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Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Remove (2) 5/16" bolts from rear of the PX2122 or PX2152 enclosure. Align the plastic standoffs with the recesses in the enclosure so the dolly board is perpendicular to the length of the enclosure. [. . . ] The mic bag and carabiner are included with the PX-G1 to store unused fasteners during transport. Remove the mic bag and carabiner when the array is in use to prevent rattling. PX-G1 Parts List Description Array Bracket Material Lift Adaptor Pin, Detent, 3/8" x 2. 50" Pin, Detent, 3/8" x 0. 75" Rear Hinge Plate, Outer, No Pin Rear Hinge Plate, Inner Rear Hinge Plate, Outer, With Pin Screw, Button Head, M10 x 1. 5 x 35mm Washer, Split Lock, M10 Washer, Flat, M10 User Instructions, Phoenix Accessories Microphone Bag and Carabiner Qty. Arrange the PX2122 or PX2152 loudspeakers on a flat surface to approximately the desired horizontal splay angles, and remove the M10 flat head screws from the top of each enclosure a hex key (not included). Only remove the bolts that are called out for the desired configuration (See Figure 5). Figure 5: Horizontal Splay Angle Configurations and Supplemental Hole Locations Note: Use either PX2122 or PX2152 loudspeakers; the models are NOT designed to be used in an array together. DO NOT use other loudspeaker models other than the PX2122 and PX2152. Installation of the PX-G1 (continued) Eyebolt, Lock 2. Set the array bracket on top of the loudspeakers, and Washer, and align the holes on the array bracket with the suspension Flat Washer points on the loudspeaker. Attach the washers, lock (x2) washers, eyebolts (not included) and M10 button head screws to the threaded suspension points on the loudspeakers, using a hex key (not included). Torque all fasteners down so that the lock washers are fully compressed. For permanent installations, use a thread locker (not included) on the button head screws and eyebolts (See Figures 5 and 6). Button Head Screw, Lock Washer, and Flat Washer (x5) WARNING!Electro-Voice strongly recommends that M10 forged shoulder eyebolts that are compliant with DIN580 standards are used as redundant safety points for the array (See Figure 5 for recommended locations). Remove the M10 flat head screws that are located at the bottom of the enclosure in the rear, and install the rear hinge plates (See Figure 7). There are different configurations for the rear hinges depending on how many enclosures are used (See Figure 8). Figure 6: Assembling the Array Bracket to an Array of Phoenix Loudspeakers (3 x PX2122, 30° Splay Shown) Flat Head Screws must be removed before Plates are Installed Button Head Screw, Lock Washer, and Flat Washer (One for Each Plate) 2 Enclosures (Use both Outer Plates) 3 Enclosures (Use All Plates) Figure 7: Assembling the Rear Hinge Plates (3 x PX2122, 30° Splay Shown) Figure 8: Possible Hinge Plate Configurations for 2 or 3 Enclosures Installation of the PX-G1 (continued) 4. [. . . ] Take extra caution when used in windy, outdoor applications that could cause the array to become unstable. Consult the material lift user manual for proper use and safety guidelines. Figure 12: Attaching Safety Cable through Eyebolts 12000 Portland Avenue South, Burnsville, MN 55337 Phone: 952/884-4051, Fax: 952/884-0043 www. electrovoice. com © Telex Communications, Inc. [. . . ]


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