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[. . . ] · Multi-stage pop filters minimize the plosives caused by breath and wind velocity, ensuring clean, articulate close-mic'd vocals without pops. · Non-reflective textured satin finish provides a comfortable and secure grip. [. . . ] Delivering the identical sonic characteristics of the PL84, the switched version PL84S features a virtually silent and lockable on/off switch unlike any other condenser vocal mic on the market. Part# PRD000160000 Element Type: Frequency Response: Polar Pattern: Sensitivity, Open Circuit Voltage, 1 kHz: Rated Impedance: Self-Biased Condenser 50 Hz - 20, 000 Hz Cardioid 3. 5 mV/Pa (-49 dBV) 200 ohms Many vocal mics on the market do a fine job in small club and medium-sized venue sound reinforcement systems. However, these same models become less than ideal when challenged with the extremely high wattage and driver area of super-sized arena and festival mains and monitoring systems. It takes a premium-grade, highly specialized microphone with somewhat "turbo-charged" voicing characteristics to deliver the goods in these critical situations. We crafted the unique capsule and circuit design of the new PL80 models to deliver incredible power, definition, and punch in the exact frequency areas where a large PA system's crossover points may tend to be soft. Vocal presence in the mains and monitors so strong and clear you'll never want anything else on stage again. And yes, the very same attributes that make the PL80 perform so well on the largest stages through the largest sound systems translate into superior power and vocal presence for any sized rig. PL80a Delivering incredible power and clarity, the PL80a is robust, forgiving, and EQ-friendly, delivering up-front vocal placement in professional sound applications. Superior off-axis rejection, ultra-low handling noise, and exceptionally cooperative tonal characteristics make the PL80a the ideal choice for professionals demanding outstanding vocal performance. Part# PRD000162000 PL80c There was a time in the 1980's when the #1 live performance vocal mic in the world was the Electro-Voice PL80. Revered by the Professional Live sound industry as premium-grade and the best choice for live sound applications, it was designed and built to deliver the "sound of the 80's" as part of EV's Pro Line of microphones. With its unique and unmistakable snow gray finish, that iconic PL80 earned a remarkable reputation for superior performance and durability, and was trusted, used, and loved by thousands of vocalists and sound system professionals in its day. Inspired by the legacy PL80 of the 1980s, the new PL80c is cosmetically reminiscent of the legendary PL80, invoking the unique visual appeal of that classic microphone while exhibiting the same contemporary sonic attributes of the new PL80a. Part# PRD000162001 Element Type: Frequency Response: Polar Pattern Sensitivity, Open Circuit Voltage, 1 kHz: Rated Impedance: Dynamic, Neodymium Magnet Structure 80 Hz - 16, 000 Hz Supercardioid 2. 2 mV/Pa (-53 dBV) 600 ohms Specialized microphones for the high SPL and transient environment of drums and percussion require a unique set of capabilities, and designing and deploying world-class drum mics is by no means a small undertaking. Identifying and creating the ideal sonic signature of each model requires extensive research and development drawn from a vast array of contributors. [. . . ] With a tight cardioid polar pattern that minimizes off-axis bleed, magnificent transient response, and high-SPL input capacity, the PL37 surpasses the sonic performance characteristics of competitive models costing up to twice as much. Equally suited for live or studio miking situations, the PL37 is a true workhorse microphone. [. . . ]


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