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[. . . ] Do not expose this apparatus to dripping or splashing and ensure that no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, are placed on this apparatus. Example: If each additional unit is rated 3A, a maximum of 3 units can be connected for a total of 9A. Management of WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) (applicable in Member States of the European Union and other European countries with individual national policies on the management of WEEE) The symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product may not be treated as regular household waste, but has to be disposed through returning it at a Telex dealer. Important Service Instructions CAUTION: These servicing instructions are for use by qualified personnel only. To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not perform any servicing other than that contained in the Operating Instructions unless you are qualified to do so. Security regulations as stated in the EN 60065 (VDE 0860 / IEC 65) and the CSA E65 - 94 have to be obeyed when servicing the appliance. [. . . ] · Do not attempt to suspend more than one speaker on a stand designed for a single speaker · Unless you are confident that you can safely handle lifting the weight of the speaker onto the stand, ask another person to help you place it. · If you intend to hang or fly the ZxA5 system, only do so safely with the correct hardware and accessories. WARNING: Suspending any object is potentially dangerous and should only be attempted by individuals who have a thorough knowledge of the techniques and regulations of rigging objects overhead. Electro-Voice® strongly recommends that ZxA5 speakers be suspended taking into account all current national, federal, state and local regulations. It is the responsibility of the installer to ensure that ZxA5 speakers are safely installed in accordance with all such regulations. If ZxA5 speakers are suspended, Electro-Voice® strongly recommends that the system be inspected at least once a year. If any sign of weakness or damage is detected, remedial action should be taken immediately. There are data sheets for each EV Suspension and Array Kit that should also be consulted prior to suspending speakers. · Electro-Voice® does not recommend use of ZxA5 speakers outdoors without protection from rain or in high moisture environments. · Electro-Voice® ZxA5 loudspeakers are easily capable of generating sound pressure levels sufficient to cause permanent hearing damage to anyone within normal coverage distance. Caution should be taken to avoid prolonged exposure to sound pressure levels exceeding 90 dB. In a domestic environment this product may cause radio interferences in which case the user may be required to take adequate measures. 3 ELECTRO-VOICE® ZxA5 Owner's Manual Description The Electro-Voice® ZxA5 high powered loudspeakers are fully integrated audio systems with carefully matched electronics and transducers. These products make it easy to setup a high quality sound system quickly with a minimum amount of cables and external electronics. You won't find a speaker system available on the market that offers the unbelievable sound, incredible flexibility and tremendous output capability of the ZxA5 anywhere near it's size and weight. System Features - ZxA5 · Integrated Amplifier with 1000W LF, 250W HF · Selectable 100 Hz High Pass · XLR and 1/4" TRS Input Connector · XLR Output Connector · PowerCon Connector with Slave Through · DVX3150 15" LF Transducer with Forced Air Cooling · ND2 2" Voice Coil, 1" Exit Neodymium Compression Driver · Two Models: 60° x 60° or 90° x 50° Coverage Patterns · High Sensitivity, 133 dB Maximum SPL · Adjustable Monitor Angle (45° or 55°) · 3 Anchor Plates for Single Stud Fitings and 10 Integral Suspension Points · Full Line of Accessories System Coverage - ZxA5 Coverage Patterns and Applications ZxA5-60 60° x 60° coverage for long-throw and cluster applications ZxA5-90 90° x 50° for wider coverage or shorter distances Figure 1a: 3D EASE Directivity Balloon, ZxA5-60, 60° x 60° Coverage Figure 1b: 3D EASE Directivity Balloon, ZxA5-90, 90° x 50° Coverage ELECTRO-VOICE® ZxA5 Owner's Manual 4 System Setup - ZxA5 To get the ZxA5 into operation as quickly as possible, please observe the following steps and precautions: · Plug the 3-terminal PowerCon AC cable into a grounded line receptacle. Extension cords can be used to lengthen the AC cable as necessary but make sure that they are 3-conductor 14 gauge or greater, and that they are properly grounded to avoid electrical hazards and extraneous noise. · Be sure that the ZxA5 is plugged into an AC power source that is capable of supplying the correct voltage. If the line voltage drops too much, the built-in amplifiers won't be able to develop their rated power and sound quality will suffer. Under high signal conditions, the 120V ZxA5 amplifier can draw 3 - 4 amps of current (2 amps at 240V). That means that no more than (3) ZxA5 systems should be plugged into a single 15 amp electrical service. Each of these anchor plates also has a M8 thread to accept rated forged M8 shoulder eyebolts. In addition to these points there are five additional M8 threaded points; two on the handle side, and three on the rear. These points can be used for suspending ZxA5s vertically, horizontally, individually, in clusters, or to attach to EV mounting brackets. Working load limits for the ZxA5 and fittings are shown in Figure 3. Figure 3: Working Load-Limit Rating of ZxA5 Speaker System Prior to each use, inspect the grid assembly or suspension point(s) and associated hardware for any cracks, deformations, broken welds, corrosion, missing or damaged components which could reduce the grid assembly or suspension point(s) strength. [. . . ] Additional Precautions to be Taken Prior to painting, be sure to take precautions not to get paint into the transducers. This can be done by masking the grille, temporarily removing the grille and masking the transducers, or by temporarily removing the grille and temporarily removing the transducers. Precautions must also be taken not to get paint into any exposed electrical components by masking them off prior to painting. It is also recommended that any exposed rigging points, warning labels, or instruction labels be masked off for ease of future operation. Rigging Points Masked Grille Masked ZxA5 Enclosure WARNING: It is critical to the system's operation that all transducers and exposed electrical components be masked off prior to painting. Painting View: Painting the ZxA5 Enclosure ELECTRO-VOICE® ZxA5 Owner's Manual 18 Americas­ Headquarters Americas Telex Communications, Inc. [. . . ]


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