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[. . . ] Power FIGURE 3 -- P3000 Front and Rear Panel Operating Voltage: 120 V, 60 Hz ac Power Consumption (both channels operating in dual mode, 1/8 power), 4 Ohms: 1, 200 VA Dimensions, (See Figure 1) Height: 132. 5 mm (5. 25 in. ) Width: 483 mm (19. 0 in. ) Depth: 426 mm (16. 8 in. ) Color: Gray Net Weight: 28 kg (61. 6 lb) Shipping Weight: 32. 7 kg (72 lb) DESCRIPTION The Electro-Voice P3000 Linear PrecisionTM amplifier is a very-high-quality power amplifier designed to elicit maximum performance from any speaker system. Its ultralow distortion and powerful amplifiers ensure that program material will be amplified very accurately. [. . . ] The limiter's action is governed by very sophisticated input/output comparators which have acoustically optimized time constants to preserve the integrity of the source. The limiter's time constants are switchable fast/ slow, so the limiter may be matched to the application for which the amplifier is being used. These filters attenuate infrasonic and ultrahigh-frequency signals, preventing them from being amplified; this allows more effective use of the amplifier's power and adds a measure of load protection. These filters are switchable on/off for use in applications utilizing front-end units (like crossovers or equalizers) which have these filters built-in. A multifunction display keeps the user informed of the operating status of the amplifier. Separate LED displays for each channel show power on, input signal, output signal, limiter on and protection active. The P3000 has electronically balanced XLRtype input and output connectors that allow easy, problem-free connections and signal routing. The P3000 has an input routing switch that allows selection of either normal dual-channel operation, or parallel mono operation, which routes an input to both channels but still allows for independent level control. The P3000 also has a constant-gain option which allows the voltage gain to be fixed. This permits different amplifiers to be used in fixed installations without rebalancing, and ensures headroom is not wasted. The P3000's professional Neutrik Speakon® output connectors provide a sturdy, reliable connection and allow use of heavy wire for lossfree signal transmission. There are separate output connectors for channels A and B, and for the bridge mode. The bridge-mode connector is sealed with a plastic cover to prevent connection errors. To prevent ground loops from occurring, the P3000 is equipped with a ground-lift switch. [. . . ] The power amplifier shall meet the following performance specifications: maximum input voltage, 7. 75 V rms; rated output power from 20-20, 000 Hz at less than 0. 1% THD, each channel, 750 watts into 8 ohms, 1, 200 watts into 4 ohms, 1, 500 watts into 2 ohms, 2, 400 watts bridged into 8 ohms and 3, 000 watts bridged into 4 ohms; hum and noise, at least 100 dB (A-weighted) below rated output power; frequency response, <10-30, 000 Hz (+0, ­3 dB) at any output power up to rated output power; damping factor, >300 at any frequency up to 1 kHz in any mode with an 8-ohm load; THD (total harmonic distortion), <0. 05% at 1 kHz at rated power; transient intermodulation distortion (DIN 30 or DIN 100), <0. 01%; crosstalk, <70 dB below rated output power. Dimensions shall be 132. 5 mm (5. 25 in. ) x 483 mm (19. 0 in. ) x 426 mm 16. 8 in. ) hwd. [. . . ]


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