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[. . . ] two-way system with mid-bass and high-frequency horns that are coaxially mounted. The common acoustic axes of these horns ensures smooth response and coverage in the crossover region when the appropriate signal delay is applied to the highfrequency driver. Delivering smooth and extended performance, the high-frequency section operatesfrom 1, 600 to 20, 000 Hz and consists of a specially developed, low-profile DH2As2 compression driver coupled to an HP64 60 x 60 constantdirectivity horn. [. . . ] Two main test specifications are used: the AES Recommended Practice for Specification of LoudspeakerComponents Used in Professional Audio and Sound Reinforcement (AES2-1984/ ANSI S4. 26-1984) and the EIA Loudspeaker Power Rating Full Range(ANSI/EIA RS-426-A 1980). Both of these specifications use random-noise spectrums which mimic typical music and test the thermal and mechanical capabilities of the components. Electro-Voice will support relevant additional standards as and when they become available. Extreme, in-house power tests, which push the performance boundaries of the components, are also performed and passed to ensure years of trouble-free service. Specifically, the MH660C high-frequency section passes AES2-1984/ANSI S4. 26-1984 with the following values: Z, , , = 6. 0 ohms at 7, 000 Hz P = 60 watts Test Voltage = 19. 0 volts rms, 38. 0 volts peak (+6 dB) Selected decade = 1, 500-15, 000 Hz The MH660C mid-bass section passes ANSI/ EIA RS-426-A 1980 with the following values: R, , = 6. 9 ohms (1. 15 x RJ P = 300 watts Test Voltage = 45. 5 volts rms. 91 . 0 volts peak (+6 dB) ARCHITECTS' AND ENGINEERS' SPECIFICATIONS The loudspeaker system shall be a two-way, active, horn-loaded type. The mid-bass frequencies shall be reproduced by a single DL10XSH 25. 4-cm (10-in. ) driver coupled to a MH660 60 x 60 deg. High frequencies shall be reproduced by a 60-watt DH2As2 2-inch compression driver coupled to an HP66 60x60 deg. The system will reproduce frequencies from 140 to 20, 000 Hz and have a nominal coverage pattern of 60 x 60 deg. The module shall be capable of producing average sound levels in excess of CROSSOVER, EQ AND SIGNAL DELAY The MH660C is a two-way system which must be biamped with a separate active crossover. 24-dB-per-octave crossover slopes are asIf the MH660C is used in a full-range applicasumed for maximum performance and reliabiltion, additional low-frequency reinforcement, ity. For optimum performance, EQ and signal such as the PI1 15L or a TL-series enclosure delay are required. below are for fourth-order (24-dB-per-octave) APPLICATIONS Linkwitz-Riley crossover filter characteristics. ) The MH660C has been designed specifically The mid-bass section should be crossed over with the permanent installation market in mind. to match the low-frequency section and at Sports arenas, performing arts centers, audito1, 600 Hz at the high end. No signal delay or riums and large gymnasiums are all candidates overall broadband EQ is required. With its superior directivity frequency section requires a 1, 600-Hz crosscontrol, the MH660C is a system that can be over and the typical constant-directivity-horn used in almost any situation. [. . . ] The Limited Warranty does not apply to burned voice coils or malfunctions such as cone and/or coil damage resulting from improperly designed enclosures. Electro-Voice active electronics associated with the speaker systems are guaranteed for three (3) years from the date of original purchase. Additional details are included in the Uniform Limited Warranty statement. [. . . ]


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