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[. . . ] This creates a synergy across the brands that, in the case of the Pantages, was a major contributor to making a large, complicated sound system come together without compatibility concerns and on a very tight schedule. X LC LINE ARRAYS PUT EVERY SEAT IN THE HOUSE FRONT ROW CENTER. The Pantages is a small gem of a theater. The house is narrow, there's not much stage width or depth, and the rear wall of the balcony is just over 100 feet from the proscenium. [. . . ] XLC compact linear arrays open exciting new possibilities for sound system designers and contractors working in venues such as theaters, churches, and nightclubs. When intelligibility and performance are the most important factors governing an installation, linear arrays from Electro-Voice offer a no-compromise solution. They let contractors install front-and-center quality sound in every application. THE INSTALLED SYSTEM DIGITAL INNOVATIONS. THAT'S GOOD TO GO. The Pantages front-of-house system has one capability not often found in fixed installations: It's easy to move. The Pantages is one of three historical theaters in downtown Minneapolis that share staff and equipment. So if the Orpheum Theater three blocks down the street needs the Pantages sound system, everything can be moved in a couple of hours. Portability is one reason why XLC linear arrays were chosen for the Pantages. Not only do they offer they quick, one-person rigging, provide the high SPLs needed to fill the 2600-seat Orpheum. When the Pantages opened in 1916, it was the first theater in Minneapolis to offer air conditioning -- using blocks of ice -- and one of the first anywhere with a second-floor mezzanine. That spirit of innovation is alive today in the signal processing and amplification sections of the Pantages sound system. For equalization, the Pantages systems uses the remarkable new Klark Teknik DN9340 Helix digital equalizer. It combines common EQ functions (such as a 31-band graphic EQ, 12-band parametric EQ, filters, and delays) with "T-DEQ" advanced real-time dynamic controls into a 2RU dual-channel device. Not only does the Helix allow stacking its different processing functions together, it can also talk to the Midas Heritage console to provide an "auto-solo" function. At the powerhouse end of the system, the Pantages uses the new Electro-Voice DSP remote-controlled amplifiers. [. . . ] The EV microphone selection at the Pantages starts with its 12-channel, frequency-agile RE-1 wireless mic system, employing six handheld and six bodypack transmitters. For wired mics, Pantages has a full complement of N/DYM Series microphones, including the superb N/D767a vocal mic and the indispensable N/D868 kick drum mic. THE PANTAGES THEATER SOUND SYSTEM Electro-Voice Loudspeakers 26x 16x 11x 4x XLC 127 X 118 LC Compact main enclosures Compact subwoofers Xi-Series under-balcony fills X-Array floor monitors Xi-1082 Xw15 Electro-Voice Amplifiers 19x 5x P1200RL P3000RL 2x550W @ 4 DSP remote-controlled 2x1300W @ 4 DSP remote-controlled Midas Mix Console Heritage 1000 48-input/26-buss/13 x 8 output matrix automated console Klark Teknik Signal Processing 1x 2x 3x 1x 4x 2x 3x 2x 8x DN9340 DN9344 DN360 DN300 DN504Plus DN514Plus DN1248Plus DN9848 LBB100 Helix digital equalizer­master unit Helix digital equalizer­slave units Analog dual-channel graphic equalizers Analog single-channel graphic equalizer Quad compressors Quad multi-gates 12-in/48-out active signal splitters Loudspeaker management systems Active DI boxes For more information about all of these products, please visit our web sites: Electro-Voice Wireless Microphones 12x RE-1 Frequency-agile wireless mic systems (6 handheld, 6 bodypack transmitters) Electro-Voice Wired Microphones www. electrovoice. com www. midasconsoles. com www. klarkteknik. com You can also read an interview with Steve Olson, Pantages operations manager, on the Electro-Voice web site. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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