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Manual abstract: user guide ELECTRO-VOICE RE-2

Detailed instructions for use are in the User's Guide.

[. . . ] Operating Instructions RE-2 User Guide R Table of Contents Quick Set-Up . Plug the power supply into the back of the receiver and into an outlet 4. P r es s a n d h o l d th e S ET b u t t o n u n t i l ClearScanTM shows and starts flashing on the right side of the screen. When ClearScan stops flashing, the receiver will automatically set itself and display the clearest group and channel. [. . . ] Slowly turn the gain control up (clockwise) while speaking/singing into the microphone and audiometer shows peaks around -3 dB. NOTE: Operating with the transmitter audio gain set as high as possible (without distortion or peaks all the way to the right end of the meter) will result in the best performance and highest signal to noise ratio. Receiver Setup and Operation - Step 9 to complete system set up and test. 5 Bodypack Transmitter - BPU-2 1 SET 6 R 9 755050 GP CH 5 Figure 6 Control View 4 8 Figure 5 Bodypack Transmitter 23 BPU-2 Controls, Connectors, and Indicators 1. LCD Display (Channel, Frequency or Battery Level Indication) Figure 7 Top View 6. Audio Gain Adjustment -5- Bodypack Transmitter Setup and Operation 1. With battery compartment still open, turn the unit on with Power switch on the top panel. The battery low LED will light for a second and the display will show the Group and Channel numbers. Change the group and channel numbers to match those displayed on the receiver by pressing SET. Once the desired Group number is showing, press SET to select and the Channel number will flash. Select the Channel and press SET again, the flashing will stop and the channel is now set. By pressing and holding the UP and DOWN arrow keys together for 3 seconds, the SET key is disabled. To reactivate the SET key, simply press and hold the UP and DOWN keys again for 3 seconds. With the transmitter and receiver on and matching Group and Channel, the main receiver display should be indicating a RF signal on the bar graph. If the level meter does not show reception, make sure the channels are matching and refer to the trouble shooting section. Microphone: Plug the microphone cable into the top panel of the BPU-2. Speak into the microphone and the Audio Meter bar graph should indicate audio signal presence. Guitar: Turn off the bodypack, press and hold SET while you turn the bodypack on. A guitar symbol will appear in the display to indicate instrument mode. Strum the guitar and the Audio Meter bar graph on the receiver should indicate audio signal presence. The transmitter audio gain is factory set at the middle of the range, which should be suitable for most applications. For loud or soft speakers/singers, a gain adjustment may be necessary. Have the speaker or singer use the microphone in a normal performance level voice. The Audio Meter in the main receiver display screen should show peaks around the -3 dB level. [. . . ] >1122 possible frequencies Programmable in 25 kHz steps Modulation . D 43. 69 mm H x 190. 50 mm W x 150 mm D Audio Parameters Frequency Response . (max @ 40 kHz deviation) 330mV RMS 100K OHM Load, Mic Position 10mV to 2V RMS 100K OHM Load, Line Position Unbalanced Output . <1. 0%, 0. 5% typical (ref 1kHz, 40kHz deviation) Signal-to-Noise Ratio. [. . . ]


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