB INPUT 1-10 / XLR and 6. 3mm combination socket / balanced Micro: -60dB (1mV)-600 Line: -22dBu (75mV)-47K AUX1-2 / stereo RCA jack / unbalanced 1: 0dB (1V)-240K (for CD player) 2: -6dB (500mV)-120K (for tuner radio) 3: -10dB (300mV)-75K (for cassette player) 4: -20dB (100mV)-24K (for auxiliary appliance) MAIN IN / mono RAC jack / 0dB(1V)-10K / unbalanced 4 ohms 25V-70V-100V (10 , 83 , 170 )(MA-1206 series) 25V-70V-100V (5 , 42 , 83 )(MA-1212 series) PRE OUT / mono RCA jack / 1V-600 / unbalanced Loudspeaker / on terminal board / 1 watt-8 Monitor output / 6. 3mm jack / 1. 5V-600 / balanced Line out / balanced Output / 1V/ 0dB Bass 10dB-100Hz Treble 10dB-10KHz 13 volume controls for INPUT 1-10, AUX1-2 and tel. paging 1 master volume control 1 treble control 1 bass control 230 Vac ( 5%)-50Hz / 145W (MA-1206 series) 230 Vac( 5%)-50Hz / 315W (MA-1212 series) 5A (MA-1206 series) 10A (MA-1212 series) 480 320 150 mm (18. 9" 12. 6" 9kg (19. 84 Ib) (MA-1206 series) 12kg (24. 46 Ib) (MA-1212 series) 5. 9") DC24V 10A + - COM 4W 25V 70V 100V Output power capacity Nominal power capacity with supply at 24Vdc Frequency response Total harmonic distortion - + 4 ohm Signal / noise ratio Inputs / sensitivity-impedance Connecting the speakers to 4 ohm output DC24V 10A + - Outputs for speakers / Ohms Outputs for speakers / Volts COM 4W 25V 70V 100V Additional outputs / voltage-impedance Tone controls 0 25V 0 25V 0 25V Controls Power supply / Consumption Connecting the speakers to 25V output Direct current draw (24V) Dimensions(L Weight H W) DC24V 10A + - COM 4W 25V 70V 100V 0 70V 0 70V 0 70V Connecting the speakers to 70V output 5 10 Read these instructions. When the provided plug does not fit your outlet, consult an electrician for replacement of the obsolete outlet. Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched particularly at plugs, convenient receptacles, and the point where they exit from thee apparatus. [. . . ] When in doubt, contact your dealer before you perform any connections. The terminal is meant for the connection of a small external loudspeaker that gets driven by an internal auxiliary power amplifier, providing a nominal output 1 watt. Only the mixed audio signal coming from "AUX1" , "AUX2" "CASSETTE" and "TUNER" are included in the output signal. In addition, the output signal is controlled only by the volume controls of the "AUX1", "AUX2", "TUNTER" and music signal level control(4). This function is toggle switch the "MONITOR OUTPUT"(4) additional loudspeaker. 1W / 8W Priority Aux. [. . . ]


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