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[. . . ] Return the product to your local recycling facility or contact your municipal office department for household waste or the shop where you purchased this product. CUSTOMER CARE AND SERVICE We recommend the use of original spare parts. When contacting Service, ensure that you have the following data available. All responsibility, for any eventual inconveniences, damages or fires caused by not complying with the instructions in this manual, is declined. [. . . ] Before any cleaning or maintenance operation, disconnect hood from the mains by removing the plug or disconnecting the mains electrical supply. Always wear work gloves for all installation and maintenance operations. The appliance is not intended for use by children or persons with impaired physical, sensorial or mental faculties, or if lacking in experience or knowledge, unless they are under supervision or have been trained in the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. This appliance is designed to be operated by adults, children should be monitored to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. Children should not be allowed to tamper with the controls or play with the appliance. The hood must NEVER be used as a support surface unless specifically indicated. The premises where the appliance is nstalled must be sufficiently ventilated, when the kitchen hood is used together with other gas combustion devices or other fuels. The ducting system for this appliance must not be connected to any existing ventilation system which is being used for any other purpose such as discharging exhaust fumes from appliances burning gas or other fuels. The use of exposed flames is detrimental to the filters and may cause a fire risk, and must therefore be avoided in all circumstances. Any frying must be done with care in order to make sure that the oil does not overheat and ignite. Before performing any maintenance operation, isolate the hood from the electrical supply by switching off at the connector and removing the connector fuse. Or if the appliance has been connected through a plug and socket, then the plug must be removed from the socket. The cooker hood should be cleaned regularly (at least with the same frequency with which you carry out maintenance of the fat filters) internally and externally. Failure to carry out the basic cleaning recommendations of the cooker hood and replacement of the filters may cause fire risks. The manufacturer declines all responsibility for any damage to the motor or any fire damage linked to inappropriate maintenance or failure to observe the above safety recommendations. 2 NON-washable activated charcoal filter - The saturation of the charcoal filter occurs after more or less prolonged use, depending on the type of cooking and the regularity of cleaning of the grease filter. In any case it is necessary to replace the cartridge at least every four mounths. CONTROLS The hood is fitted with a control panel with aspiration speed selection control and a light switch to control cooking area lights. The LEDs guarantee an optimum lighting, a duration up to 10 times as long as the traditional lamps and allow to save 90% electrical energy. Minimum suction power (3), Medium suction power (4), Maximum suction power (5). [. . . ] It is recommended that the cooker hood suction is switched on for 5 minutes prior to cooking and to leave in operation during cooking and for another 15 minutes approximately after terminating cooking. FRANÇAIS 13 La distance minimum entre la superficie de support des récipients sur le dispositif de cuisson et la partie la plus basse de la hotte de cuisine ne doit pas être inférieure à 50cm dans le cas de cuisinières électriques et de 65cm dans le cas de cuisinières à gaz ou mixtes. Når du kontakter serviceavdelingen, må du sørge for å ha følgende data for hånden. Hvis man ikke overholder normene for rengjøring av ventilatoren og utskiftning og rengjøring av filtrene, vil dette medføre risiko for brann. [. . . ]


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