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[. . . ] Financial services may require prior arrangements with participating financial institutions. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Sony, DVgate, i. LINKTM, Mavica, PictureGear, Memory Stick and the Memory Stick logo, VAIO and the VAIO logo are trademarks of Sony Corporation. Windows and the Windows 98 logo are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners. Specifications are subject to change without notice. As an ENERGY STAR Partner, Sony has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency. [. . . ] VirusScan is an important element of a comprehensive security program that includes a variety of safety measures such as regular backups, meaningful password protection, training, and awareness. For details, please refer to the online help files or for technical support, go to http://www. mcafee. com 9 About the Software on your Sony Notebook Computer Communication software Phone Tools BVRP Software PhoneTools is a powerful communication tool which provides a full range of features: fax, dialer, telephone directory through an user-friendly interface. In addition, PhoneTools allows complete management of GSM cellular phone: phone directories and short messages. Online manual and contextual help are provided with PhoneTools. COM One Platinium Card Loader COM One Company The Platinium Card loader allows users to upgrade or change the functionnalities of the PC card modem (the firmware of the card is changed). The Platinium Card is delivered with PSTN V. 90, ISDN*, LAN* and GSM Sony CMD-Z1* functionnalities. The upgrade or change can be made by selecting a new firmware (card programming) in the list provided with the Loader software or by accessing the COM-ONE Web site: http://www. com1. fr *See your retailer for ISDN, LAN and GSM kits. 10 About the Software on Your Notebook Computer Features offered by PhoneTools with your Platinium PC card*: Fax transmission: Via PSTN: Your notebook is delivered with PhoneTools and the PC card configured for fax transmission. Via GSM: If you own a Sony GSM CMD-Z1 or CMD-Z1 Plus, you can purchase a cable to connect your phone to the PC card: without modifying the settings, PhoneTools will allow you to send and receive faxes through your mobile phone. Connection cables for Sony GSM CM-DX1000 and CMD-X2000 are also available. In order to use this GSM, you must update: - the PC card settings , by using the COM1 Platinium Loader program (select the settings matching your mobile phone) - the PhoneTools driver (see Configuration/Hardware Configuration/ Select modem): select the MC220 + ISDN + the mobile phone you are using. With other brands of GSM phones, the set of functions offered by Phonetools may be limited. Via ISDN: You can purchase an ISDN kit from COM1 company or VAIO Direct. Advanced mode includes Serial, Infrared and View Resources tabs. Printer Power On Device Sequence Touchpad Power On Password Audio Enable Ports Basic/Advanced For more information about each option, click Help on the Notebook Setup screen to display the help file. 14 Customizing Your Notebook Computer PowerPanel Controlling Power Management The PowerPanel utility controls the power management of your notebook computer and provides key information about system activity and battery life. In combination with BatteryScope, the automatic power management selects the most advantageous profiles, or lets you customize the profiles you choose, according to your own needs, with the goal of extended battery life. When you use the battery pack as power source, your system selects the Maximum Battery Life power management profile by default. If you select a different power management profile while using battery power, the same profile will be automatically selected the next time you use the battery pack to power your computer. PowerPanel main features u u u u u Automatic Profile Selection (APS) based on the currently active application Ability to select special Power Profiles manually from the menu Ability to edit and create new profiles A toolbar shared with BatteryScope Works in harmony with Windows settings. To activate PowerPanel When you start the computer, the PowerPanel default. u u u icon appears by When pointing on the PowerPanel icon, you will see a tooltip with the active Power Management profile. You can select a power profile from the menu or a Power Management profile by right-clicking this icon. You can also establish settings for LCD (Video) Standby, Hard Disk Standby, and System Suspend to optimize power management for your system. Spreadsheet ­ Reduces the LCD brightness to "medium", as your software doesn't require higher performance. Presentation ­ Keeps the display on at all times while it conserves power. You can establish settings for LCD (Video) Standby, Hard Disk Standby, and System Suspend to optimize power management for your system. Communications ­ Extends battery life by initiating a quick display time-out. You can also establish settings for LCD (Video) Standby, Hard Disk Standby, and System Suspend to optimize power management for your system. Games ­ Disables the display and the Hard Disk Spindle Down timer. 18 Customizing Your Notebook Computer Customizing PowerPanel You can customize the PowerPanel toolbar to suit your portable computing needs. You can edit the pre-defined Power Management settings or create new profiles. Please refer to PowerPanel Help for more information. 19 About the Software on your Sony Notebook Computer Displaying Battery Information You can display detailed information for the batteries used in your computer. The following sections briefly describe how to display your computer's general battery information. You can also refer to the BatteryScope Help for more detailed information. Activating BatteryScope To activate BatteryScope When you start your computer, the BatteryScope toolbar appears on the taskbar by default. [. . . ] Click OK to confirm that you want to make the changes. Customizing the virtual desktop You can customize dual display mode by changing the position of the two desktops comprising the virtual desktop. In the Display Properties screen, drag the icons of display 1 or display 2, moving them to a new position relative to each other. Click OK to apply the change. Deactivating the dual display setting You must restart Windows to return to single display mode. Save your work and close any open applications before returning to single display mode. [. . . ]


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