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[. . . ] 9 page 2 R100 OWNERS MANUAL R100 SERIES OWNER'S MANUAL R100 System Features True-diversity system with Secure-Phasetm circuitry ensures maximum range and freedom from interference Well-designed companding and audio circuitry insure high signal-to-noise ratio and excellent sound quality Choice of handheld, bodypack, lavalier, headset and guitar systems Permanently attached antennas make setup quick and easy. Wide-range continuously-adjustable line-level audio output Designed and manufactured in the United States of America DESCRIPTION The Electro-Voice R100 is a series of VHF wireless systems that combine EVs legendary quality and reliability with high value. The R100 Series transmitters and receivers operate in the VHF frequency range between 174. 100 and 185. 350 MHz (channels 7 8 in the TV band) on single frequencies. The well-designed audio circuitry ensures high signal-to-noise ratio with accurate sound quality. [. . . ] The squelch control on the back of the receiver may be adjusted to increase range or reduce interference. Increasing the range will make the system more susceptible to outside interference!Turn the squelch control counter-clockwise until you hear noise or interference. Then, turn the squelch clockwise until the noise is gone. R100 OWNERS MANUAL Figure 3 BODYPACK TRANSMITTER SETUP Figure 4 5. Turn on the audio transmission by sliding the large mute switch to the on position. Listen carefully to the audio and be sensitive of overload distortion and low gain or hiss. (2. 5 mm) screwdriver into the gain adjustment located at the top edge of the battery compartment under the door. Turn lightly until the screwdriver tip drops into the slot on the level control. Gently turn the control counterclockwise until the control stops (the audio output is attenuated but not off). Slowly turn the audio level control clockwise while listening to audio; if the audio becomes distorted, turn the mic level control counter-clockwise about 1/8 turn. The bodypack can be positioned horizontally or vertically by moving the belt clip attachment. Removing the belt clip attachment screw and moving it 90 degrees will change the orientation. 1. Open the hinged battery compartment by placing your thumb or finger on the indent on the battery door and pull down. When inserting the battery, pay attention to the polarity (+/-) and insert the terminals first into the battery compartment. Turn on the transmitter by sliding the power switch to its on position. Check the condition of the battery by looking at the LED below the power switch. Prepare the audio source by attaching the lavalier microphone to the user, placing the headset on the users head or plugging the cable into the instrument (depending on what type of system you have). Keep the audio muted while plugging in and adjusting the microphone or source. Check reception by observing that the RF carrier light is illuminated on the receivers front panel. Figure 5 Figure 6 page 5 R100 OWNERS MANUAL COMPATIBILITY The receiver and transmitter must be tuned to the same VHF frequency to operate together. Because of the specialized equipment required to adjust these units properly, users cannot change frequencies. If two or more R100 and/or other VHF/UHF wireless systems are being used in the same location, proper frequency coordination is required to avoid interference. Frequency mixing and spacing must be factored along with local TV stations to determine if conflicts will result from a specific group. [. . . ] Many rf-reflective metal obstacles between the transmitter and receiver. Return to factory or authorized service station. Move the obstacles or reposition the receiver. page 9 R100 OWNERS MANUAL INSTALATION FOR RECEIVER RACK MOUNT KIT R-Series wireless receivers can be rack mounted with the optional RMR kit. The RMR allows two receivers to be mounted side-by-side in a single rack space. Fold antennas down and insert the R-Series receiver through the rectangular cut-out as shown. [. . . ]


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