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[. . . ] The minimum distance between parts carrying AC voltage and any accessible metal piece (metal enclosure), respectively between the AC poles has to be 3 mm and needs to be minded at all times. The minimum distance between parts carrying AC voltage and any switches or breakers that are not connected to the AC (secondary parts) has to be 6 mm and needs to be minded at all times. Replacing special components that are marked in the circuit diagram using the security symbol (Note) is only permissible when using original parts. Altering the circuitry without prior consent or advice is not legitimate. [. . . ] Manufactured from baltic birch and housing a highperformance Electro-Voice® DL15Y woofer, the SbA750 withstands even the hardest strain during transport and operation. While input connection is also possible via phone type jacks, all input and output signals are output via professional XLR-type connectors. The integrated High-Efficiency 750W power amplifier optimally matches the DL15Y woofer offering highest dynamic and audio performance and ensures at the same time that the DL15Y woofer is always operated in its optimum operation range. Extensive protection circuitry like VCP, DC/HF-protection, audio limiter, Back-EMF protection and thermal protection are employed to securely monitor the compliance to these operation limits guaranteeing that the SbA750 provides outstanding performance even under most demanding conditions. Compared to Class-AB-operated amps and because of utilizing Class-H HighEfficiency technology the power amplifier produces significantly less power loss, and additionally reduces thermal stress of all components. Employing fans to ensure thermal stability is not necessary because of the Class-H technology and use of comprehensively dimensioned cooling profiles. The enclosure is sealed with extremely durable Futura coating and a robust powder-coated steel grille provides protection for the Electro-Voice® DL15Y woofer against mechanical damage. All controls and the cooling profiles of the power amp module are recessed to provide optimum protection for the sensitive parts of the SbA750 even during transportation. Two carrying handles, four castors and an integrated threaded pole-mount stand flange allow comfortable transportation and optimum, space saving installation. Because of its versatility, the SbA750 can be easily integrated into any existing sound reinforcement installation. Unpacking and Warranty Open the packing and carefully take out the SbA750. A power cord and the warranty card are supplied in addition to this owners manual. Only a completely filled in warranty certificate entitles you to stake any warranty claims. Therefore, keep the original invoice together with the warranty certificate at a safe place. Setup and Connections Place the SbA750 on an even ground if possibly by using the supplied rubber feet to ensure safe operation. Make sure to check the stability of the system when using pole-mount stands. Otherwise, the SbA750 will enter protection mode because of thermal overload. Although this provides reliable protection for the subwoofer, sound reproduction is muted until the normal operation mode is regained. AC power is supplied via the Neutriks professional PowerCon connector system and by use of an 15 (5m) AC cord. However, with large installations consisting of several active cabinets, the use of high-quality AC distributors that allow high power consumption and offer reliable protection throughout the entire system is strongly recommended. Before establishing the AC connection for the first time, make sure that the SbA750s operation voltage setting, which can be found on a label next to the AC switch, corresponds to your local AC voltage. 1 Electro-Voice® SbA750 User Manual 1. Quick Start Caution: Before switching on the power of the SbA750 always set the LEVEL control to its counterclockwise stop. [. . . ] Setup Example B Stereo 2-way Active Operation with Mono Subwoofer In this operation mode only the Mid/High signals are fed to the fullrange speaker cabinets, which allows higher acoustic output levels. 7 Electro-Voice® SbA750 User Manual 6. Setup Example C Stereo 2-way Active Operation with Stereo Subwoofer The second SbA750 provides improved SPL in the bass range, in a full Stereo Setup. Electro-Voice® SbA750 User Manual 8 7. Setup Example D Stereo 2-way Active PA-System Using two SbA750s to expand an existing fullrange-system, in a full Stereo Setup. 9 Electro-Voice® SbA750 User Manual 8. Setup Example E PA-system with Active Components SbA750 in combination with the SxA250, or other active cabinets. SxA 250 SxA 250 Electro-Voice® SbA750 User Manual 10 9. [. . . ]


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