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[. . . ] Truss Mount Kits User Instructions TMK Series TMK Series The Electro-Voice® TMK Truss Mount Kits are accessories that are designed to suspend Electro-Voice loudspeakers to a truss. [. . . ] The upper point is used for 12" Loudspeakers and the lower point is used for 15" Loudspeakers (see Figure 3). *Note: For ZX Series loudspeakers, attach the HA-3 or HA-5 adaptor to the loudspeaker before proceeding. Attachment Point for all 12" Loudspeakers Top of Assembly Attachment Point for all 15" Loudspeakers Bottom of Assembly Figure 3: Adjusting the Loudspeaker Attachment Point on the VSA-1 Installing the HA-3 or HA-5 (ZX-Series Loudspeakers Only) Remove the M10 bolts that secure the handle to the loudspeaker, and fasten the HA-3 or HA-5 bracket in its place (see Figure 4). Figure 4a: Removing the Bolts Securing the Handle Figure 4b: Attaching the HA-3 or HA-5 to the ZX Loudspeaker Figure 4c: Attaching the VSA-1 to the HA-3 or HA-5 Handle Adaptor Attaching VSA-1 to Loudspeaker (all Speakers) Thread the VSA-1 to the loudspeaker by using the threaded bracket (PX1122M, PX1152M, Plasma P1) or HA-3 or HA-5 adaptor (ZX Series) on the right side of the enclosure. Rotate the loudspeaker to the desired vertical tilt position, and torque the threaded stud to the enclosure using the handle (see Figure 5). Optional: If local regulations require an additional safety point, attach an M10 shoulder eyebolt (not included) to this point on the VSA-1. See Page 4 for required safety points. WARNING: The rubber pad acts as a locking mechanism for the threaded shaft. If enough torque is not applied to the handle, vibrations from the loudspeaker may loosen the shaft over time. The user should regularly inspect the shaft to ensure that the VSA-1 has not loosened from the loudspeaker. Figure 5a: Tightening the Attachment Point on the VSA-1 to a PX-Series Loudspeaker Figure 5b: Tightening the Attachment Point on the VSA-1 to a ZX-Series Loudspeaker Attaching Truss Mount and Speaker Assembly to Truss (all Speakers) Loosen the clamping fixture on the TCA-1 and open the clamp. Attach the TCA-1 (including the strong arm and loudspeaker) to the truss by sliding it past the clamping fixture. Adjust the clamp so it is behind the clamping fixture, and tighten the handle (see Figure 6). Loosening Step 2 Open Clamp Clamping Step 1 Close Clamp Loosening Step 1 Loosen T-Handle Clamping Step 2 Tighten T-Handle Figure 6a: Loosening Clamping Feature on Truss Mount Figure 6b: Attaching Truss Mount and Loudspeaker Assembly to Truss Attaching Safety Point to Speaker (PX1122M and PX1152M) For PX1122M and PX1152M Only: Remove the M10 flat head bolt from the loudspeaker, and replace with a forged steel shoulder eyebolt with a minimum safe working load of 100 lbs. [. . . ] For customer orders, Contact Customer Service at: + 1 952 884-4051 Fax: + 1 952 887-9212 For warranty repair or service information, contact the Service Repair department at: 800/685-2606 For technical assistance, contact Technical Support at: 866/78AUDIO Specifications subject to change without notice. [. . . ]


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