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[. . . ] An improved version of the industry-standard EVX-180A high-excursion 467-mm (18-in. ) woofer that has distinguished itself as an industry standard for high-power, low-frequency reproduction. During the X-ArrayTM development, the thermal conduction of the motor was improved and the suspension was redesigned, giving the EVX-180B even lower power compression and a longer mechanical lifetime. In the Xds, the woofers are manifolded in a vented enclosure optimized for maximized subwoofer output from 30-160 Hz with minimized distortion. Ring Mode Decoupling, (RMDTM), is a technique utilized and named by Electro-Voice to describe a process used to improve sound quality in loudspeaker systems. [. . . ] The double-wide Xds enclosure footprint matches that of two standard X-ArrayTM enclosures sitting side by side with their sides parallel, allowing two standard, full-size systems to be stacked on top of the Xds. The Xds does not have flying hardware and is intended for stacking only. The Xds would be well suited for frontof-house, front-fill, and side-fill applications. The Xds is intended to be used with other X-ArrayTM systems for a full-range response as an active system that requires an active electronic crossover. Both the Electro-Voice Dx38 and Klark Teknik DN8000 digital crossovers are recommended for signal control. (See the Crossover, Equalization and Signal Delay Controller section. ) The Electro-Voice P3000 amplifier is recommended for powering the Xds. (See the Amplifier Recommendations section. ) Power-Handling Capabilities The Xds systems are rated as per the "ANSI/ EIA RS-426-A Loudspeaker Power- Rating, Full-Range Test, " which uses a shapedrandom-noise signal to simulate typical music to test the mechanical and thermal capabilities of the loudspeakers. A digital crossover was used to provide the appropriate filtering and equalization. The test parameters are as follows: Subwoofer Section (Pins 1 and 2 paralleled): PE(MAX): Test Voltage: RSR (1. 15RE): 1, 200 watts 58. 7-volts rms 117. 4-volts peak 2. 88 ohms Amplifier Recommendations Power amplifiers with the following ratings are recommended for use with the Xds loudspeaker systems: SUB: 800 watts per channel into 8 ohms 93-volts rms short term 132-volts peak Xds loudspeakers may be paralleled with other Xds systems as long as the amplifiers can drive the lower impedances. To maintain a sufficient damping factor with long cable runs, amplifier loads of four ohms per channel are recommended. The ElectroVoice P3000 amplifiers are ideal for powering the X-ArrayTM systems. Crossover, Equalization and Signal Delay Controller The Xds is intended to be used with other X-ArrayTM loudspeaker systems (like the Xf, Xn, Xcn, Xb or Xcb) to construct full-range arrays as an active system requiring an active crossover, equalization and signal delay controller. For basic applications, the Electro-Voice Dx38 2-in/4-out controller is recommended. For more sophisticated applications, the Klark Teknik DN8000 2-in/ 5-out controller is recommended. LinkwitzRiley crossover filters with a minimum slope of 24 dB per octave at 80-125 Hz are recommended, and infrasonic filter protection at 34 Hz or higher with a minimum slope of 12-dB/octave is recommended. Both the Dx38 and the DN8000 offer appropriate filtering, equalization and signal delay capabilities to provide optimum performance of Xds Double Subwoofer System the X-ArrayTM loudspeaker systems. Digital parameter settings for both controllers are available upon request. Electrical Connection and System Wiring Two paralleled Neutrik 8-pin Speakon® connectors are used for electrical connection to the Xds loudspeakers with the following pin assignments: SUB1: SUB2: Pins 1 Paralleled Pins 2 Paralleled Architects' and Engineers' Specifications The loudspeaker system shall be a twodriver, manifolded, vented-box low-frequency system with a frequency response from 32-200 Hz. The loudspeaker system also shall have two 457-mm (18-in. ) lowfrequency woofers and each shall have an 8-ohm, 101-mm (4-in. ) diameter voice coil and a 600-watt power rating. The enclosure shall be constructed of 18-mm thick, 13-ply birch plywood, and shall be trapezoidal, forming an 36° wedge and be 914 mm (36. 00 in. ) high, 1166 mm (45. 92 in. ) wide at the front, 736 mm (28. 98 in. ) wide at the back and 759 mm (29. 88 in. ) deep, and shall weigh 121 kg (267 lb). Electronic Accessories: Klark Teknik DN8000 Digital Controller: The DN8000 digital electronic loudspeaker controller has a two-in/five-out architecture, with each output having programmable high-pass and low-pass filters, four-band equalization, signal delay, compressor-limiter-and noise-gate functions. Program parameters for optimal performance of the X-ArrayTM systems are available. [. . . ] The polar response of the loudspeaker system at selected 1/3-octave frequencies is shown. The selected frequencies are representative of the polar response of the system. Vertical Horizontal 5 dB per division Xds Double Subwoofer System 63 Hz 125 200 160 Hz 100 80 5 Xds Double Subwoofer System Figure 2 -- Frequency Response The frequency response of the Xds was measured on axis in the far field in an anechoic environment using a swept sine-wave signal. The Klark Teknik DN8000 digital electronic unit was used to provide the necessary crossover filters, equalization and time delay. One watt of power (2. 00-volts rms at 70 Hz) was applied to the mid band of the low-frequency section. [. . . ]


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