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[. . . ] 44 2 NetMax N8000 System Controller Owner's manual IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS The lightning flash with arrowhead symbol, within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated "dangerous voltage" within the product's enclosure that may be of sufficent magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons. The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the appliance. 1. Do not install near heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized or the grounding-type plug. [. . . ] The N8000 can be equipped with expansion cards in different ways: · · 4 Slots (module slots) for the expansion of the system with analog/digital inputs (AI-1, MI-1, DI-1) or outputs (AO-1) 1 network module slot for the installation of a network module, e. g. CM-1 CobraNetTM Module NetMax N8000 System Controller Owner's manual 15 Preparations · 1 DSP expansion module (DSP-1) for the expansion of the storage capacity and signal processing ATTENTION: It is essential to switch off the N8000 if you want to install or change a module. You will find detailed instructions in the data sheet of the corresponding module. System expansion with analog/digital inputs or outputs There are four slots at the rear of the N8000 which are intended to expand the systems with analogue or digital inputs or outputs. These slots have the marking AUDIO SLOT 1 to AUDIO SLOT 4 (see the figure on page 12). Any combination of the following types of expansion cards can be installed: · · · · AI-1 with 8 analog inputs MI-1 with 8 microphone inputs DI-1 with 8 digital inputs AO-1 with 8 analog outputs You can choose any slot for the installation of the expansion cards as the slot is automatically detected by the N8000 after the installation. System expansion with a network module An audio network interface for CobraNetTM can be installed in the network module slot on the rear panel of the N8000. The CM-1 module that is used for this purpose has two Ethernet connections (Primary and Secondary) so a redundant network can be established. Up to 32 digital audio input signals and 32 digital audio output signals can be transmitted simultaneously. Expansion of the DSP performance of the system The N8000 system controller has efficient DSP modules with a total computing power of 300 MIPS and a working memory for a maximum delay of 21. 8 seconds. If this does not meet the requirements of your application, the processing power as well as the working memory of the N8000 can be increased by installing the DSP-1 NetMax DSP expansion module. This allows the execution of more complex DSP programs and the use of longer delay times or additional delay lines. 16 NetMax N8000 System Controller Owner's manual Preparations 3. 3 Interface description Ethernet Interface By connecting the N8000 system controller via the Ethernet interface, the communication between the N8000 and one or several PC is possible. Furthermore, the whole connected system (consisting of N8000s and EV Precision Series Remote Control Amplifiers) can be operated and monitored. By using appropriate network hardware it is even possible to operate the N8000 via a wireless network (WLAN). The Ethernet interface on the rear of N8000 is a RJ-45 connector (8P8C). The connections of the Ethernet interfaces can be seen in the following figure and table. Pin Assignment of Ethernet jack Pin Name 1 2 3 6 Tx+ TxRx+ Rx- Description Transmit+ TransmitReceive+ Receive- Pair 2 3 Colour T568A Green striped Green Orange striped Orange T568B Orange striped Orange Green striped Green The pin assignment of the Ethernet connector is shown in the following figure. The connector is viewed from the contact side. Pin Assignment of Ethernet plug NetMax N8000 System Controller Owner's manual 17 Preparations The maximum length of a connected cable segment is 100 meters in both Ethernet standards, in which two twisted pairs are used in one cable. If the N8000 is connected via a patch cable to a hub/switch, the wiring of the cable at pin 1 of the first connector has to be connected with Pin 1 of the other connector; this is the same regarding the other pins as well. There are the T568A and T568B standards for the colors of the different wires used. If a crossover cable is used in order to connect a N8000 with a PC directly, pair 2 has to be interchanged with pair 3 on one side of the crossover cable. Thus, the necessary swap of the sending and receiving lines that is internally processed in a hub/switch takes place. CAN Interface The network for the Electro-Voice remote power amplifiers is based on the CAN-bus standard, which has become widely accepted in the automotive, industrial and security sector and which has proved itself for years. The CAN-bus is a balanced serial interface to transmit commands and data. 100 power amplifiers or other devices up to a maximum cable length of 1000 meters can be connected per CAN-bus. The connectors are connected in parallel and serve as input or output (for a loop-through) of the remote network. The CAN-bus has to be terminated with a 120 terminating resistance at both ends. [. . . ] · Improvement of signal quality With CAN bus systems, whose bus length exceeds 1000 meters, a CAN bus repeater should be used. The CAN bus repeater accomplishes a signal processing and a reinforcement of the 36 NetMax N8000 System Controller Owner's manual Appendix bus signals. · Creation of alternative network topologies By using one or several repeaters, not only the above-mentioned bus topology, but the creation of other network topologies are also possible. In the following figure a star topology from three independent CAN bus systems is given as example. [. . . ]


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