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[. . . ] €¢ Do not use other electrical appliances (such as ice cream makers) inside of refrigerating appliances, unless they are approved for this purpose by the manufacturer. €¢ The refrigerant isobutane (R600a) is contained within the refrigerant circuit of the appliance, a natural gas with a high level of environmental compatibility, which is nevertheless flammable. During transportation and installation of the appliance, be certain that none of the components of the refrigerant circuit become damaged. If the refrigerant circuit should become damaged: – avoid open flames and sources of ignition – thoroughly ventilate the room in which the appliance is situated • It is dangerous to alter the specifications or modify this product in any way. [. . . ] to achieve sufficient ventilation follow the instructions relevant to installation. €¢ Wherever possible the back of the product should be against a wall to avoid touching or catching warm parts (compressor, condenser) to prevent possible burn. €¢ The appliance must not be located close to radiators or cookers. €¢ Make sure that the mains plug is accessible after the installation of the appliance. 3 Daily use • Do not put hot pot on the plastic parts in the appliance. €¢ Do not store flammable gas and liquid in the appliance, because they may explode. 6 Service • Any electrical work required to do the servicing of the appliance should be carried out by a qualified electrician or competent person. €¢ This product must be serviced by an authorized Service Centre, and only genuine spare parts must be used. 4 Care and cleaning • Before maintenance, switch off the appliance and disconnect the mains plug from the mains socket. €¢ Regularly examine the drain in the refrigerator for defrosted water. If the drain is blocked, water will collect in the bottom of the appliance. Fruits and vegetables: these should be thoroughly cleaned and placed in the special drawer(s) provided. When in contact, lemon juice can discolor the plastic parts of your fridge. Butter and cheese: these should be placed in special airtight containers or wrapped in aluminium foil or polythene bags to exclude as much air as possible. Bottles: these should have a cap and should be stored in the bottle rack on the door. Bananas, potatoes, onions and garlic, if not packed, must not be kept in the refrigerator. 2 Hints for energy saving • Do not open the door frequently or leave it open longer than absolutely necessary. €¢ If the ambient temperature is high and the Temperature Regulator is set to low temperature and the appliance is fully loaded, the compressor may run continuously, causing frost or ice on the evaporator. If this happens, set the Temperature Regulator toward warmer settings to allow automatic defrosting and so a saving in electricity consumption. 3 Hints for fresh food refrigeration To obtain the best performance: • do not store warm food or evaporating liquids in the refrigerator • do cover or wrap the food, particularly if it has a strong flavour • position food so that air can circulate freely around it 7. This appliance contains hydrocarbons in its cooling unit; maintenance and recharging must therefore only be carried out by authorized technicians. Do not pull, move or damage any pipes and/or cables inside the cabinet. [. . . ] Frost is automatically eliminated from the evaporator of the refrigerator compartment every time the motor compressor stops, during normal use. Before troubleshooting, disconnect the mains plug from the mains socket. Only a qualified electrician or competent person must do the troubleshooting that is not in this manual. There are some sounds during normal use (compressor, refrigerant circulation). [. . . ]


Lastmanuals offers a socially driven service of sharing, storing and searching manuals related to use of hardware and software : user guide, owner's manual, quick start guide, technical datasheets...
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