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[. . . ] Financial services may require prior arrangements with participating financial institutions. You find the End user software licence agreement on the VAIO Info Centre. ENERGY STAR® As an ENERGY STAR ® Partner, Sony has determined that this product meets the ENERGY STAR® guidelines for energy efficiency. The International ENERGY STAR ® Office Equipment Program is an international program that promotes energy saving through the use of computers and their office equipment. The program backs the development and dissemination of products with functions that effectively reduce energy consumption. [. . . ] For further information, see the website at: http://support. microsoft. com/directory * Depending on your model. WinDVD for VAIO InterVideo, Inc. InterVideo Inc. 's WinDVD for VAIO* is a simple-to-use DVD player. WinDVD for VAIO combines all the features you would expect to find on a standard consumer DVD player, in addition to some very advanced functionalities, full precision video decoding, a choice of user interfaces and video display options. You can About the software delivered with your computer Software Guide nN 21 play DVD movies, interactive DVD titles, MPEG video content, video and audio CDs. WinDVD for VAIO automatically determines the type of disc in the DVD drive and uses the correct playback method. For questions and technical assistance, go online to: http://www. intervideo. com * Only available on notebook models. Using VAIO Media 2. 5 Software Guide nN 22 Using VAIO Media 2. 5 What is VAIO Media? VAIO Media is a gateway, which allows you to enjoy music, video, and photos through a home networking environment. You can access entertainment data from your VAIO computer to contents such as TV programmes, music files, or photo images, all of which are stored on any VAIO computer you designate as the server, either by cable or wireless LAN connection. Live TV and playback of high quality video contents will not work properly with Ethernet LAN 10 Mbps or WLAN 802. 11b. You need Ethernet LAN 100 Mbps or WLAN 802. 11g. It allows you to: Listen to songs registered in SonicStage 1. 5 or 1. 6 playlists, View photos (image files) stored on the server with PictureGear Studio PhotoCollection or the Photo Server Contents Manager. Watch Video Capsules recorded with Giga Pocket 5. 0 or 5. 5, Watch live TV (only possible if you have a computer with Giga Pocket 5. 5). VAIO Media Setup 2. 5 (page 23), VAIO Media Platform 2. 5 (page 23), VAIO Media Redistribution 2. 5 (page 25), VAIO Media (VAIO Media - Music 2. 5 (page 26) - VAIO Media - Photo 2. 5 (page 26) - VAIO Media - Video 2. 5 (page 27)* - VAIO Media - TV 2. 5 (page 27)*). VAIO Media 2. 5 consists of: * Only for Giga Pocket models Using VAIO Media 2. 5 Software Guide nN 23 System requirements: Windows® XP Home Edition or Windows ® XP Professional. If this occurs, restart the server software by using the VAIO Media Console. If the problem still occurs, restart the client software or the computer. In compliance with the terms and conditions of the End-User License Agreement for Windows ® XP, you may permit a maximum of five (5) computer (for Windows® XP Home Edition) or ten (10) computers (for Windows ® XP Professional) or other electronic devices to connect to the computer to utilize the services of the product exclusively for file and print services, Internet Information Services, and remote access (including connection sharing and telephony services). Using VAIO Media 2. 5 Software Guide nN 25 VAIO Media Redistribution 2. 5 You can watch the photos and video or listen to the music stored on the server computer. To be able to do this, you need to install the VAIO Media Installer on the client computer. This is only necessary when you have a VAIO computer without VAIO Media 2. 5 pre-installed. To install the VAIO Media Installer, proceed as follows: 1 2 3 4 Close all running applications. 8 Copy the saved installer to a CD-R, Memory StickTM or another media. 9 Install the saved installer on the client computer by double-clicking the VM25Inst. exe. 10 Before running VAIO Media and accessing music, photos and video recordings from other computers, you must first register those computers on the computer where VAIO Media is installed. If you attempt to run the Installer while logged on to a restricted account, you will get an error message and the installation will not complete. In that case, first log off, and then log on again as a user with administrator privileges and repeat the installation. ! [. . . ] Make sure that the This device is working properly message is displayed under Device status. Your device is shown in Device Manager with a yellow question or exclamation mark. Double-clicking the category of your device in the device manager list does not display your device. If the This device is working properly message is not displayed, the device is not working properly. [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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